How to cut NYC moving costs?

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When people start thinking about moving to New York City, probably some of the first things that come to their minds are ‘ the city that never sleeps’, ‘if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’ and probably living life like those on the movie screens. It is all fun and games until they start thinking about the process of relocation. This is when most of them realize that they will have to spend a lot of money and a lot of time and energy on it. The biggest concern is usually the cost of moving to a big city. Yes, moving to a place as lavish as New York comes with a hefty price tag! But, do not worry, there is a way to cut NYC moving costs. So, if interested, keep on reading for some useful tips and tricks.

Find a Proper Moving Agency and Cut NYC Moving Costs

Yes, many believe that the only way to cut NYC moving cost is by having a DIY kind of move. However, they are wrong. If you do everything by yourself, you will lose a lot of time and energy and some of your items may be damaged or lost – in the end, you will pay more! That is why finding a proper agency likeĀ Big Apple Movers NYC will save you a lot of time and money. Those movers are trained and experienced people who will take care of your relocation in a stress-free manner and in no time. Just make sure to start looking for a moving agency ahead of time. That way, you will have more options to choose from, and find an agency that is both reliable and affordable.

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If you do your research on time and book an agency early, you will be able to get a discount, and thus, cut NYC moving costs.

Find Your New Home Before Relocating to NYC

Another thing that will help you save money and cut NYC moving costs is finding your new home before relocating. Just think about it – you will spend a fortune on hotels and storage units! And that can last longer than you thought as finding your dream home in a place like New York City is not going to be that easy. So, with this research too, you have to start early. Luckily, we live in the age of technology! You can look for a home online and reserve them with just one short phone call. Of course, it would be much better if you could see everything in person before you start packing your bags and loading the truck.

A house keychain .
Finding a place to live before relocating to New York is a must!

Downsize Before Packing

One thing is for sure – the more items you plan on relocating, the more expensive your move will be! This is because movers charge by the weight of your belongings. Also, NYC apartments are really expensive and you probably do not want to pay extra just for keeping every little knick-knack you own in there. So, if you want to cut NYC moving costs, you must declutter and downsize before moving. You can do that by gathering boxes and sorting your belongings like this:

  • Keep Box(es): You will probably going to need more than one box for this. Inside place all the things that are valuable, irreplaceable and those you cannot do without. Check your new place too! If it is already equipped, there is no need to bring your furniture with you.
  • Donate Box: If you have some items that are in good shape but you simply do not have a place for them anymore, consider donating them to a local charity. You will make somebody really happy!
  • Sell Box: This is a great way to earn some extra cash! If you have some items that are still good and useful, why not selling them? You can organize a yard sale, or sell them online. Do not get oversentimental about your belongings, things are replaceable and you must get rid of some before you move to a smaller NYC apartment.

Think Twice Before Buying All the Packing Materials

Yes, when you start reading about all the packing materials you will need when moving, you will probably notice that the list is rather long. Yes, moving agencies can provide you with all the assistance you need when moving in NYC, but that does not mean that you should accept all of their offers. Just like you do not need to buy everything movers say. Of course, some things like cardboard boxes, plastic bins, plastic wrap, good-quality duct tape are a must. But, other things like packing paper, moving blankets and similar are just a waste of money. You can easily replace them with the items you already own in your household. For example, instead of purchasing packing paper, use some old magazines and newspaper. And, instead of moving blankets, use some of your old towels or blankets.

A man carrying cardboard boxes.
Be sure to always invest in good quality packing materials that are necessary for your relocation.

Ask Friends For Help

Another great and simple way to cut NYC moving costs is to ask your friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors to help you out. Of course, it will be a lot easier to simply hire movers to do the job for you. But as movers come with a hefty price tag and your budget is tight, you will have to turn to friends for help. So, call everybody you know, and start with moving preparations. It would be best for you to pack your own clothes, documents, and those little knick-knacks in order to be more organized. Everything else, you can do together. Packing and unpacking for relocation, loading and unloading the truck, heavy lifting and everything else. These tasks movers charge like extra fees and they can really eat away your budget. So, be careful, and ask for help elsewhere.

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