How to store antique furniture

An antique furniture item.

Antique furniture is a wonderful relic to have in your home. It is valuable, expensive and a treasured piece of furniture. But sometimes, we are forced to store it. There are many reasons for that – moving, traveling, downsizing, etc. Whatever the reason may be, you need to know how to store antique furniture in order to preserve it for generations to come. It is not going to be as easy as storing your living room sofa, but it is far from impossible. And, that is why we are here. Thus, if interested in how to store antique furniture, keep on reading for some tips and tricks.

Find a Storage Unit Provider

First things first, before you start disassembling and taking your antique furniture outside, you must first find a storage unit provider. You can prepare and pack your furniture as best as you can, but without a proper storage unit, it will all be for nothing. Thus, ask your friends, family members or colleagues for some recommendations. If however, nobody can provide you with the information you need, turn to the Internet. Do a lot of research and background checking. Finally, choose a storage unit provider that suits your needs and your budget the most. Only then can you hire a moving agency among Verified Movers to help you relocate and store antique furniture. 

Storage units to store antique furniture
Before you decide to store antique furniture, find a trusted storage unit provider!

Disassemble What You Can

Once the search is complete and you have your storage unit provider, it is time to prepare your antique furniture for storing. But how does one store antique furniture? Well, the first step is to disassemble what you can. This will help you wrap it and carry it to your unit in an easier manner. However, if you have never done this before, it would be a good idea to call an expert. Antique furniture is valuable and expensive, and if you make a mistake it may be impossible to fix it. Thus, do not try to cut corners on this one. Simply hire some experts and let them handle disassembling your antique furniture.

Antique sideboard
When disassembling, keep a note of what goes together, you will need it later on!

Thoroughly Clean and Wrap It

After disassembling your antique furniture, there are two more steps for you to complete until you can store it. First, thoroughly clean each and every part of your antique furniture. But, do not use soap or detergent as they might compromise the quality. Instead, wash with a gentle cloth and warm water, or buy a specialized cleaner for the type of antique furniture you have. Then, let it dry completely. The last step will be packing. You will need a lot of packing supplies – packing paper, plastic wrap, duct tape, scissors, permanent markers, etc. Again, wrap each piece separately and remember to place it on some blankets or towels once you take it to the storage unit. This is how you store antique furniture.


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