Outdoor activities you shouldn’t miss in Colorado Springs

Find the outdoor activities you shouldn't miss in Colorado Springs before you move to a place.

Moving to a certain place is one long process. And even though many people believe so, it doesn’t end at the time when your movers bring all your belongings into your new home. An even more difficult part comes at that moment, and it is called settling down. Some people don’t experience any homesickness, and it is easy for them to adapt in just a couple of days. While other people struggle more. We have something that might be a solution to their problems. Colorado Springs has so many outdoor activities you shouldn’t miss in Colorado Springs. Planning every weekend in advance is very important for you and being outdoors as well. It will help you find other people, meet some friends, and you will adapt easier. After you find the most affordable cities in Colorado, it is time for some planning.

Place Garden of the Gods is one of the outdoor activities you shouldn’t miss in Colorado Springs

You can do so many various activities that are outdoors when you relocate to Colorado Springs. But it is better to make a plan for the entire month in advance, so you don’t go too many times to the same place, and so you don’t skip on anything. You should definitely start from the Garden of the Gods. Once you go on homegrownmoving.com and you hire professional movers for this relocation, you should start exploring and taking notes of your options. As the name says, Garden of the Gods will really give you that kind of feeling, that you are in the place where Gods use to come. This is a city park that has so many national and natural landmarks.

Person exercising and stretching outside.
If you like to exercise, start doing it outdoors – it is better.

Many archeologists, geologists, and other scientists love to come here and explore what they didn’t before. And that is because this park has a stunning geological formation, so many nature trails, and even rock climbing if you are into that. Of course, there is a Visitor Center where you can come and see what your options for the day are. It is important to know that there is no entrance fee, and even the parking is free. There are no shops nearby so better pack some snacks and food if you plan on staying the entire day, which you should.

Another activity you shouldn’t miss is the Red Rock Canyon

You have all heard of the Red Rock Canyon, and it is, with certainty, a place you cannot miss exploring. The Canyon itself is amazing, with breathtaking views and landscapes. But what is so special about this place is that it has so many other options that you can do. It is one of the best places for hiking. There are so many trails with different difficulties. There are easy ones, medium, and difficult ones. So whatever challenge you are up to, you can do it. Besides hiking and all those things that you are free to do in a Canyon, you can find other outdoor activities you shouldn’t miss in Colorado Springs such as zipline, jeep tours, Segway tours, and many other things.

There is also a historic amphitheater which many people say is amazing. There are some certain days when a concert happens in this amphitheater, so try to catch that as well. If you have a baby that is still in the stroller, don’t worry. There are many trails where you can go with it. Another activity that you can try out here is mountain biking. If you like regular bikes, and you like challenges, definitely rent a mountain bike and try it out. The feeling when you go down will be amazing. Exploring nature is one of the ways how you can make life more affordable. Bring food from home, and a bottle of water. There are springs where you can refill the bottles on the way.

Girl doing an adrenaline activity.
Some of the outdoor activities you shouldn’t miss in Colorado Springs are quite wild.

For animal lovers, one of the outdoor activities you shouldn’t miss in Colorado Springs is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

America’s mountain Zoo is in Colorado Springs, and it is its home. In the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, you can experience so many things, not only observing animals. For starters, you should know that you need to buy a ticket in advance so you can visit this place. But take them a couple of weeks in advance, through their online websites. This way you won’t have to worry if there are enough tickets to get in. This Zoo-park is located at 6,714 feet above sea level which makes it a perfect place to have a breathtaking view of the city and everything around it. You should also know that there are around 750 animals to the statistics from the last year. So probably, this year there are even more.

There are plenty of exhibits by locals with unique expressions and art. Activities here are also various, from hand feeding the giraffes, to watching grizzlies swim with trout. And that is not everything. You can find a small amusement park with a carousel, some dining areas, pubs, and even souvenir shops. Allow skilled locals to assist you so the moving part can be done as soon as possible. You need their help, and the sooner you get it, the sooner you can settle in and get to explore these beautiful places.

Make sure to visit Helen Hunt Falls

If you are someone who considers that visiting waterfalls is one of the outdoor activities you shouldn’t miss, then Helen Hunt Falls is a place for you. There is a parking lot without a fee, close to these falls. Although, you will have to walk a little to get to them. But it is nothing difficult, and almost everyone can do it. The road is kind of a dirt road, so it is not the best for strollers. This place is perfect when you want to have a family day and have a picnic together. Without a doubt, this is one of the sights that outdoor enthusiasts must check out.

People on a golf court.
Go golfing sometimes when the weather is nice.

Don’t forget the Old Colorado City Historic District

Not all outdoor activities you shouldn’t miss in Colorado Springs need to be extreme and in deep nature. Visiting the old town can also be on your list for one weekend. There are many historic places you should visit around. And the architecture is also nice. Take it as a rest day from hiking on the canyons and hills.

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