Moving companies quotes and estimates

Find out the moving companies quotes and estimates

Great way to start a new chapter in your life is to relocate somewhere. Find the new surrounding that suits you the most. The new beginnings always bring something good. At least you learn that you can change your life. And that your life depends on you. Not the opposite. Fine, now that we made it clear, it’s only up to you to decide on the place to move. But it’s not just about the decision. That’s why we’re here. The moving might be very costly. So it’s very important to take care of your finances. The first thing you could do, regarding that, is to get the moving companies quotes and estimates. By doing that, you’re holding your destiny in your own hands. And never, I emphasize, NEVER, hire a professional for your move before getting moving companies quotes and estimates!

Moving companies quotes and estimates help you pick the best packer&mover for your relocation

Find out what your moving cost would me by getting moving companies quotes and estimates
Get the idea about the costs of your relocation by requesting moving companies quotes and estimates

It doesn’t make too much of an effort to just contact a few moving professionals and get a moving estimate. And yet, doing that you’re getting the picture of how much you could pay for your home relocation. A useful little thing, isn’t it? What requires knowledge is how to choose the best of the offers you receive through moving companies quotes and estimates. To get to know those kinds of stuff, you got us! We’re gonna provide you with all those ‘secrets’ in this article. So let’s get going, the moving cannot wait! Here are the tips on choosing the best company, based on the moving quote:

  • Find the reliable moving companies- Make the list of reputable companies offering high-quality moving services
  • Contact all the professional movers on your list- Call or send an email to each of the reliable moving companies on your list, asking for the moving estimate. 
  • Make sure your items are insured- Check if all of them offer the insurance, if not, find out if it wouldn’t take too much money to purchase an insurance policy by yourself
  • Ask for the in-home inspection- This is the essential step, being that this way you get to make a direct contact with the company representative
  • Require a binding offer- Moving companies quotes and estimates are good to select the most affordable companies, but to be sure how much the moving services shall cost you need the binding or the final offer

Make a list of  reliable professionals for your relocation

When you’re moving, the first thing in your thoughts is probably to save some money. I know, everywhere you look, the dollars just keep coming out of your wallet. But, would you risk everything just to save a couple bucks? Probably not. So here we are to make you serious and careful. We are here to let you know how to get the affordable moving. However, being that there are som many moving scams, we must warn you to pay attention.

Carefully check if there’s any sign of a fraud connected to any of the professional movers you’re considering. Only after you make sure they are all reputable and reliable may you pick the most affordable moving company. And you can check if you’re hiring a reliable professional mover by reading the reviews. Asking for a license. Searching the web for the news about the moving fraud of that moving company in the past etc…

Get in touch with every moving company from your list

You can't get the moving quote if you don't contact the professional movers
To get the estimated cost for your move, you need to contact the moving companies

The only way of getting moving companies quotes and estimates is by contacting the movers! After you do, make sure that you noted every offer you got. That’s the most important information to compare companies. If some offer is too low, comparing to others, we suggest you ask why is it that low. Being that the moving companies market is that big that the differences in estimates might be 10%-20% or less. If someone offers you the price lower that that, you should think how is it possible. It could be either a company offering bad moving services or a fraudulent one. So asking is the first suggestion. The second is not to follow the too low offer, as you shouldn’t follow the most expensive too. 

Is every professional moving service on your list including the insurance?

Insurance for your stuff is essential! So you better check if the moving quote you got includes the insurance. If yes, then great. If not, check the price of the most affordable policies to purchase. And adding that price to the estimated moving cost you got gives you the right picture. Because it’s essential to ensure your items. That way, if something gets damaged, you’ll get the compensation. Otherwise, you could just cry. 

In-home inspection is essential to precise the moving cost

Reqire the in-thome inspections to receive the precise moving companies estimates
Demand the in-home inspections to get the accurate moving companies estimates

It’s good that you got the moving companies moving quotes and estimates. But it’s just the approximation. No professional mover guarantees you that it would be the actual price for the moving. Hence, we suggest you require the in-home inspection. It means that a moving company’s representative comes to your home and personally checks what’s gonna be moved. That way he/she gets the actual picture of the size of the relocation. So you can expect to get the more precise, or the actual moving cost estimate!

The binding (final) offer is the document that guarantees the actual moving price

While the in-home inspection is still going on, prepare for the next step. When the company’s representative comes put with a much more accurate moving estimate, don’t hesitate. Ask him/her to give you the binding offer. That’s the final or the actual offer for the moving. After you both sign it, the highest deviation to tolerate is 10% up or down. That way you secure the moving price and make it the real offer. Don’t forget this step, because it’s the most important part of getting the moving companies quotes and estimates. That is the precise moving estimate guaranteed by moving company’s representative. Therefore the document you were looking for since the beginning!


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