How to pick the best province in Canada?

Since Canada is such a large country with so many places to live in, even picking a province can be hard. However, if you’re looking to move and trying to pick the best province in Canada we’re here to help! Check out what things you should look for when picking the best place to live.

What should you consider

Since we are not all the same and our preferences differ we’ll have a different idea of what the best province might be. However, our preferences and likes don’t have much impact on the real world. So, it’s best to keep objective and see what each region offers. After that, you’ll be able to pick the best province in Canada yourself. So, whether you’re relocating home to Canada or moving here for the first time, you’ll want to see these before you move. Make sure you have a good idea of what kind of place you’d like to move to.

  • Climate – one of the most crucial factors you should consider. Almost all of the provinces in Canada have different weather. So, you’ll need to decide whether you like cold or warm weather.
  • Services you might need – you can choose a province according to what you may need. Some services like DHL may not be available on all locations in every province. Make sure you know what you’ll need after you relocate to Canada.
  • Geographical preferences – if you need to be close to a harbor, you’ll want to avoid some of the provinces. Also, if you like mountain life, you’ll want to steer clear of others. Apart from this, there may be some plants or animals specific to a certain province. If you have allergies or other issues, you might want to check this.
  • Accessibility – finally, when you pick the best province in Canada, you’ll want others to be able to access it. Or not. Depending on what you like.
girl thinking how to pick the best province in Canada
You need to consider some things before you decide to move to Canada

What you should watch out for when you pick the best province in Canada

Now, unless you’re planning to lead a solitary life once you move to Canada there a few things you should watch out for. Namely, make sure the province of your choice has all the things you may need. Also, you should ensure that the place has all the right facilities.

  • Hospital – in case you need medical help, you’d prefer to be close to the hospital.
  • Schools – primary, secondary or even universities. Your province of choice should have a school. Not because you may need further education, but because schools are usually the places of gathering in the community. You might want a place with a strong community to settle down in.
  • Police station – a must for any decent location, be it a town or a city.
  • Bank – in case you need to send or receive money without driving to the nearest town.

Apart from this, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve hired reliable movers like Tender Touch Moving and Storage Toronto. Only with the best movers will you be able to relocate without any trouble. Once you’ve gotten the right moving company, you can pick the best province in Canada to relocate to.

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You can achieve a lot on a professional plan in Canada

Pros and cons of the most famous provinces in Canada

As we mentioned before, the pros and the cons will depend entirely up to you! However, we can provide you with information about the most visited provinces and you can decide for yourself. Make sure you have all the information. Thus, if you find the information in this article lacking, feel free to do more research. Also, if you’ve already decided where you’ll move to, check out our list of things to know before moving to Canada. They will help better prepare you for the relocation and the country itself.


Capital: Edmonton

Population: 4 million

Average income:$ 1,163 (per week)

This province is right under the Northern Territories and east of British Columbia. It has no access to sea but it has beautiful lakes and breathtaking landscapes. Apart from this, Alberta is known as the center of the oil industry in Canada. This means that you can get a good job and great pay here. Especially in the energy business.

British Columbia

Capital: Victoria

Population: 4.6 million

Average income: $1,057.16 (per week)

British Columbia is on the Pacific coast of Canada. This province is well-known for the multitude of outdoor activities you can do in its beautiful countryside. Apart from this, it’s warmer than other provinces. So, if you like warm weather you might decide on BC when you pick the best province in Canada.


Capital:  Toronto

Population: 13.6 million

Average income: $971 (per week)

Know as the most populous and the second largest province this place is great for newcomers to Canada. It has the strongest economy and industry in the country, as well as the largest tourism income. If you’re into metropolitan and urban lifestyle this is the place for you. It may be hard to find the perfect place in Ontario, but you can rent a small flat while you’re looking. Just make sure you keep your items safely stored until you find that perfect home.

niagara falls
Ontario can offer a lot of things


Capital:  Quebec City

Population: 8.2 million

Average income: $930 (per week)

Quebec is the province with the lowest average disposable income in the country. However, it makes up for it with the most beautiful countryside ever seen. Apart from this, the big cities in this French province are really cheap to live in! Montreal is at least twice cheaper than Toronto, with basically everything else the same. So, this province may be the best for those moving to Canada for the first time. After a few years, you can decide if you’ll want to move to a different province with all the money you saved.

In the end, your relocation to Canada may be influenced by other factors and you may not have a choice which province you move to. However, once you get your feet under you, you can relocate again! Hopefully, you’ll have a good idea on how to pick the best province in Canada suited for you.

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