Reusing old packing supplies – step to step guide

Flat cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other.

As soon as you arrive at your new home you will be eager to unpack and finally settle in. The number of boxes that you have moved might make you fill anxious. However, one by one you will unpack, and you will get it done. But, what happens to all the old packing supplies once you have finished unpacking? As you advance with your unpacking, your old packing supplies will accumulate. Soon enough, you will be caught in a dilemma. What should you do with your old packing supplies? Keep on reading to see what your options are. We shared a few very useful ideas on what to do with the packing material so carefully gathered before your move.

Keep your old packing supplies after your move is done

During all the preparations for your move you spent a lot of time on making a packing supplies checklist, spent money on supplies and packed all of your things for moving day. It is safe to say that a lot of energy was invested in getting all the needed packing supplies. Now that the move is done, and your things are unpacked it is a shame to throw it all away. Of course, you should only keep items that are in good condition and if you have space to store them.

Moving boxes

All the leftover boxes that are in good condition you should flatten out and store them where they aren’t in your way. They can be very handy for storage or future moving. After all, boxes are essential packing material for your move.

Packing paper

All well-preserved paper can be packed in plastic bags. It can be very handy in many instances around the house, so it is great to have some around if needed. For instance, it can be used as protection during repairs around your home.

Wrapping material

When packing for relocation wrapping material becomes very handy. However, it is also very expensive. So, if you have any of it left from your unpacking store it for later. If nothing else, it will be super fun for you and your kids to burst those bubbles.

Clear wrapping material.
Since wrapping materials are expensive and useful it would be wise to keep it when needed around your home.

Selling packing material is also an option

Keeping old packing supplies can come in handy at some point. But, if your new place is tight with extra storage space there is no point of becoming a horde and generating clutter. Since you have spent a lot of money on your packing supplies, it would be great if you could get some money back. We all know, buying everything you needed for your move is a lot of things and cheap is not one of them. If selling is your goal, make sure you try and preserve everything as much as possible while unpacking. Everything that is not in good condition will not be sold. So, to get some extra cashback use websites like Boxcycle, Craigslist, and NextDoor.

Give away your old packing supplies

You might not get your money back that you have spent on supplies, but you can bank some good karma for your next move. Before you donate or toss your leftover packing supplies, ask around does anyone need it. Imagine if you had the opportunity to get your supplies instead of buying them? In all honesty that would have been awesome. Giving packing materials away is a great way to get rid of them fast and easy. The easiest way to let everybody know that you are giving away free packing supplies is by posting an announcement on your social media. Put that Instagram and Facebook to good use.

Young people sitting together in a park having a picnic.
Don’t forget to ask family and friends. You never know who might need your old packing supplies.

Once you have unpacked you can hit the recycling bins

This is an expressway to get rid of all the leftover material from your move. Especially the old packing supplies that are damaged and cannot be sold or reused. This is the perfect time to find recycling bins in your new neighborhood. Of course, make sure that everything is sorted in proper recycling bins.

Professionals can get rid of your junk and old packing supplies

This shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. When you think about it if you can hire somebody to walk your dog, why wouldn’t you be able to hire somebody to take care of your junk for you? This doesn’t only apply to packing supplies that you do not need but also to other clutter that you want to remove from your living space. If you are looking for such services, you should contact Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts. These professionals will dispose of your junk and clutter in no time.

When you hire professionals for packing and unpacking services

So, you are getting ready for your moving day and you realized that you need some help. Don’t feel bad. Moves are stressful, hard and they take up a lot of your time and energy. That is exactly why you should hire professional movers to help you relocate to your new place.

Not only can professional companies from West Boylston transport your items, but they can also provide packing and unpacking services. When professionals handle this part of your move, usually they handle gathering packing supplies and getting rid of old packing supplies. This way you can eliminate the process of disposing of your unwanted packing materials after you have relocated.

Girl with festive socks lifted her fit on a table, while she is drinking something out of a mug.
Only once you have totally settled in you will be able to appreciate and enjoy your new home.

Once you have moved and made your new home cozy and enjoyable, the lasts thing you want to be doing is thinking about old packing supplies. We gave you some useful ideas that you can use to your advantage. Whatever you do, act quickly. The quicker you handle this last part of your move, the quicker you can enjoy your new place.

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