Why people love North Carolina?

The flag of North Carolina

There are so many reasons why people move to North Carolina. Every year, many people move to North Carolina, from all over the country, and they don’t leave. And that should come as no surprise, because of the top-notch quality of life. So, people are just downright pleasant. The population is growing at a faster rate than that of the U.S. And Tar Heel State has to offer way more than just miles of tobacco fields and dusty country roads. This state is great for all ages because it has everything from historic landmarks to sparkling skylines. Also, the state is known for pirates, BBQ, and NASCAR among a long list of other items. So, here’re some of the reasons why people love North Carolina.

The Crystal Coast – one of the reasons why people love North Carolina

There are many interesting places to live in North Carolina. Along with the Outer Banks, North Carolina has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They draw people from around the nation and the world. Travel through the Outer Banks and visit the famous lighthouses and aquariums. Take a step back in time at the Lost Colony play, or visit Bath. That is the hometown of the infamous pirate Blackbeard. Here you can find sea turtles that lay eggs on the beach. So, if you love turtles, visit the Sea Turtle Hospital on Topsail Island. And, if you love sunsets, pick a spot anywhere along the coast, and witness God’s mastery. After this, you may consider finding some nationwide moving services and move into this beautiful state.

Beach in North Carolina
Why people love North Carolina? Well, this state has the best of both worlds. You can start your day off in the mountains and end it with a sunset stroll along the coast.

The Appalachian Mountains

These mountains are known for their Christmas tree farms, apples, and their fall colors. And, for sure they’re one of the reasons why people love North Carolina. Just take a trip to Boone to eat at the Daniel Boone Inn. Climb Grandfather Mountain and visit a ski resort, go trout fishing or pick apples for a pie. And if you want to have a trip back in time visit the Mast General Store. They offer everything from jams, glass bottled sodas, and barrels full of old candies. After all, maybe that’s why there are so many New Yorkers relocating to North Carolina.

The Farmer’s Markets

Summertime is the huge bounty of fruits and vegetables that are in season. So, this is another reason why people love North Carolina is that. All farmer’s market offer estate-grown apples, berries, sweet potatoes, and even honey. Also, they offer homemade cheeses, bread, arts, and crafts. So, take one day and visit either the markets in Asheville or Raleigh. Just make sure you’re ready to have a huge appetite. Especially if you love farmer’s cheese and sourdough bread.

Nicholas Sparks

North Carolina isn’t only the birthplace of Nicholas Sparks, but all of his books are based in the state as well. His love stories, from Southport to Rodanthe to Wake Forest University, will make you fall in love with the state even more. Some of his novels have been turned into motion pictures that have set box office records. So, you may consider hiring State to State Move and witness all the beautiful places of this state.

Lake and nature
In his books, Nicolas Sparks described the beauty of North Carolina.

Food as one of the reasons why people love North Carolina

The state is known for a wide variety of foods and drinks that are made only in North Carolina. Did you ever have a Pepsi or Cheerwine? Or Texas Pete hot sauce? Here you can try western and eastern Carolina BBQ. Eastern one is more vinegar sauced and western is a more tomato-based. You can sample BBQ at every turn, at the Lexington annual BBQ festival. But you might need sweatpants and a huge appetite. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, look for the red neon sign that says “HOT NOW”. Because that’s the home of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. So, after reading this you might wanna start looking for important moving tips and tricks, which make your move easier.


This state is the birthplace of one of the most famous sports in America. So, no wonder why people love North Carolina. Here, Sunday’s are NASCAR days, every February through November. This sport started in the early 1900s from the illegal running of moonshine and grew into a million-dollar sport. And across the state, you can find short, long, dirt and paved tracks in almost every town.

Bright lights and big cities

Charlotte, or “Wall Street South,” is North Carolina’s largest city. It is also a huge financial hub along the Eastern seaboard. It has a bustling economy, which is ideal for job seekers. Also, there is plenty of places to shop and a vibrant arts scene. And weekdays here are ideal for taking in a Hornets game or checking out the latest downtown hotspot. So you’ll never have a chance to be bored. And these are just some of the things that makes it such a great place to live. So, find top furniture moving companies for all your moving needs and relocate here.

Skyline and car trails in Charlotte - beautiful cities are one of the reasons why people love North Carolina
The Charlotte is the No. 10 city in the country for growing businesses

The best place for buying furniture

The City of High Point in North Carolina is known as the furniture capital of the world. It got over 1.6 million square feet of furniture stores to prove it. This city host the High Point Market, twice a year, where new furnishings are rolled out for professional buyers. But people are welcome here anytime. Just don’t forget to stop and take a look at the world’s largest chest of drawers.

Great schools and college sports are the reason why people love North Carolina

It’s no wonder why people love North Carolina. This state is home to some of the best public and private colleges in the country. And Duke is one of them. This university ranks among the top five schools in the U.S. Also, here you can find Appalachian State University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and Elon University. No matter if you’re looking for math, science, or liberal arts, you’ll find everything in North Carolina.

Also, college sports are very important for North Carolina residents. So, carefully pick your side of the University of North Carolina vs. Duke rivalry. And if someone asks you whether you prefer light or dark blue, answer wisely.