Why is moving to Ontario a great idea?

Lake Ontario landscape as one of the reasons for moving to Ontario

So you decided to change your life and find new opportunities in Canada, or happen to get a scholarship for one its great universities? Or simply wondered what it Is that make Canada and Ontario such a great place to move in or visit. In our text, we will write about why we think moving to Ontario can be a great idea. We will also discuss sightseeing, culture, food, education etc. So, if you had any doubts about Ontario, after reading this article we hope you won’t have them anymore.

 Moving to Ontario for a new job

As with any relocation process first thing you will have to do before moving is finding a new and stable job. Although job market in Canada is very developed, it can pass some time before you find a job. Remember, you are not the only one applying for a job in Canada. Canada’s lifestyle and overall happiness are highly rated. So it is not a coincidence that people from almost all over the world are pouring in Canada for a new chance in life. That is why you should prepare yourself by taking these necessary steps before landing that dream job:

  • Make sure you have enough money to get you through that first couple of months after moving to Ontario.
  • Getting a job that is not your field of expertise is not a bad thing. It can be a source of income until you get that desired position. Part-time jobs are always hiring in Ontario.
  • Be prepared to change your mindset and start thinking and acting like a Canadian. It can land you a position much quicker than usual. Also, rewrite your CV according to Canada’s way of CV writing.
  • Make sure you are checking the latest information on the employment in your field of expertise. That is the crucial part of getting a job in Canada.
Handshake businessman
There are a lot of job opportunities in Ontario

Housing and renting costs in Ontario 

After landing that job you can start thinking about finding a better place to stay. When it comes to moving locally in Ontario you can find do it much cheaper and faster. To avoid any surprises in Canada, make sure you researched enough to know what to expect before arriving. As with many cities in the world, the costs of renting can vary depending on location and the size of the place you are searching for. When it comes to average housing costs in Ontario make sure you know what you are searching for. There are many sources of good information when it comes to housing:

  • Asking relatives and co-workers for valuable information
  • Speaking with the real estate agent before moving to Ontario
  • Searching on the internet and other publications about renting
  • Pay attention to bulletin boards in grocery stores, libraries etc.

Even if you find a great place to stay until you completely move there put everything you don’t use in Sudbury storage facilities. That way you won’t have to worry about your stuff getting damaged and lost before you finally move to your new location.

There are also few things you will be obliged to do after moving to Ontario is complete:

  • Submit a rental application form to your landlord
  • Leave a deposit, in a form of check or cash. It usually covers first and last month of rent.
  • Always sign a lease agreement. It will protect you from possible frauds. It will show how much exactly are you going to pay for the rent and what are your obligations and rights.
  • Always pay your money rent in time to your landlord. Either by check or cash.
Browsing the internet on laptop
Search the web for a place to rent before moving to Ontario

 Weather in Canada

If you do not have any favorite season of the year then Canada is the perfect place for you. Its climate draws the best of every season. A lot of sun and snow during the year. Although, you will experience less now if you are living in the Southern part of Ontario. Never the less, hot summers, cold winters are almost a trademark of Canada and Ontario. This can come as a shock if you are moving to Ontario from mild climate. Get ready to meet temperatures as low as  -30°C. But Canada wouldn’t be Canada if they were not prepared for this. The heating companies are well prepared for harsh seasons, and the winter clothing comes with affordable price.

Pine trees covered with snow
Winters can be very cold in Canada

Canada is rich in resources

One of the greatest things about Canada and Ontario as well as how rich in resources they are. Ontario is ranked as one of the biggest producers of vegetables, fruits, and other products. Also, located in the Northern and Southern parts are solid mining industries, forests, and factories. Which proves great if you are searching for a job in such industry. You will surely find one since Ontario’s industry is constantly growing and developing.

Northern Ontario is rich with forests

Nightlife in Ontario

One of the biggest attributes of Ontario is its nightlife. Not only is Ontario rich in restaurants, theaters, clubs dinners and other clubs, but it doesn’t fall back with cultural monuments and education. All in all, you can have pretty fulfilled day in visiting all the museums and theaters that by the end of the day, you can be too tired to visit a club. Jokes aside, it’s nightlife provides all sorts of entertainment. Starting with a variety of comedy clubs and shows (Ontario is considered as one of the capitals of Stand Up comedy), to concerts from pop, rock to metal. One thing we should mention, it is how rich Ontario is when it comes to food cuisine from all around the world. You can find traditional meals from Canada, US, and even from Europe.

people at concert
Moving to Ontario will surprise you with great nightlife

Human rights, personal liberties, and diversity in Ontario

The great thing about Ontario is his devotion to human rights and choices. Ontario is ranked pretty high on the diversity bar and LGBT rights. Making it one of the most liberal cities in the world. If you are searching for such place to live then moving to Ontario is the greatest choice you can make in your life. The city itself provides great services when it comes to healthy life, parenthood etc. Because of it, people are more friendly and open to you. They will be willing to help you if you ask them.

wodr equal written on wooden boxes
Ontario is the very liberal city

Writing about why moving to Ontario is a great idea would take much more than 2 pages. There are numerous reasons why this city is a great place to live. We presented to you, what we thought are some of the basic treats this city has. If you have any more information and reasons why Ontario is such a great city, please feel free to leave a comment below. We do appreciate your feedback!

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