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Read any moving guide out there, and it will tell you the same thing. You cannot move successfully without having reliable movers by your side. But, since moving guides need to cover other aspects of moving, they seldom tell you reliable movers are so important. Therefore, some of you might still think that you can hire any mover since they provide the same service. Or, you might feel that there is no need to waste money on movers and that you can move all by yourself. Well, let us elaborate a bit about why it is essential that you hire reliable movers for your relocation.

Why you need to hire reliable movers

Attempting a DIY relocation is a fool’s errand. Unless you have all the necessary tool and skills there is little chance that you will do a good job. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with your intelligence or capability. It is simply due to the fact that moving is terribly complicated. Even local relocation tend to involve planning, packing and arduous transportation which no amateur can handle. So, your best bet is to hire a moving company to help you out. But, how important is it that your movers are reliable? Very important. So important, in fact, that you shouldn’t even consider moving without hiring reliable movers.

Skills required for a reliable mover.
It takes a lot of skills and knowledge to be a reliable mover, which is why there is so few of them around.

Are they worth the money

“But what if I find a less reliable moving company that is cheaper? Surely I should hire them as they provide the same service!” While this is sound thinking, it has one major flaw. And that is that cheap movers and reliable movers do not provide the same service. Not by a long shot. If you hire reliable movers you will be quarantined to a safe relocation. If, on the other hand, you go with cheap movers you not only risk your possessions but you also risk getting scammed. So, are reliable movers worth the extra money? Definitely. So much so, in fact, that when you factor in the broken items, insurance claims, and moving frauds, reliable movers cost less money, on average.

Safe relocation

It is hard to overstate how important it is that you have a safe relocation. You can have a long distance one, a local one, residential, commercial, whichever. The one thing that remains the same is the fact that they need to be safe. And there is no one else capable of providing you with a safe relocation then reliable movers. Not to mention the uncomfortable fact of moving industry, moving scams.

Avoid moving scams

Unfortunately, moving scams are known to happen even to this day. The most common type is done by companies that pose as extremely cheap movers. They offer ludicrously low prices and take your possessions. Once they have your items they change the final cost to something not even close to the original. Don’t want to pay? No problem. They simply take your possessions hostage and keep them until you do. Now, you can and should contact authorities and go through legal procedures in order to get your possessions back. But, as you might guess, this can be quite a hassle. So, your best bet is to simply hire reliable movers and not worry about scams.

How to look for movers

Now that you have a better idea of why it is so important that you find good movers, we need to go over on how to actually look for them. But, unfortunately, this is no easy tasks. It takes a lot of skill and moral integrity to be a reliable mover. Which is why there are so few of them. Nevertheless, there is a way to find one.

A magnifying glass looking at competence needed to hire reliable movers.
In order to hire reliable movers, you need to know how to find them.

Hire reliable movers by researching online

Start your research online. Look for moving companies that operate in your area. Check their reviews and see how other people faired with them. If the reviews are few in numbers and only super positive, stay away. Companies can sometimes fake their reviews in order to lure customers in. What you should be looking for is a company that has a lot of reviews that positive. 

Moving estimates

Once you’ve found a couple of companies with good reviews you need to get moving estimates. Now, there are two things you need to know about online estimates. First is that go to sites like and get them for free. Second is that you should get as many of them as possible. Moving estimates will help you filter your movers and find the best ones. By having enough moving estimates you will have a clear idea of what is fair to pay.

Calculator and paper
The more estimates you get, the better you will plan your relocation.

Local Movers

It is usually the case that the local movers will be best suited to relocate them. They will most likely be able to provide you with the best service for the least amount of money. This is not because they are doing you any neighborly favors, of course. It is simply because it costs them less time and fuel to transport your possessions. Therefore they can afford to charge you less. Especially if they need to utilize storage. Now, there are many factors that go into tallying up the moving cost. But, fuel and man-hours are an important one. So, if you need moving or different storage services in North Versailles, expect to hire reliable movers from North Versailles.


The final stage of finding solid movers is the interview. Once you’ve contacted a moving company they will send a representative to give you an on-site moving estimate. These estimates are much closer to the final bill as the mover will have all the necessary information. What you need to do is to use this opportunity to interview your movers. See if they are really capable of handling your relocation.

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