Affordable neighborhoods in Toronto

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Everyone wants to have their own home. A private haven to relax in and enjoy life. However, as the real estate prices continue to climb, you might wonder if this will only remain a distant dream. There is a bit of good news in all of this though. There are still a few very affordable neighborhoods in Toronto for you to live in.

The most affordable neighborhoods in Toronto

Moving here means you won’t have to mortgage your entire life away. Toronto has a few thriving neighborhoods which are both fun and affordable. If you want to find out which areas these are, and what they have to offer, keep on reading. Soon enough, you’ll settle in Toronto able to enjoy everything one of the most desirable regions in Canada has to offer.

Rexdale-Kipling, scenic and diverse

Located in northern Etobicoke, Rexdale-Kipling is probably the cheapest place for living in Toronto. This is the perfect place to settle in if you enjoy the scenery and nature. The scenic West Humber River borders the area in the north, offering a beautiful landscape. It is full of gardens and parks, perfect for a relaxing day in nature.

One of affordable neighborhoods in Toronto with small family homes.
Plenty of neighborhoods in Toronto are very affordable despite the price increases

In addition, Rexdale-Kipling is home to the legendary Racetrack. This is where Canada’s and Toronto’s most famous horse race, The Queen’s Plate, is located. If you’re a racetrack fan, all you need to do is contact Movers Toronto and start packing.

The housing in the area is diverse, offering bungalows, townhouses, and apartment buildings. Purchasing a home will set you back around $800.000 while renting a 3 room apartment costs about $970. 

Keelesdale-Eglinton, quiet and well-connected

Second on our list is Keelesdale-Eglington, where you can find a cozy home at affordable prices. This is thanks to the fact that the area is a bit further away from the city core. With that said, the rent clocks in at about $970. Purchasing a home, however, will cost around 1 million CA dollars, which is the average price in the Toronto area.

The good thing about the neighborhood is that it boasts a diverse mix of cultures. A large proportion of Keelesdale-Eglington residents are of Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Portuguese descent.

Even tho it is further from the center, it is well-connected, and near the headquarters of amazing local movers. No matter what type of service you need, they have crews that can assist you anytime. Having them around is an amazing benefit for the residents, as they less than 10 minutes away from the area.

Rockcliffe-Smythe, perfect for new homeowners

The Rockcliffe area has seen a lot of development over the past few years, but still keeps its charm and good home prices. It is well known for a high number of parks and green spaces, including Smythe Park and the Scarlett Woods golf course. Rockcliffe-Smythe is also the area in which the Humber River and Black Creek meet, making it an excellent spot for daily strolls.

A highway leading into the one of affordable neighborhoods in Toronto.
Many Toronto neighborhoods are surrounded by parks and forests

On average, the rent price of a 2 bedroom unit is just above $1000. This makes it one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Toronto, perfect if you are buying a home for the first time.

In addition, neighborhoods like these, with good prices and even better scenery, make Toronto one of the best Ontario cities for young families. The Rockcliffe-Smythe area mostly has single-family homes, although apartment buildings are located along Jane Street and Scarlett Road.

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