3 things to know before renting a luxury apartment

A building with some nice apartments

Did you know that about 45% of renters actually live in apartments? In some cities renting is quite easy and in some (like NYC) it can be a nightmare. Renting a luxury apartment is not the same as renting a modest one. Knowing what a luxury apartment is will be the first thing you need to figure out. Having nice amenities doesn’t mean you can be charged some obscene amount of money. You need to get the full package.

What is actually a luxury apartment?

A high-end apartment is one that is of superior quality in terms of its location, level of safety, and range of amenities. That’s the whole package. Those who are interested in renting this kind of property are not only seeking the numerous services that are provided. They are also searching for the exclusivity that is provided by high-end real estate organizations. People looking for seasonal rental lodgings frequently contact real estate agents for assistance in their search. This indicates that they are looking for a leased place that they can use for a limited amount of time.

Renting one of these homes is a good idea for a number of reasons, including traveling for work or pleasure, spending vacations with friends and family, or going on a camping trip. Obviously, some people simply want to live in a luxury apartment and are not looking to buy one at the moment.

The terrace view after renting a luxury apartment
You can also expect a spectacular view.

What can you expect?

The advantage of renting top-notch places is that it allows one the chance of having access to the same amenities that are offered by the most opulent hotels while at the same time allowing one to remain in the convenience and privacy of their own home.

These services include arranging for expert masseurs, helicopter transportation, and armored cars, as well as employing cooks, maids, and babysitters. Also, you can find some amenities like a pool, spa, and such. 

These apartments are located in a variety of countries throughout the world. They are available for rent in the major cities of Brazil as well as in some of the most amazing places in the world, like NYC for example, or London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, or Paris. These days, savvy tourists are living like true locals for a couple of days, weeks, or even months at a time in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the local culture of the areas they visit.

A nice kitchen
You will get only the best.

You will be safe here

This is one thing you can expect when renting a luxury apartment – safety. All of those buildings have a lot of safety systems. We are not talking only about security cameras but additional safes, security and so much more. Since you are paying all that money you can rest assured that you, your family, and all your household items will be safe and sound.

Tips for handling disputes with your landlord

Room for rent sign on a wall.

If you are renting your apartment, there is a chance you and your landlord will not be on the same page always. That can happen wherever you live and rent. Also know that it’s not you, this thing just happens sometimes. It’s human nature. We have some tips for handling disputes with your landlord but sometimes packing your bags is also a solution. There is no shame in quitting.

Handling disputes with your landlord respectfully

Talking things through and compromise is the key. For example, if your landlord disapproves of painting walls in the apartment, you can suggest wallpaper. Walls will remain the same, you will have some pop of color and they are easy to remove. This can be a great compromise for everybody.

Read the lease before you sign it. Make sure that you are following it and that can also be a great way to avoid any difficulties between you and your landlord.

Age gap

Sometimes, if a landlord is an elderly person, they just don’t understand new technology and they only require more explaining. This age gap can create tension between landlords and tenants and the only thing to do here is for the younger generation to be more understanding and explain as detailed as possible.

A younger woman showing something on a mobile phone to an elderly woman while looking for tips for handling disputes with your landlord.
They just need a bit of help to understand you.


Another thing, if your landlord is opposed to any parties now during a global pandemic, this is very reasonable and it is better for your health and safety. You can always consider an online housewarming party instead.


You need to protect yourself here. Always sign a contract with a rent control causal before moving in. If the landlord is greedy, you can be in a problem in few months. There is no need for that, just think ahead and sign the contract before moving in. If you haven’t and the landlord is asking for more money each month, just pack your bags and go. This is not the only place. If you are thinking of moving then you should collect the information about relocating.

The words rents too high written on a back wall.
If the price isn’t right you can always go.

Invading privacy

Another thing that is not negotiable. Although this is your landlord’s place, you are paying good money to live here. Your privacy is your own and no one is allowed to invade it. It’s the law and there is nothing to work on here.

Keep in mind while handling disputes with your landlord

As stated before, as much as this place is the landlord’s property you are the one renting it. You have some rights. The best way to protect yourself is a written form of agreement before moving in. Read the rental laws to know your rights before even renting the apartment. This is a way to protect yourself. Another thing, all your requests must be made in writing. Email also works. This is your forever proof. Another tip for the road, before moving in take pictures of the place especially the flaws. This is the way to make sure that you are not blamed for anything that happened before you moved in.