Guide to the most affordable places in California

The golden piggy bank.

Are you considering moving to California soon? One of the first steps is to choose a place where to live. It is not a secret that CA is not one of the most affordable states in the USA. But, luckily for you, there are some affordable places in California you can choose from.

Save money on relocation to California

It is possible to live in California at an affordable price. Just avoid cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Plan your relocation, not only where to move, but also, hot to transport and pack all your items. No matter if it is local or a long-distance relocation, the organization is key.

Move on a budget to your new home in CA. Try to cut costs for your upcoming move and to save money. You will need money after moving too, not only for your moving process.

Rent, utility bills, adjusting a new environment, changing documentation, it all costs. Even if you are not moving to California, you should always look for ways to cut moving expenses.

Calculating costs of living in affordable places in California
Calculate your moving costs and costs you will have after moving

For example, you can pack by yourself, and get some free moving boxes. Move off-season and try to negotiate with the moving company you want to hire. Visit a few local movers’s websites, including, and compare services and prices. You can save money when moving, you just need to find some creative ways.

The list of affordable places in California

If you are looking for cheap places in California where to move to, this is the perfect list for you. All of these places are great and affordable, at the same time.

Cali is a beautiful state. There are many places in California you’ll fall in love with even before moving. These are all the reasons why people are moving here for good – it has a lot to offer.

Stressed out man.
Money can cause a lot of stress, especially when moving to a new city

On the other side, CA is not cheap, unfortunately. But, don’t worry, because you can always find something more affordable for your budget. Here are some of the most affordable places in California.


Clovis is a largely agricultural town and, at the same time, one of the most affordable places in California where you can move. If you are moving with kids, Clovis has a low crime rate and great public schools. If you want to live in the Fresno area, consider Clovis as your future home.

Housing is also affordable compared to other California suburbs. The median home value is around $300,000 and the monthly rent is $1,200. This is very inexpensive for the California standards.

Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove is a town in California with a population of almost 16,000. It is a perfect place for families with kids because it is safe, diverse, people are friendly, and schools are great. But, it is not boring, the nightlife is vibrant and fun.

To move to Pacific Grove with ease, ask locals for help when needed because they already know this area well. This way you can focus on other moving-related tasks and spend more time with your friends and family instead of taking care of transportation.


This city is quaint, quiet, and comfortable – of course, not to mention, affordable. Nature here is lovely, especially if you love birds. Besides watching many different species of birds, you can camp, ride dune buggies, and golf. The median home value is around $250,000 and 75% of people here own home.

The golden gate.
California has many beautiful and inexpensive place where you can move to

Housing is not the only affordable thing in Imperial and that is why the population is rising here. Every year, it has more and more residents – which is a good sign.


This small town is located in San Benito County and it offers residents a sparse suburban feel. Here, everyone knows each other and neighbors are like a family. Downtown is pretty and it has good restaurants where you can enjoy. The place is quiet, simple, and affordable. If you need local movers for moving to Hollister, find teams in the neighborhood – right here.


Vacaville is part of the Sacramento Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, at the same time. Many families with kids and young professionals live here because of its affordability, natural beauty, and job opportunities.

San Francisco is near, so it is another reason why people want to live here. The community is strong, and there are many annual events here where you can enjoy food and have fun with friends and family.


Bakersfield is a big city of CA and it is a population of 380,000. You can still live in a city in California at an affordable price, as you can see. Also, here you can find a reliable mover in California and move at low cost as well.

A family of four in one of affordable places in California.
California has amazing beaches, good food, great weather, rich natural resources, a strong economy, national parks, and entertainment options.

Los Angeles is only 2 hours away from Bakersfield, so if you want to have some fun and spend a weekend in LA, it is right there. This city is rapidly growing because the economy is becoming stronger and housing is inexpensive. If you want to live near LA, but don’t want to spend too much money, this may be one of the solutions for you.


If you want to live less than two hours from Sacramento, CA – Chico is an option. The nickname of Chico is City of Trees. Spend your free time hiking, horseback riding, or stargazing. Go to museums, try delicious food, and explore this town. Chico is one of the affordable places in California and it is diverse and safe. Consider this place as your future home and visit it.

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