Unexpected Expenses When Moving to a Senior Community

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When moving to a senior community, costs are very often an issue that cannot be avoided. Moving to a facility that specializes in the care of the elderly can be costly relocation. It is not uncommon for such a move to take a toll on a retiree’s budget or even to affect their kid’s wallets. Naturally, the well being of seniors comes first. However, putting together a budget that will fit everybody’s financial capabilities is a very big challenge. The costs associated with living in a senior community aren’t only high but can be also unpredictable. This fact makes it even harder to put together a solid budget. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. Here are a few tips that will help you put together a successful and reliable moving budget.

Why is living is a senior community worth every penny?

Moving to a senior community can sometimes be very traumatic and undesired by our parents and grandparents. This reaction to the ides of such a move is very understandable. People of any age do not like to feel like their independence is being taken away. So, the same goes for the elderly. However, after a certain time, our loved once just do not have it in them to take care of themselves and certain steps need to be taken as a precaution. Senior centers and facilities are the best places for retirement in the US because they provide our family members the help that they need while giving us peace of mind. With all that being said, it is no surprise that they cost quite a bundle.

A large jar filled with pennies flipped over.
Spending retirement in a senior community can be very expensive. Before you make any concrete moves, make sure you have a large enough budget to cover all the needed expenses.

When moving to a senior community these expenses can shake up your planned budget  

Now that it is certain that e a large expense will be on the menu every month, it is time to put together a solid budget. Senior moving tip number one is making sure you can afford the care and the senior facility you are ready to commit to. Keep a lookout for these secreted expenses.

Cost related to relocation

Just like during any other move, moving to a senior community might demand the assistance of professional movers. Being relocated by moving experts that will provide everything for your move sure sounds like a dream. It takes a lot of moving baggage off your plate. But, keep in mind that it doesn’t come cheap. How much you would be charged for the move depends mostly on the distance of the move and on the number of things you plan on bringing with you. If you are looking to hire movers to relocate your parents, make sure you ask a few different companies for estimates. Also, if you are a good negotiator, put those skills to good use. Sometimes moving companies are willing to negotiate their original prices.

Meal plans and grocery expenses

Very often after some time, the elderly cannot function well enough on their own and their nutrition suffers because of it. Cooking and grocery shopping are not easy for those that are weak or disabled. Luckily, when moving into a facility that specializes in the care of the elderly, the meals are included. However, they will cost you. So, make sure you include this expense into your overall budget. This is one benefit that it is easy to get used to as part of life after moving. Still, if it breaks your budget, you and your loved one will have a big problem on your hands.

Salmon served on a plate with colorful veggies.
Retirement facilities provide meals with great nutritional value. Your family member will be well-taken care off.

Space and extra storage

We all accumulate stuff as we get older. Seniors are especially known to be attached to their belongings. Since they connect belongings to dear memories it might be hard for them to let go of certain things. If they feel strongly about keeping something and don’t want to get rid of them, you shouldn’t pressure them. This process will be hard for them either way, so there is no need to add fuel to the fire. However, the need for space will very likely increase your expenses. As can be predicted, moving into a larger space will cost you more. When there is a lack of space, an additional storage unit might be a good idea.

There are moving professionals that specialize in senior moves and they can give you valuable advice on transportation of things and storage. Triple 7 Movers are one of many great companies that specialize in the relocation of the elderly.

Trips and activities out of the retirement community

Even though many aren’t aware of this, retirement is the time when you start living and enjoying life to the fullest. Your kids are all grown up, you worked your entire life and what now? Well, now you need to reap the benefits and live a little. So, leaving the retirement community now and then is a must. Moving into a senior community is great but that doesn’t imply that you are always bound to be in it. There is a big array of activities that seniors can enjoy. Some are free, some have lowered prices for seniors and some can be very expensive. Don’t forget to factor in these costs into your budget.

Simple and little luxuries when moving to a senior community 

Keep in mind that even though they are older, our elderly loved once still have needs. They might want to visit a hairdresser or a barber. Everybody likes to look presentable. Also, lunch here, and there and a yoga class is also great for the soul. Such additional activities are fun and won’t break the bank but can mess up your financial plans. Take this into consideration and dedicate a little part of the budget for such activities.

Front entrance of a barbershop.
There are certain expenses that aren’t large but still need to be factored into your budget. One of them is visiting barbershops or hair salons.

Finalizing the budget

Now you know which expenses can sidetrack your carefully made budget when moving to a senior community. Your elderly loved once should enjoy their life and not worry about finances. That is why careful consideration and planning are key. One last advice that we would give you is to always leave a little extra space within your budget for unexpected costs. At the end of the day, it is always easier dealing with leftover cash than with a shortage of the same.


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