How to find a cheap rental in Aventura, FL?

The view you can enjoy in sunset after finding a cheap rental in Aventura, FL.

Florida gives the impression of being one of the most beautiful places in America. Many retirees chose it as the place for their retirement. Young adults and young expats see it as a perfect place for both work and living. Furthermore, comfortable communities like Aventura provide perfect conditions to raise a family. Florida is the place which provides a lot of work opportunities. Add special climate condition to the mixture and you get yourself a haven. The only thing that is left is to find a cheap rental in Aventura, for example, and to orchestrate your moving preparations.

How to find a cheap rental in Aventura, FL

Being that different kind of industries are prosperous in Miami, it’s only natural that this reflects upon its suburban parts like Aventura. From the tourism sector, over sales, all the way to healthcare and education, everything is prospering. And it’s no different in Aventura, located only 19 miles from Miami. It will take you no more than 25 minutes to reach this gem of community with a population of about 38,000. In general, median home income in Aventura is $60,500 with a median home value of $300,000. However, don’t let the numbers fool you because you can find everything from affordable to highly extravagant homes in Aventura. By all means, a little something even for those who strive to save money for the move in this particular case.

A general list of documentation you need for renting

Some general knowledge of laws and legal stuff is something you can’t miss if you have interest in renting a place. Every state, sometimes even a city, has its own rules which apply for renting. You should check more in detail, but the most common documentation people need is next:

  • Your ID
  • Statement from your bank
  • Credit reports
  • Most recent pay stub
  • Letter from landlord

To be sure you got the right pieces of information, check every point of interest personally. There is a slight difference between rules when renting a condo, an apartment, or a house. Also, don’t forget to calculate your moving costs in time. Companies like Miami Movers for Less are more than willing to meet your needs.

Get informed on the average rent by bedroom size when you need a cheap rental in Aventura

Since this is a really safe and convenient suburban part, according to its residents, prices may vary from street to street. There are numerous parks and other green surfaces, attractions like cinemas and museums, and famous shopping center Aventura Mall. Let’s not forget the proximity of beautiful beaches where you can experience amazing water activities. In the end, all of these influence the price of rentals. However, we can extract some average rent by bedroom size:

  • Studio: $1430
  • 1 bedroom: $1720
  • 2 bedrooms: $2180
  • 3 bedrooms: $2900
  • 4 bedrooms: $3530

Different sizes of apartments in Aventura, FL

Following the trend like the rest of Miami, Aventura apartments’ offer can be incredibly divergent. Both short term and long term apartments can be architecturally completely different in styles, as well as in size. Certainly, anything from affordable houses to expensive luxury apartments is available for rent in Aventura.

Studio flat Aventura

These flats can be a perfect selection for someone like young professionals moving solo. Usually, these apartments consist mainly of one big room representing the shared space for the living area, bedroom, and kitchen. Only the bathroom is separate, and occasionally a small balcony. Being as it is, studio flats are an ideal choice for young couples without kids and for young adults pursuing a career. Studio flats often come as small, compact and affordable versions. However, there are some more spacious and expensive versions like Loft-style flats. In general, you can easily find furnished flats as well, which are the perfect choice for expats.

A small yet beautifully compact apartment.
They are small but can be a perfect place for you.

1-bedroom apartments for rent in Aventura

As the name speaks for itself, these are similar to studio flats, with the difference of one separate bedroom. Also pretty convenient for young professionals and couples without children. They are more long-term friendly than studio apartments since they provide more living space. However, they are quick to go since a lot of young people are pursuing them every day. So, if this is the one for you, you need to be faster when moving to the neighborhood. Of course, their price also depends on the area and if it’s furnished or not.

2-bedroom apartments in Aventura

For young families with children, this will be the first and very good starting affordable option. They are available across all Aventura and it is not hard to find one that fits your budget. If you are bringing your own furniture, find reliable professionals in Aventura for your move. On the other side, if you don’t want to think about all the hustle with moving, find the one that comes with furniture. They are maybe the best option when looking for a balance between price and the space provided.

A large bed in the bedroom.
You can enjoy your bedroom in peace and quiet after a long day.


3-bedroom apartments in Aventura are a good choice even when you need a cheap rental in Aventura

Now we are talking about some border cases when you are choosing between the house and the apartment. If you prefer the apartment over the house, 3-bedroom apartments can be the right choice. Taking your family in one of those will provide more than enough space for everyone. The excellent part of the story is that they are mostly available in districts with educational institutions nearby and around great parks. They are not a small investment but they are most certainly worth it.

A modern style house with many large windows.
Sometimes it’s a tough choice between a house and a large apartment.

Aventura public transportation

The great part of Miami is very walkable and the same goes for Aventura. Cruising between districts on foot, visiting parks, restaurants, or just for sports can be quite enjoyable. Moreover, you don’t need much walking to get to another part of Aventura. However, if you are not a lot into walking you will find the excellent public transportation network covering the area. Miami-Dade is operating the majority of the public transportation which includes Metro-rail, Metro-bus, Metro-mover and Para-transit services. The latest one is the example of how the city cares for its residents with disabilities. Additionally, parks and bike lanes can be an alternative means of commuting, if you are in the mood.

Conclusion on finding a cheap rental in Aventura

This place provides various means of transportation for its residents. Also, it provides numerous renting opportunities for everyone’s budget. From high-quality luxurious large apartments to more compact and cheap rental in Aventura, FL. It is also a safe place with tight communities looking after each other. No matter what, this can be a perfect place for living if you give it a chance.

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