Best coworking spaces in Memphis

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Coworking is the latest and hottest trend in doing business. It is a fresh new concept with a large following that is perfect for small companies, freelancers, and startup entrepreneurs. Coworking is a great new solution that allows you to save money on office space reducing your business cost. So, besides calculating and moving in on a budget, you also have the option to save money working within the co-working space. However, you must try to find the right coworking space for you and your business. If you are from Memphis then this article will be of value. Here, we will cover some of the best coworking spaces in Memphis to choose from.

What should you look for when searching for a coworking environment?

A coworking space is a simple deal where different companies share a common workspace. The main benefit of such an arrangement is the fact that all of these companies and workers share a common infrastructure. In practice, this means that these teams share space, equipment, refreshments, custodial services, secretaries, etc. Everything they need is provided within the coworking space and shared among the residents. This reduces the cost rapidly for each of them making such a symbiotic existence very financially viable.

People working in one of the best coworking spaces in Memphis
Memphis offers plenty of great coworking options for companies

In addition, the presence of different companies makes working a bit more fruitful. Many different individuals provide a dynamic exchange of opinions, ideas, and solutions that may benefit everyone involved. This fact also influences the popularity of coworking spaces all over the world. So, if you are also interested, just make sure to transfer your inventory safely and find the best commercial movers to transfer you to the coworking of your choosing. But first, do some research into the best coworking spaces in Memphis so you can find the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Coworking in Memphis

There is quite a large number of coworking options in Memphis. However, we will stick to the best ones.

Wonder Cowork Create

Wonder Cowork is a place for creative companies looking to develop and collaborate. The space is a mecca for creative industries and it is also very stimulative and inspiring. The Cowork offers secure WiFi, mail, and business-grade printing capabilities. It also offers a fully equipped kitchen. Wonder Cowork organizes various events with the aim of networking, cooperating, and sharing knowledge for the benefit of all of its inhabitants.

Serendipity Labs Coworking Space

Serendipity offers a great escape from working in your home office. This coworking space is located in the business district and is very well-connected. In addition, it is conveniently located close to many shopping centers, restaurants condominiums, and gyms making it a perfect location to do business. Labs offer state-of-the-art workplaces, equipment, and offices. Besides this, it offers a lounge, wellness rooms and retreats, and a stimulative both work and relaxation environment. As such moving here is a great idea. You just have to be careful to hire the right movers to help you move into this new office space.

pewople working together
These coworking spaces are great to spark creativity and cooperation

Connect Hub Coworking

Locate in downtown Memphis this hub is located in the center of happenings. It offers a vibrant and thriving working atmosphere with access to all Memphis has to offer. Connect Hub offers ultra-high-speed internet and fully furnished and equipped flexible office space. The hub also offers a kitchen, secure parking, and on-site management, with assistance at any time.

Final thought

Here you will find some basic data about the best coworking spaces in Memphis. Of course, further research might be beneficial for you. So, start from this list, but don’t stop your search here.

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