Frequent moving – how does it affect your kids’ mental health?

In order to move you need to find suitable Doral neighborhoods for families with children

Very often people will share their concerns and frustrations when preparing for a big move. Let’s be honest: Moving suck! Moving your kids can make the whole experience even worse. Have you ever heard anybody say that they look forward to packing and moving?  You stress about all kinds of things, from packing in a timely manner to choosing a new residence.  If you are a parent, moving becomes something totally different. In parallel with other moving issues, parents worry about moving their kids. There are some tips and guides that parents can follow, to make sure their little ones are taking care of. This is much easier said than done.

 If you plan on moving your kids, make sure they are prepared

Nobody really likes to move, however, moving is often unavoidable. Good preparation and a head start can make a whole lot of difference.  Parents that are athletes, military personnel, etc. are more likely to frequently move and move their children with them.  The only thing that can be worst then moving a child from their home, is having a child left behind by their parents. Therefore, parents sometimes really do not have an option, even though they are aware that the move will not be a positive effect on their child’s life. However, there are steps that you can take and prepare your kids for their uprooting.

Moving your kids near things they will enjoy

Try to take your kids with you, when you go house hunting. Take into consideration their comments and feelings. For example, if your kid is interested in basketball and you find a residence near basketball courts or facilities, make sure you note that as a big plus for that real estate. This way, your kid will have an opportunity to do what he/she enjoys and maybe meet other kids that have similar interests.

Moving internationally can make the move even more difficult. Moving your kids out of their native country adds more pressure. Parents must make sure their kids are ready for the cultural shock. If they need to learn a new language, make sure they get a head start way before the move happens. There are many useful tips for moving internationally, so make sure you do your research.

Little girls is looking at an airplane and waving; moving your kids is difficult
little girl waving goodbye

Help kids stay in touch with their friends and family

Another way to prepare your kids for the upcoming moving day is to reassure them that you will do your best to keep them in touch with the people they will be leaving behind. This way your child will still have a piece of home with them when you move and the effect on them might not be as negative as anticipated. If your children are worried and sad about leaving their friends behind, make sure you find ways to make that feeling the list negative as possible. Throw them a party or organize as many play dates as possible, so your kids will see the effort that you are putting in. It might motivate them to have an opened mind about the upcoming move.

Also, since technology is affordable to almost anybody nowadays, you can encourage your kids to exchange phone numbers and email addresses with their friends, so it will be much easier to stay in touch. By doing all these proactive gestures, there is a big chance that your kids will have an easier transition once the move is completed. After moving your kids is done, here are some ways to keep them connected with others:

  • FaceTime
  • Skype
  • Email
  • Texting

Timing is everything when moving your kids

If possible, moving your kids should happen at the beginning or at the end of their school year. At all-cause, avoid moving your kids in the middle of their school year.  Changes in schools can be very stressful for kids, especially if they are in middle school or if they are in puberty. These age groups are under stressful changes under normal circumstances, so every additional tribulation in their life can affect them in a harsh and extremely negative manner. Many studies show that kids that join schools in the middle of the school year are at a higher risk of being bullied.

Also, because of the move kids might be more prone to depression, low self-esteem, aggression, and even suicidal tendencies. If parents notice that their children are extremely affected by the move, they should reach out to their kid’s schools, mental health specialist and others that can provide advice and guidance on how to handle those type of crisis.

Kids are sitting in classroom and looking at their teacher
Kids in the classroom

Keep things as normal as possible

Once moving your kids is done, your kids will start adjusting to the new environment or they will at least try. The fewer changes they go through, the less they will be affected. If your kid loved his/her old room, do your best to make the new room similar. Try to replicate as many things as possible that they enjoyed at their old residence. If they loved the local ice cream shop, then you need to locate a similar shop in your new neighborhood. If your kids liked participating in a certain sport, make sure there are teams that you can sign them up for. Keeping your kids active and occupied with positive things (such as sports, music, etc.) will make them more likely to make new bonds and new connections. Hence, it will keep them on a positive path.

Teenagers sitting side by side and connecting over their phones
Teens connecting

In the end, parents have a lot of things on their minds when organizing a move. It is hard to uproot your life and start over somewhere totally new. However, because they are parents they must put their kids needs first.  Be conscious of your kids’ mental state and wellbeing. If done right, a move can sometimes affect kids in a positive manner. Since moving is hard and stressful, it can toughen up your kids. After all, everything hard that they can master and come out of it stronger, will boost their self-esteem.  Also, it will make them more prepared for the following journeys that life will throw at them. A positive attitude and preparation can go a long way.

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