How to negotiate with movers – 2020 edition

2 men negotiating.

Knowing how to negotiate will help you the better price for a service you need. When moving, there are so many things to do and one of them is to hire a moving company. To negotiate with movers, you should first learn how to do it, and what to say, how to act. Having a small guide may help you get what you want from a moving company. Read More …

How to calculate cross country relocation costs?

Calculator, calculating - Learn how to calculate cross country relocation costs.

So, we all know that any kind of house relocating can turn into a very expensive experience. And, the moving price you need to pay can be a lot higher then you have expected, especially when you have to perform a long-distance move. Because of that, you need to know that the moving costs aren’t universal. They know how to vary from case to case. Have in mind that the final estimate will include the type of your move, the distance, and the weight of your shipmentSo, to learn how to prepare your budget for this mission, you must know how to calculate cross country relocation costs. Here are some useful tips that can help you how to do it and how to save money when moving long distances.  Read More …

How much does a full-service move cost?

A calculator to calculate the cost of a full-service move

Planning a move but you’re not sure how much money you need for it? It’s a situation most people find themselves in when they have to move. You don’t know how many things you are going to be moving and you don’t know how long it is going to take. And a lot of people choose a full-service move. If you want to do the same and you don’t know how much you’re going to have to pay, we tried to break it down and to give you the approximate cost of a full-service move. Read More …

How to prepare for your move to Jersey City?

A view of Jersey City that could make you move to Jersey City in no time.

Those who are looking for great city life and plenty of job opportunities near New York are moving to New Jersey. That is exactly how New Jersey has become one of the most popular moving destinations in America. But do you know how to prepare for your move to Jersey City? If not, you came to the right place. Here you can find out all the information you need to conduct a successful move to NJ. Read More …

How to get a precise moving estimate when moving abroad?

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So, you’re moving abroad? Well, good for you! Whether you are doing this because of personal or because of business-related reasons, moving to another country is bound to spiritually and mentally enrichen practically any individual. However, moving (especially abroad) isn’t easy. One of the many things you’ll have to do is to get a precise moving estimate, so that you know how to properly organize your budget.

Read More …

Making an inventory list 101

Making an inventory list

Are you moving to a new home? If you do, you should make sure all of your belongings are safe while they reach your new home. For safety measures, insurance purposes and more effective packing and unpacking process, you should consider making an inventory list. Use our guide to organize everything like a professional and create a list of your inventory with ease. Read More …

Calculate your budget for moving

Calculate your budget

Relocation projects usually cost more than you think. But consider all the variables, and will learn about the true cost of your move. Different relocations mean different costs. Relocation can cost you somewhere between $500 or $5000, and in some cases – even more. All prices depend on the difficulty of the relocation. That is why you need to calculate your budget. When you start calculating your budget be aware of these:

  • Are you going to move on your own or you are going to hire a moving company?
  • Expenses of packing supplies
  • Needing some extra space (storage)
  • Additional costs

You will need to prepare your finances in advance because if you don’t it could cause big expenses that you cannot handle. Some small and cheap tasks can easily turn into huge costs. As you probably know it’s really important to set your budget before you do anything else. Read More …

What’s the true cost of quality relocation?

What's the true cost of quality relocation?

Relocation is costly, there’s no doubt about it. It will usually cost more than you think. You can know the true cost of quality relocation only if you consider all the variables. Every relocation is different and so are its costs. The move can set you back for $500 or $5000. Maybe even more. It all depends on the difficulties of relocation, the distance between your current and new home, the total weight of your belongings and many other things that you need to consider. Read More …

Moving in winter – tips for moving in low temperatures

Winter moving can be cheaper when trying to find affordable moving services

Winter has already come, but you should not postpone your move just because temperatures are low. Or maybe you live in a cold area so you just can’t avoid it.Cold weather can have its advantages –  it is quite easy to find a moving company or rent a moving vehicle. Next, the cost of moving in winter may be lower because it is not the moving season.Even so, you must prepare problems that may come your way while moving in cold weather. We have some advice for you to check before moving in the winter season. Follow these tips to make this winter moving safer and more enjoyable. Read More …