Moving your business on a tight budget – is it possible?

A plan to moving your business on a tight budget

If your business has seen better days, relocating might be a smart move. You could look for a cheaper lease and downgrade your space if possible. Or you might want to expand and move for that reason, but still, need to save. Whatever the reason is, moving can be costly and sometimes that’s the last thing you want. In that case, you’ll be considering moving your business on a tight budget. But is it even possible? It certainly is and here are some tips on how to do it.

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Moving your business on a tight budget – it’s possible, of course!

Find a new office first

This is where you start. No point in planning your move if you don’t know yet if you’ll go for it eventually. This is what you need to consider when looking for a new office:

  • Your new office location. If looking to move your business on a tight budget, the location is a major issue. You can save a lot if you choose a proper place to move to. Having your office at a prime location is a great thing – unless you’re on a tight budget when it’s definitely not. The good news is you can find a decent location that’s not too expensive in almost any city or state (New York City being an obvious exception).
  • Downgrade your space if possible. Most of the times it is – unless you’ve already done that and could really not take more than that. And unless you plan to expand and grow in the near future. If you decide to move to a smaller office and need some additional space for your equipment, consider renting a storage.
  • Do you need an office space planner? If you’re on a tight budget, you obviously don’t.
  • Who will plan your new office IT infrastructure? Appoint your head of IT as the one in charge.
  • Stick with the office equipment and furniture you already have, unless really necessary to get some new items. There are times when you can go for fancy things. We’re not talking about those times here.
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Search for a new office first.

Get your office relocation plan next

When you can afford it, it’s best to hire professional assistance for your business relocation. But if you’re moving your business on a tight budget – you can do it with your employees as well. Here are some tips on how to do it.

  • Start early. You’ve probably planned some projects before, so even if you’ve never planned a relocation process you could still do it. Start as soon as possible through – this will give you enough time to deal with any potential delays and unexpected issues.

How to write an office relocation plan?

  • Decide who’s in charge. You need to decide who’s going to be in charge with the whole process, but also with some particular aspects of it. As already being said, you will probably appoint your head of IT as a person in charge with your new office IT infrastructure. You should also choose who’s going to be in charge of paperwork, with moving the documentation you have in your office, etc.
  • Set your dates. When does your current lease terminate? When does the new one starts? What about your company workload? When would be the best moment to move? Set the final date with some milestones along the way.
  • Plan your budget. To be able to do this, first, you need to write down every single task that needs to be done when moving your business. Then you need to find out how much each of6 those tasks cost to be done. Call moving companies and check their prices before having your budget and your relocation plan done.
  • Write a detailed, customized office relocation plan. The more work you put into creating the office relocation plan and the more details you add to it, the relocation itself will be easier. If everything’s planned well, your employees will only need to follow the plan – and that saves money. So try to be efficient when making the plan, but don’t rush things – it can eventually cost even more.

Bonus tip

  • Check local companies. If you’re moving to or from Florida, check If you’re moving from New York (you’re not going to move to New York if on a tight budget), then search for a company based in the Big Apple.
A man moving offices on a tight budget.
Come up with your office relocation plan.

Talk to people

Now you only need to inform all parties concerned and you’re pretty much done with it. Make sure you don’t forget to inform any of the following:

  • Your employees. You need to tell everyone working for you about this, as they need to prepare for the move too. You will either need to discuss new conditions with employees you want to keep or the termination with those you’ve decided to lay off. If you’re moving your business to a different city or a country, consider offering relocation packages to your MVPs.
  • Your business partners. You’re certainly going to keep doing business with some of them and maybe even with them all. Let them know about your move and about your plans to keep doing business with them. This might an opportunity as well to reach out to those you haven’t talked to in a while. If there are those you won’t be doing business with any longer, send them thank you notes.
  • Your customers. Send them emails and post about your new location on your social media channels. Don’t forget to update your website and your social media accounts either. You might be in hurry and if you don’t have a person in charge with marketing and communications only, these things might end up neglected. That’s a huge mistake though – not all of your customers are subscribed to your emails, not all the subscribers read them and not everyone’s following you on social media. On top of that, some new customers might be coming your way, but they need to find you first. Where do you think they are going to start from?

Moving your business on a tight budget doesn’t have to be such a big deal

Moving your business on a tight budget is possible – it just takes more time, more efforts and more planning. It all comes down to your organizing skills. If you’re confident that you have what it takes – moving on a tight budget doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Just start early, plan ahead and try not to worry too much. that way you’re going to make it.

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