How to get precise moving estimates in New Jersey?

Many people walking down the streets in Atlantic City with some of them wondering about how to get precise moving estimates in New Jersey.

Knowing your moving costs in advance will make you organize your finances better, and help you choose the right company. To get precise moving estimates in New Jersey, it’s always better to start by contacting several moving companies and compare their offers.

Getting the precise moving estimates in New Jersey

There are several ways movers do the estimates in New Jersey. We are going to list all of them for you.

In-house estimates

This is by far the best way to get the precise moving estimates in New Jersey. For example, the moving company like usually sends a representative to your home to visually inspect everything. This is a great chance to ask all the questions and try to negotiate the price. He will then write everything down and give you a final estimate in writing. Depending on the situation, there are three types of estimates:

  • Binding estimate
  • Non-binding estimate
  • Not-to-exceed type of estimate

Online cost calculators

This type of estimates can serve as a good starting point when trying to calculate your moving budget. It’s not, by all means, a precise method since it doesn’t include all the factors that affect the price. But as a rough pointer, it can serve the purpose. Usually, you will find an online cost calculator on a website of the company. In some cases, you may even encounter a certain type of table in the form of documentation. More precise, but unreliable as well. You need the opportunity to negotiate the price and get everything in writing with a signature, to be sure it’s the true price.

A man sitting on a bench and checking how to get precise moving estimates in New Jersey on his phone.
Online estimates are good for casual preliminary planning.

Video and phone estimates

It’s not like that this type of estimate is reliable like in-house estimates, but it can be useful in certain situations. Thanks to technology, every modern household has at least one smartphone. You can use it to either film all your possessions you are planning to move or to discuss it over the phone with movers. A live video call is probably the best option, if possible. Still not reliable like an in-house estimate, but much better than online moving quotes.

A woman taking a picture of the interior with a smartphone.
The quality of cameras on smartphones is amazing.

What affects the moving estimates?

When planning your New Jersey move, bear in mind that there are several criteria that can affect moving estimates:

  • The distance – local moving will not be as expensive as long-distance moving. The further you need to move your possessions the bigger the costs will be.
  • The number of items – one bedroom household will be much cheaper to move than a full four-bedroom household. It’s normal considering the effort, the weight, and the amount of space they will take in transport.
  • The moving date – a more affordable option is to move out of the peak season. Summers and holidays are busiest, so the costs will be higher in this part of the year.
  • Additional services – depending on the type of items you have, you might require additional services. For example, you will need specialized piano movers to move the instrument, and this service brings additional cost. Also, you will have the option of packing services, storage services, etc.
  • Insurance – most companies provide only basic insurance. You will have to pay more, in general, if you want your items to be fully covered.

Don’t forget to ask everything in writing, and signed, if you want precise moving estimates in New Jersey. This is the only way to tell that the offer is legit and to avoid moving scams. Which are, unfortunately, part of reality.

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