How to estimate the cost of coast-to-coast move?

How to estimate the cost of coast-to-coast move

Moving expenses are usually the very first thing any soon-to-be mover thinks about. If you are planning to relocate, you should create a detailed moving expenses plan in advance. Whether you are looking to hire a professional long distance mover or want to have a DIY relocation, you should start planning your budget as soon as possible. Creating a relocation budget few months ahead will let not overlook any important tasks or costs and help you relocate without any moving stress. In order to help you understand how to estimate the cost of coast-to-coast move, we created a few important guidelines to follow during the budget planning process.

Moving expenses when hiring a professional moving company

a woman using a calculator when thinking about How to estimate the cost of coast-to-coast move
Make sure you write down your expenses and plan your moving budget in advance.

Even though a DIY move may sound cheaper, having a professional moving company to help you throughout the relocation process will save you a lot of time and stress. The most important task of hiring a professional mover is to pick a reputable relocation company. Reliable moving companies, like Orange Movers Miami, will transport your belongings in a safe and timely manner. Therefore, be careful and research your mover in advance.

Calculating the moving cost

Make sure you contact a few moving companies and compare their services and quotes. When having a long distance relocation, a good idea would be to look for reputable interstate Florida movers. This way you will be sure your boxes travel safely and according to your timeline.

 When calculating the cost of coast-to-coast move with a moving company you should follow few simple steps:

  • Contact the moving companies and ask for quotes.
  • Look for any hidden costs.
  • Ask for an in-house estimate.
  • Consider the costs of additional services you might need. When looking for a solution on how to estimate the cost of coast-to-coast move, people tend to forget this crucial step.

The moving company quotes

After choosing a few moving companies you can consider hiring you will need to contact them and ask for more information. Many professional movers have a quote calculator on their website. Make sure you write down the online estimate and compare it to the one a company gives you over the phone.

Besides having an opportunity to get detailed information, the phone call will let you learn more about the company itself. Pay a close attention to their answers and look for red flags. A reputable moving company will always be happy to answer any question and provide you with recommendation letters. In addition to the call, do an online research and contact the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) for checking the mover’s reliability.  Having a slightly higher moving cost by a reputable moving company will pay off in the long run.

When calculating the cost movers always determine it by few important factors. Distance, weight and additional services. Long distances raise the final cost, and there isn’t anything you can do to prevent that. However, the weight is a completely different thing. Getting rid of the furniture and other possessions you don’t need will affect the price greatly. Therefore, create a detailed packing plan and consider selling or donating the things you don’t want to move.

The additional moving company services and costs

moving boxes
Buying your own packing material can help you save money during the move.

Additional services like packing or unpacking can increase the moving costs. Therefore, consider getting your own packing material in order to cut moving expenses. Packing on your own will let you organize your boxes the way you want. However, keep in mind that your mover won’t be responsible for the boxes they haven’t packed themselves. Therefore, make sure you pack your fragile items safely and label the boxes properly.

Make sure you ask your mover about the services included in the quote. Moving companies usually have few moving insurance options. Therefore, ask for additional information on any service included. Also, don’t forget to look for any hidden costs and make sure you ask your mover about it.

The in-house estimate

It might be that you won’t be able to calculate the shipment weight on your own. Therefore, scheduling an in-house estimate will let you get a more accurate coast-to-coast moving cost. Meeting a company representative will also help you get an insight into their work ethic.

The additional services and costs

When looking for a solution on how to estimate the cost of coast-to-coast move people tend to focus on the quote only. Don’t forget to include any additional costs into your moving budget. Will you need any storage space? How much does the packing material cost? These are all very important question you shouldn’t overlook.

Don’t forget to calculate your travel expenses as well. If you are moving by your car, book the hotels in advance. Calculate the gas expenses and other costs like food and groceries. Even though living on a tight budget after the move is doable, you will be able to stay organized and save money by planning your budget in advance.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the time for the move. Moving during the winter can be more difficult. Therefore, plan the right time for your relocation. Look into the possibilities of moving in the summer and cut your expenses.

How to estimate the cost of the coast-to-coast move when having a DIY relocation

When moving on your own there a few major factors to focus on:

  • The cost of renting a truck.

The cost will be influenced by the distance and duration. Therefore, organize your move in advance and prevent using the truck longer than necessary.

  • The insurance.

You will need to have truck rental insurance. Look into different insurance options and check its coverage.

  • The gas expenses.

The fuel cost won’t be included in the original price. Ask the rental company for more information on the trucks’ fuel consumption. Also, keep in mind that you should return the truck with a full tank.

  • The additional costs.


a truck on a highway
A DIY relocation will require a specific and detailed budget plan.

Just like when hiring a moving company you should add additional expenses to your DIY relocation budget. However, don’t forget that when deciding on how to estimate the cost of coast-to-coast move there might be some additional services you will need. Hiring someone to help you unload the truck is an expense you should include into your budget as well. Also, the free moving cost estimate for your move will be a great tip provider for any additional questions you might have.


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