Why people move out of New Jersey

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New Jersey has the highest rate when it comes to out-state moves, the second on the list is Illinois. Mostly people from 18 to 34 years old are moving out of NJ, but why and where are they going? In most cases, they are moving to Vermont, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, and Nevada. The main reason why people move out of New Jersey is a job. But, it is not the only reason.

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Get all the reasons for moving out of NJ, decide is it a good idea for you or not

The reasons why people move out of New Jersey

As we said before, there is not only one reason for moving. To move to another state, people need many different reasons to do that big step. And, there is no age limit. Young professionals are moving and seniors are moving too, after retirement to explore new things.

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Where you will move from NJ, did you decide yet? It depends on your lifestyle and priorities in life

#1 A job and career

The first reason and one of the most important is the job. Young professional searching for better job opportunities, are leaving NJ and they are working on career life. 46% of all the people who have left NJ, said that a job was the main factor for moving. They moved for a new job or an office/company transfer.

#2 Property taxes

By comparing taxes in NJ to taxes in any other state in the US, you will see that taxes here in NJ, are the highest. Most people in New Jersey cannot afford to buy a property because of the property taxes. So, they are renting. People from NJ, often buy a house/apartment in other states in the USA because it is more affordable.

#3 Pension system

All of us want a bright future. Thinking about life after all those years working gives us another reason to move out of NJ. Why? The economy in the state is not getting better, especially for those tho have private companies and small businesses.

#4 Health

Health is also one of the reasons for moving. Not only if we are sick, but the health system in NJ is not the highest-rated in the country. About 5% of people left, because of the healthcare system and getting a job in the health industry too.

#5 Warmer weather

Weather in NJ is not that hot and sunny, and the summers are short. If you are tired of snow and rain, it may be a reason for relocation. Retirees often choose places with a better and warmer climate, usually Florida (it has affordable costs of living too). To move to warmer places with beautiful beaches, you should plan a long-distance move from NJ. For example, you can relocate to Florida, Hawaii or California.

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Of you have many reasons to leave NJ, then it is time to say goodbye and to try something new and to get new experiences

The pros you should be aware of before you move out of New Jersey

On the other hand, it is not all black and white. Living in New Jersey has many advantages. There are a lot of people moving there, not only moving out. If you decide to move to New Jersey, or if you want to move to another city in New Jersey, it also can be a good call. Choose a place in NJ to be your future home and relocating to Cedar Grove assisted by professionals will be smooth and affordable.

  • The crime rate is lower than it is in other states in the USA. Raising a family here is safe. According to the FBI, violence, and crime is rare. Comparing to other states in the country it has the lowest crime rate.
  • If you love art, NJ is a perfect place for you because it has easy access to art and culture. It has plenty of museums, theaters, and opera. Every street in NJ has something historic or artistic.
  • Some people love to have all four season in the year. Summer and winter too and NJ has them all.

Each city is unique and special, so your lifestyle and costs of living will mostly depend on the place where you live. So, if you are considering moving to NJ, do the research and choose the best.

A view of Jersey City
New Jersey is an amazing state, and it has a lot to offer, that is why people still move there

Hiring a company to move out of New Jersey

To relocate successfully, you will need professional help from a moving company. Leaving the state is not simple and easy, but when you have a van line company you can trust, it will be smooth. How to find a company for moving out of NJ?

  • Get recommendation
  • Do online research
  • Read online moving reviews
  • Ask the company for references

Hiring a company that will give you a quality service is one of the steps you should do when leaving NJ. One of the companies that may help with your next relocation is Gibraltar Van Lines. New Jersey has plenty of companies, so choose a couple of them and compare the bids.

Selling a house to move out of New Jersey
If you want to leave NJ, sell your house, book a moving company, pack your boxes, and be prepared and organized


Each person has its own reason to move out of New Jersey, professional career, change in love-status, education, etc. Find all the pros and cons of living in NJ, and you will make the right decision. These were the main reasons why people are moving. In the past years more and more. When you make a final decision to relocate, be prepared and organized. Finding a moving company is just one of the steps.


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