What’s the true cost of quality relocation?

What's the true cost of quality relocation?

Relocation is costly, there’s no doubt about it. It will usually cost more than you think. You can know the true cost of quality relocation only if you consider all the variables. Every relocation is different and so are its costs. The move can set you back for $500 or $5000. Maybe even more. It all depends on the difficulties of relocation, the distance between your current and new home, the total weight of your belongings and many other things that you need to consider.

Crucial things that affect the true cost of quality relocation

When you are calculating your moving budget there are many things to consider.
True costs of quality relocation are associated with the following things:

  • Are you hiring the movers or you are moving on your own
  • The cost of necessary packing supplies
  • Do you need temporary storage for your things
  • The unexpected costs

Costs of moving on your own vs hiring a moving company

When you are relocating, one of the biggest decision that you have to make is will you hire the moving company or try the DIY move.
Both of these types of the move have its own costs that have a great impact on the true cost of quality relocation.

The true cost of quality relocation will depend on the type of your move.
While you may think that moving on your own will be cheaper than hiring professional movers, that may not be the case.

The costs of moving on your own

When you hire movers to transport your belongings, you are lifting the big task of your shoulders.
If you don’t, you will need to rent a moving truck and transport your belongings on your own.

Renting a truck bring many costs:

  • Price of renting a moving truck – Moving truck rental can be from $20 to more than $100 per day. The real cost will depend on the size of the truck you need. The more belongings that you have, the bigger truck you will need, which increases the total moving costs.
  • Mileage on the rental truck – It’s typically 40-cents per mile, but have in mind that some companies only rent trucks for local moves.
  • Gasoline – The cost of gasoline for the moving truck can easily be $100 or more, depending on the distance that you need to pass.
  • Moving insurance – It can cost up to $30 a day to cover property damage and theft of your items.
  • Rental vehicle insurance – You should have insurance in the case of an accident while you’re in the rental truck.
  • Additional moving supplies – Moving pads and dollies required to load and unload your belongings to the rental truck can set you back from $100 to $200.
The true cost of quality relocation will depend on the size of the truck.
The size of the rental truck will have a big impact on the total costs of your move.

Should you move on your own?

Renting a truck is just one of the cost of moving on your own. There is also another thing that is very important with the DIY move – the risk of injuries.
Since you are not the professional mover, you won’t know the proper way to lift and move your items. That can cause serious injuries that cost a lot of money and your time.

You can get hurt very badly during the DIY relocation.
Ask yourself is saving a few bucks really worth your health.

The costs of hiring moving company

The costs of hiring a moving company will depend on the type of move. Local relocation is differently calculated than long distance move. For example, the costs of moving from the USA to Canada will be much higher, than moving to the neighborhood in the same city.
For a local move, the costs are based on the number of movers and the time of their engagement. When it comes to moving long-distance, there are much more variables. The price of hiring moving company will depend on the total weight of your things and the distance between your current and your new home.

When we talk about numbers, the cost for a local mover typically runs between $300 to $600 and the cost for a long-distance mover is usually between $4,000 to $7,000. Prices vary greatly from company to company, so is crucial that you learn how to pick the right mover.

Should you hire the professional movers?

When you hire the moving company, you are delegating the biggest and most stressful part of the relocating process. You won’t have to worry about moving truck and gas, vehicle insurance, pads, dollies, and possible injuries that you may gain from loading and unloading the heavy items.
Professionals will do the heavy lifting for you, and make sure that your belongings arrive safely into your new home.
Before you hire movers, ask them for the in-house estimation. It will help you immensely to calculate the true cost of quality relocation and an accurate moving estimate.

The cost of necessary packing supplies

The easiest way to pack is to purchase packing service from your moving company. That way, you can save money on packing material. Still, the costs of your move will increase since this is additional service that cost extra.

If you are packing on your own, you will need many packing supplies: boxes of all size, scissors, packing tape, duck tape, different kinds of protective materials, labels etc. In order to see what the true cost of quality relocation really is, you need to calculate the costs of the necessary packing supplies.

The cost of storing for your things

When you are relocating, you may need to temporary storage your things. Your new home may not be move-in ready, you’ve packed too many belongings, or you need to vacate your home before you think. These are just some of the scenarios that may happen during the relocation. Either way, you will need the safe place to store your things.
Renting the storage unit isn’t cheap and it will have a big impact on the true cost of quality relocation.

Unexpected costs of relocation

When you are calculating the true cost of quality relocation, you should know that move usually have many costs that you didn’t think about.
It is very hard to anticipate what that costs will be, so it is best that you set aside some money for such cases.  Many things can go wrong when you are moving, and that require extra expenses.
The best way to minimize that is to hire reliable movers with years of experience.
At mastermovingguide.com, you can find professionals that will know the best way to handle possible accidents since they have faced them before.

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