Best neighborhoods in Columbus to start a family

A Columbus cityscape.

Columbus is a beautiful city in Ohio where many people who want to start their families move to. It is clean and safe and it has plenty of places where you and your family can have fun and spend quality time together. And certain neighborhoods are better than the others when it comes to raising a family. That’s exactly what we are going to write about – the best neighborhoods in Columbus to start a family.

Raising a family in Columbus – is it a good idea?

If you are asking yourself whether starting and raising a family in Columbus is a good idea, we are here to give you the answer. Columbus has more than 26 highly-ranked school districts. It has plenty of family-friendly attractions all over the city. It also has plenty of green spaces where you can spend a lot of time with your family as well as many parks. There is a big number of sporting events happening every week so if that is something you enjoy, living in Columbus is the thing for you. For a large number of sporting events, you can thank The Ohio State University, the Columbus Clippers, and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

There are also plenty of museums around town with more than 300 interactive exhibits. There is also an aquarium in Columbus as well as a big zoo. The laid-back way of life is also something people really like about Columbus. All of this together creates an amazing atmosphere for raising a family.

A view of the city of Columbus in some of the best neighborhoods in Columbus to start a family.
Columbus is the perfect place for raising a family for many reasons.

 The best neighborhoods in Columbus

German Village

The first neighborhood we are going to talk about is the German Village. This neighborhood has a high-energy feel because of all the children there. There are plenty of activities that you and your family can do. This neighborhood has a strong sense of culture, family, and home. A not so family-friendly activity is a large number of breweries where you can drink some good beer with your friends. There are also plenty of parks where your children can enjoy the beautiful weather Ohio has to offer. So, contacting one of the companies like that have been moving plenty of families to this neighborhood recently is the right decision. This neighborhood also offers plenty of indoor activities such as bowling. And those who love shopping will love living in German Village.

German-influenced architecture is what makes this neighborhood unique and loved among many people. This area’s average home price is around $271,000. This is not a small price to pay. But when you consider all the good things about living in this neighborhood it is worth it. You can rent a home for just $1,100 a month. It is very expensive to own a home but it isn’t so expensive to rent one. If you are already thinking about moving to this neighborhood, read our tips for packing for relocation.

German home.
This neighborhood gets its name from the German influence on architecture.


Clintonville is close to the University District meaning it is perfect for young families who are thinking to start to start a family. You have everything you need around. Shops, bars, clubs, schools. And the homes in this area look great too. Some are stylish and some are historic. All this creates a very unique atmosphere in the neighborhood. There are plenty of art exhibits that will keep the kids cultured and entertained throughout the whole year. Any time of the year in this neighborhood is the perfect season for moving. This neighborhood looks nice all the time. Not only does it look nice but it is perfect for raising a family as it’s school district has four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

Merion Village

Merion Village is one of the safest neighborhoods in the United States, therefore, one of the best neighborhoods in Columbus. This is something people who want to raise a family find important. Living in a safe surrounding when you have a small child is very important. A few years ago, this neighborhood was in decline for an unknown reason but now it is in high demand. The pace of life here is pretty slow and calm. There is a lot of retired people living here. This neighborhood is very close to the German Village. You will adjust after moving very easily if you move to this neighborhood.

Children on bikes in a park.
Growing up in a safe surrounding is very important for young children.

The average house price is already around $244,000 in this neighborhood, which is almost the same as in German Village. Purchasing a home here will cost you a small fortune but it will be worth it in the end as prices of homes in these neighborhoods keep growing every year.


If we’re talking about the best neighborhoods in Columbus we can’t skip Hillard. Hillard is a great neighborhood to live in. It has everything you need but it is a bit further away from the city center. Hilliard offers great moving services for those who want to move there. And as of recently, plenty of young people started renting and buying homes there. No wonder why, it truly is one of the best neighborhoods in Columbus.


Located five miles from downtown Columbus, one of the best neighborhoods in Columbus – Eastmoor, is a neighborhood that prides itself on diversity. It is a melting pot of families from all over the world and country. Eastmoor is close enough to enjoy all the things downtown Columbus has to offer so living here and working downtown is the best solution. It is a historic neighborhood with a variety of historic homes where you will have an amazing life with your family.

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