Why you should write a moving review after the move

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Writing a moving review after the relocation is something we always recommend to our readers. Why? You will find out soon enough even though you already know the answer. Short version – because people want to read your review! Just like you were looking at reviews when you were deciding on movers, many people are in the same position you were in some time ago.

Satisfied customers often forget to write!

This is unfortunately true. People who were not satisfied with the service or had any problem will go above and beyond to write a bad review. People who had a good experience will forget. That doesn’t sound fair at all, we know but that is the case. We know that after relocation there is this process called settling in and it can be tiring so it’s understandable that people sometimes forget to write their moving review. The problem with that is that only the voice of unhappy people is heard. The good work the movers did gets unnoticed. So, no matter if your experience is good, bad, or anything in between – write a moving review.

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Unhappy customers are the first ones to leave a review.

You will be helping others

If you were happy with the service (or services) you received, by writing the review you will be helping your movers to get to more customers. You will be also helping people who are looking for good movers. After all your review is a recommendation. It’s like saying to a friend “Hey, I had a great experience with my Oklahoma movers – you should check them out”.

Help people to avoid scammers!

No matter which website you take a look at you will see that all movers claim that they are the best moving company in that area. That simply can not be true. Not everyone can be the best. Warn people by writing if the movers you worked with are scammers or tell them that this is an honest moving company and your experience was good.

Talk about prices

You don’t have to go into details since the costs of relocation depend on many factors like the scale of the relocation. Just tell them if you think that the price you got was too high. Also, tell them if you think that it was reasonable. That can help people who are (just like you once did) looking to find an honest and affordable moving company.

A man holding a megaphone and talking about a moving review
You have a voice, use it to help people!

To sum things up

It is essential to provide feedback since no one wants to squander time or resources on something that does not live up to their expectations. Reviews are an effective form of social proof, which is a type of persuasive argument. The survey indicates that eighty-four percent of consumers believe the website’s moving ratings just as much as they do the recommendations of their friends. That’s about it! Good luck.

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