Best places to live in Staten Island

A view of NYC and looking for places to live in Staten Island.

Staten Island is one of the 5 NYC boroughs and it has a population of almost 500,000. It is a great place for families and young professionals who want to work on their careers, and one of the best advantages is that is much more affordable than Manhattan and homes are bigger. To find the best places to live in Staten Island you should do a lot of research and to set priorities.

The list of the best places to live in Staten Island

People are different and they have different habits and priorities. First of all, make a list of all the items you want to have in your new neighborhood in Staten Island. Some of the places are good for kids and young families, some of them have a lot of nightclubs, etc. To move without problems, and to be sure about your decision.

  • Do you have kids and you need a family neighborhood with good schools?
  • If you are a young professional building a career in NYC, choose a place with more job opportunities in Staten Island.
  • Moving with a dog(s) is a big responsibility, you need to find a park for pets.
  • If you want to have fun and to be in a center of events, there are places to live in Staten Island that have bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.
Writing the list of the best places to live in Staten Island
Set your priorities on the list of best places to live in Staten Island and follow them when choosing your future home

West Brighton

Most people here own a home, but also the rent isn’t that high (the average rent is $1,200 per month). Neighbors are friendly and if you have kids, it is one of the places to move to. The zoo is also located here, as well as many parks and restaurants. Peaceful and suburban feel in Staten Island, NYC – that is West Brighton.


Huguenot or Woodrow is located on the south shore of the island. Some of the houses have a big property and a land where you can have your ranch. The crime rate is very low which makes it perfect for young families. When it comes to buying a home there, prices are everywhere from $400,000 to $1,500,000.

New Springville

If you want to live in the middle of the island, New Springville is one of the best places to live in Staten Island. The local mall is near, and CUNY college is here, which makes it perfect for students and families with kids. The nature center is amazing and hiking trails too. Real estate prices are a little bit high, but a good place to invest. So, you should start packing for relocation!

Todt Hill

This neighborhood is the highest point along the eastern seaboard (410-feet above sea level). The view is amazing, so imagine waking up every day with THE view. Tall trees, swimming pools, extravagant houses. A disadvantage of living here is the high cost of living and housing. If you can afford it, this neighborhood has a lot to offer.

New Dorp

An antique flair with many Colonial homes to find – that is New Dorp. Also, this place has its own park and a beach. Retirees love to come here to relax and enjoy. That’s not all, a large recreational area is also located here. Even if it is not downtown, there a lot of things to do here.


Oakwood is near New Dorp. It is a middle-class area, which is very popular among families. Young couples often choose this part of Staten Island. Schools are strong, the beach is beautiful, it has many bars and clubs to spend your free time with friends. Another good thing is that houses are more affordable.

Arden Heights

It was built in the 19th century and become an affordable place to live in Staten Island. Local events are often here. More than half of homes are family homes, so if you have kids, they will have a lot of friends in the street. If you love food, it has a huge variety of restaurants.

A view of Staten Island coast.
Before moving to Staten Island, visit it if you are able

Finding storage space in Staten Island

NYC is the most expensive city in the US that’s not a secret and you already know it. Staten Island is cheaper than Manhattan and Brooklyn, but still, there is a price. Many people choose a smaller apartment in the beginning. That helps them to adjust while managing a new budget and costs. But, where to put all the items? You can store your cherished belongings in Staten Island in a safe storage unit.

Also, if you didn’t find a home yet, a storage unit is a perfect place where to put the furniture and other household items. It is affordable, so you won’t break the budget.

How to move to Staten Island after choosing a neighborhood?

After you have chosen a place to move to Staten Island, your moving preparations may begin. But, how to move all your belongings safely? Especially if you are moving long-distance, it is impossible to transport everything by yourself, unless you know how to drive a moving truck. One of the safest and best solutions is to hire a moving company in Staten IslandVerrazano Moving and Storage Staten Island are one of the companies, reliable and experienced.

Moving costs are the major concerns when it comes to relocation to NYC, but it doesn’t have to be that expensive if you cut NYC moving costs and make it more affordable. Choose a couple of moving companies and compare their bids after the in-home estimate.

Moving trucks on a highway.
It is hard to move household items by yourself, especially if you need to drive them

Choosing the best places to live in Staten Island is not the only part of the relocation, but it is the major one. Visit some of these neighborhoods, drive around and see them “in-person”. Talk to locals and hear what they have to say, after all, they know the best. Also, you can read online reviews from people who live (or lived) there. Good luck with Staten Island relocation!


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