How to get an accurate moving estimate

Give relocating company complete information- and you'll receive the accurate moving estimate

When you’re moving, there are several important things. The first, and by far the most important, is to pick the right moving company. It is important to hire a professional mover with the experience, and the reliable one. After that, it is also important for you for how long it’s gonna last, and how much money shall you spend. This is what we intend to help you with in this article. You shall find out how to get an accurate moving estimate. Another thing to get to know here is what to pay attention to when the inspection comes to your home. Get ready to get prepared for this important task. It depends on you as well as on the moving company whether you’ll get the exact quote or not. Don’t get misinformed. Be wise and inform yourself on time. 

Give relocating company complete information- and you'll receive the accurate moving estimate
If the information you give to the professional mover is complete, then you’ll get the accurate moving estimate

How to prepare to get an accurate moving estimate

As we said in the introduction, pick several good and reliable home moving companies. This is the first step. You don’t want to get a good estimate from the bad company. So, do the research and choose professional movers wisely. We won’t take too much of your time on this subject. We already wrote about it, so you may read our text ‘what to pay attention to when hiring a professional mover’. We’re gonna discuss here what to do to get the precise quotes from the moving companies you’re about to compare.

Have all the professional movers’ representatives come at your home for the estimate on the same day

Let all the estimators give you accurate moving estimates on a same day, so you could compare them easily
Let all the professional movers’ estimators give you the exact moving quotes on the same day

We shall just mention here that it is absolutely necessary that the estimate is based on the home inspection by the relocating company’s representative. That is the only way to make it right. And when you demanded it, you should prepare for it. Our suggestion is to meet all of them on the same day. An estimate takes about an hour to be conducted right. So, if you have several moving companies to choose from, it will take time.

So it would be better to have a day spent just doing that, and not being forced to do it for many days. Also, if you arrange all the estimates to be done at the same day, you’ll also be prepared for each of them, having in mind what you want to ask, what you want to be moved with special attention etc, and not forgetting anything. Another tip here is to leave yourself some time between the two inspections. Rest so you could conduct it in the right manner. 

Meet the moving companies estimators together with your spouse 

It’s not too weird to get the different information on what’s to be moved from each spouse. In fact, it is more like a rule. So, be there for the professional movers’ representatives together. If not possible, have the same spouse meet all the moving estimators. That way, you’ll have the exact evaluation of the companies to be compared by. Otherwise, you could get different estimates because of different information on what’s gonna move.

Another suggestion for this is to make a list of things to move. Doing that, you’re securing yourself from misevaluations due to different information. And if you’re doing the packing yourself, it’s gonna help you not to forget anything. One more thing we would like to suggest is to create that checklist for one room at the time. Deciding about each room separately. And also we suggest you do the packing in the same manner. 

In order to get the accurate moving estimate, make sure you mention all the items to be moved

If you make a list of every item to be moved- you'll get the accurate moving estimate
Make a list of every item to be moved- not only for those in your home, so you could get the precise moving quote

We already suggested you make a list of the stuff to be moved from your home. But if you have a garage or a storage, you should also make a list of items to be moved from there. This is very important to remember because of our experience that people often forget, or don’t think about that. And when the moving day comes, they insist on those things to be moved. And, if the company has the capacity, there’s no problem, you may accept raising the prise and get those stuff on the truck.

But what if the company sent one truck, and there’s not enough room in it to pack all the things? Then they would have to come back for the rest, and that would take a lot more time and therefore a lot more money. You don’t want that to happen, so be organised and have everything prepared the right way from the very beginning. The organisation is the key to every job success. And you want to get the accurate moving estimate, so be prepared for that. 


Discuss everything you find important for the moving quote

If you want to get the precise moving quote, communication is crucial. Mention every problem the packers and movers might have with your items. Emphasise everything you think is important. Also, ask any question you might have when the moving companies’ representatives come to your home. Declare what dates are suitable for you, and see what they can offer. In case you’re not about to pack your items yourself, ask professional movers about the availability for doing that. In the end, make sure you get the binding offer. And also signed by authorised person. Because that’s when the accurate moving estimate becomes actually the price you’ll need to pay in the end. And not a dine more shall you be forced to pull out, in case you mentioned exactly what’s to be moved. 

Summarising the tips for securing the precise moving estimate:

  • Meet all the professional movers’ estimators on the same day- By doing that, you’ll have a chance of not forgetting anything and being able to compare all the estimates, investing only one day for that job. 
  • Let both of spouses be home when the estimators are coming, and make sure you don’t give the different information to different moving companies. Only that way shall you receive the exact moving quotes.
  • Make a list of all items you’re moving to a new home- Not only those you’re moving from your house, or condo, but also those from the garage or/and a storage
  • Ask everything you need, and mention everything you find important- Misinforming the relocating company, or not giving the complete information, you won’t get the exact moving quote.


Here’s an example of video about what’s moving and what’s not for a moving quote:

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