How to properly disassemble your furniture for storage

disassemble your furniture for storage

Storing things away from your home means that you want to keep them safe and looking as good as they did when you first stored them away. In order to achieve this, you need to know just how storing things is done. It is much more than just covering things in foil or placing them into boxes and putting them away. You have to know just how to store things. And since furniture is what people store away the most, we have decided to write this short guide on how to do so. In order for this task to be easier, you need to disassemble the furniture. This sounds like an easy task but it really is not. There are plenty of things you need to pay attention to when you have to disassemble your furniture for storage.

Clean everything first

You first need to make sure that all the things you will be storing away are clean. This is just so that they stay clean while stored away so that when the time to use them once again comes, you don’t have to do a lot of cleaning.

Store away clean furniture.

This is especially important if storing sofas, armchairs, and similar. Dust gets into fabric easily. Have these things cleaned just so that you will deal with a lot less dust cleaning later on if you end up needing these items at some point in time. If storing wooden antique furniture, you also need to polish it so that it stays looking as good and just to add an extra protection layer.

Disassemble your furniture for storage

When storing furniture away, you surely need to disassemble it. It makes carrying it and storing it much easier and more efficient. But this is not an easy task. You will surely need someone helping you if you don’t want to have any of those things ruined.

Disassemling furniture.
Don’t store away assembled furniture as it takes up a lot more space.

If you have the manual to how the furniture was first put together, take that manual and see what are all the parts that make the whole piece. Then get enough zip lock bags just so you can easily sort out the screws. You also need to label these bags while you are disassembling furniture just so you can, later on, put it all together easily. Taking pictures along the way is also something we recommend doing as assembling is much harder than disassembling.


There are certain supplies you are going to need. You will need boxes, foil, bubble pack, and tape. What you need to use them for is pretty self-explanatory. Bubble pack and foil are there to add protection and to prevent dust. Tape to secure the foil and the bubble pack. Boxes for small pieces. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on packing supplies. Label everything because over time you will surely forget which piece belongs to what.

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