Moving to Galloway, Ohio: 3 things to keep in mind

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When it’s time to relocate, the first thing to do is decide where to go, then think about organizing your move. Galloway, Ohio is one of those American towns or neighborhoods that are hidden from the mainstream. It is not well known but it is a great place to live and settle in. Very close to Columbus, Galloway is perfect for those seeking peace and quiet. As such it is becoming a magnet for moving to Galloway. Many people especially families are interested in settling here. So, here are some of the main reasons to do so.


Well, the neighborhood is fairly new which distinguishes it from others in the Midwest. it is a neighborhood made of 30-year-old houses. Its location in nature and the design and construction of the houses make it an inviting and beautiful place to settle down in. This is just what is happening. Many millennials leaving their family home come here. It is also home to young couples and families with children. All of this makes Galloway a very young community with an average of 34 years of age. This trend makes Zippy Shell Columbus very busy providing moving and storage services to those moving in.

Nature you can enjoy when Moving to Galloway, Ohio
Galloway, Ohio is a small neighborhood with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and untouched nature

There are many reasons to move here and many attributes of this neighborhood. it is almost impossible to pick only a handful of them. To make the point clearer here are some facts about galloway to know.

  • Galloway is safe and affordable
  • The neigborhood is close to the city and it is easy to commute to work
  • It has some great chools, colleges and is great for families
  • Nature and outdoor living and activites are great
  • The neighboorhood is close to a fasion capital, and it is home to art and history museums
  • Galloway is also modern and offers many modern ammenities and activities to suit the needs of its young inhabitants.

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With this in mind, Galloway may seem to be the perfect place to move to. However, you should know just how to go about your move here. Here are 3 things to know about the moving process to Galloway:

  • Make a detailed plan
  • Prepare adequately
  • Hire proper moving and storage help and assistance


A crucial factor in the success of your move is a good plan. You should make sure to make a detailed plan of the move. You should start with the moving date, a list of things you have to move, a precise list of supplies you have to buy, and the timeframe to do everything. A good plan will help you go through the move to Galloway with ease.


Make sure you gather all of the moving supplies well in advance. Take your time to pack and declutter your belongings. Keep in mind that you have to be within budget as your move can be expensive.

Columbus is near Galloway
As Galloway is close to Columbus it is perfect for a short commute to work


Finally make sure to hire proper, professional moving help. Professionals can make the move go smoothly and in due time. Professional movers can provide transport, packing, insurance, loading and unloading, and other services that you might need. Movers also provide storage services that allow you to leave your items in a safe place while moving. So make sure you do your research and find the right moving company to handle your move.

So, once you decide that moving to Galloway, Ohio will be a good decision you should start your moving preparation. make sure to plan your relocation in detail and try to stick to your schedule. This will make your move easier and help you transition and just to Galloway easily.

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