Top Philadelphia neighborhoods for young families

Philadelphia neighborhoods

Moving with your family can be quite stressful since there are a lot of factors to think of. There are safety, education, and entertainment options, a perfect home, etc. Since you’re not moving on your own, this move has to be adjusted to all family members. One of the biggest issues is probably choosing the right neighborhood. What’s the part of the city that’s both close to school and work, has some great entertainment spots, safe streets – is there a perfect one? Well, we want to help all the young families out there that want to relocate to Pennsylvania. Here’s a list of top Philadelphia neighborhoods for young families – now it’s up to you to choose the perfect one!

Before you go through our list…

…make sure you know what you’re looking for. Even though you’ll see the neighborhoods suitable for young families, you need to know how to choose the one that’s right for you. It’s good to write down some important factors and deal-breakers, something to narrow your choices. Also, you should know there is no perfect place, but you can make it perfect by making some new, amazing memories with your family. Let’s go to the list and see where you should find your new home.

Kids in a fountain in one of the Philadelphia neighborhoods
It’s not always easy to choose the perfect home for you and your kids – start with the list of top Philadelphia neighborhoods for young families so you can easily narrow your choices.

The best Philadelphia neighborhoods that welcome young families

Queen Village

The reason why this area of Philadelphia is perfect for families is the mixture of peace and busy city life. You can have your peace even though you’re right in the city center. There are playgrounds, Meredith Elementary School, and lovely streets to have a walk. And at the same time, you have easy access to some top locations in the city as well as shopping malls, restaurants, etc.


A little more up the Schuylkill River, there’s Manayunk, one of the top Philadelphia neighborhoods for young families. The reason why this place is on this list is the number of parks and entertainment options for kids. And the fact that proves it – more than 70 percent of families have kids here. Therefore, if you have an only child, you don’t need to worry about who they are going to play with. Manayunk’s streets and playgrounds are filled with kids, and that’s why this place is so family-friendly.

Bonus advantage: Having all these parks, Manayunk is perfect if you are also moving with a pet. Going for a walk with your dog will be a blast every time.

Bella Vista

The very name of this Philadelphia neighborhood tells you everything – the beautiful sight. It’s located in South Philadelphia, and it’s filled with a great number of lovely restaurants, parks, and shops. The streets are easily walkable, and it’s easy to reach the city’s center. It has a population of around 5,000, where most of the people are with families.

Chestnut Hill – the most beautiful among Philadelphia neighborhoods?

Another place with a beautiful view, but also one of the safest of Philadelphia neighborhoods is Chestnut Hill. It has a population of around 9,000 and definitely one of the most popular among younger residents. Both young professionals, as well as families, choose this area of the city because of its charming city vibe in the suburban package. The median rent is around $1,600, which is a bit more than the national average. However, median home value is on the more expensive side, so more residents rent than own homes in CHestunut HIll.

A vuew of Philadelphia at night.
Philadelphia offers something for everybody – we’re sure you can pick the best area for your family.

Moving to Philly with your family

A young family may be small, yet the relocation process can be quite complicated and stressful. Here are some tips on how to make the upcoming relocation to your cozy new apartment stress-free and fast.

Start early

The key to a successful move is predicting every step of the way. This is only possible if you start making your moving plans on time – as soon as you find out about moving. Write down everything you need when moving and schedule your moving tasks by weeks. This will give you much more security and also help you don’t waste time and energy as the moving day approaches.

A bird view of some houses in one of Philadelphia neighborhoods
After you’ve chosen one of the Philadelphia neighborhoods for your family – it’s time to start packing.

Hire the best pros from Philadelphia

Nobody knows the city better than the local moving pros like Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia, for example. Professionals will provide you with expert moving plan and services, so you can be sure your items will be delivered safely to your new Philly home. Always trust a moving company that’s local and recommended from a trusted source, so you can avoid frauds and common moving problems.

Control your moving budget

Moving a family is not cheap. However, you can make it more affordable by controlling your moving budget. Make a list of all the payments you need to make and see how much money you need to prepare. Also, these calculations will help you realize if you’re spending more than necessary, so you can cut down some costs. Also, getting a precise estimate from the moving companies you contact is very helpful, since you can see the right amount of money you’ll need, and also get the idea of the average moving costs for your home.

Downsize and purge

When a family is growing, you need to find a way to reduce the number of items you have in your home and eventually need to relocate. Get rid of all the things your family no longer needs, such as old toys, outgrown and damaged clothes, unused items, etc. By decluttering your home, you’ll see your moving costs get lower and your home getting more spacious – which is also the way to speed up the unpacking process later on.

Enjoy your new home!

After choosing the perfect one among top Philadelphia neighborhoods – your family can now enjoy their new home. Try to reduce the moving stress as much as possible, and take a moment to appreciate this big life event. Instead of worrying about the boxes, help your kids adjust to the new environment – and don’t forget to let yourself realize what’s happened. Make these first days in Philadelphia memorable and enjoyable for the whole family.

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