Interesting hobbies you can start after moving to Dubai

People walking in Dubai.

What to do after moving overseas to a foreign country? In this case, moving to Dubai. How not to feel lonely and nostalgic? One of the options you have is to research hobbies you can start after moving to Dubai and to try new things.

Many people are feeling depressed after moving. They have no friends, some people don’t know the language, everything is new. Especially when moving to the Middle East, where everything is different than you used to. Culture, tradition, lifestyle, rules, laws, etc. Some things that are normal to you, are forbidden in UAE.

The list of hobbies you can start after moving to Dubai

How to cope with the stress of international relocation? Simply, by socializing and trying to adjust faster to a new life. Hobbies are a perfect solution for that. After relocation is over, start working on your social life and stay active. Try new things and continue some of your old habits and hobbies too.

A view of Dubai at night.
Dubai is a big city and many expats live here. Explore it and find something that relaxes you.

Making lego robots

Lego robots are taken seriously in Dubai. If you are a computer and electronic fanatics, this may be a perfect option for you. Share ideas with other people and innovate something fun. Attendees need to show and demonstrate the skills of their robot.

Learn how to cook

You can learn how to make traditional Dubai dishes, or how to make Mexican or Chinese food. Cooking is an art and you can always improve it. Cooking relaxes and when you learn how t di it, invite your new friends over dinner to try some of your specialties. Souffle, ceviche, salads, chili, it won’t be a problem for you.

Flying dragons

What are flying dragons and why should you try it while you are in Dubai?

You need to get into a very small wooden boat (there will be 14 other people with you) and to row. Dragon boating is similar to rowing, but not the same. Boats look like dragons and they are very cool. There are teams in this sport, for both, men and women. Newcomers can join on Saturdays at 5 pm to 5.30 pm.


Do you love to paint, of you don’t know do you like it or not? Explore your talents for painting and learn some of the traditional UAE designs. The art clubs are perfect hobbies you can start after moving to Dubai because you will meet a lot of people there and at the same time, relax.


If you know how to play an instrument or how to sing, join a bend. If you don’t know, try to learn it and take some classes. One of the vocal ensembles in Dubai is Dubai Singers and they are established 30 years ago. The focus is on classical music not on a modern, but there are other groups that play different genres.

Escape Dubai

If you love adventures, take your backpack and join a group of people who love to explore and travel. The club arranges different trips across UAE and in countries near UAE too. You can learn a lot about the United Arab Emirates and see a lot, and also, is you want to travel abroad, you can visit Sri Landa, India, etc. Adventures and learning about different cultures are the reason why people move to Dubai.

Get a personal trainer and be fit

To be healthy and beautiful, you should be active and exercise. In Dubai, you can try different sports and to hire a personal trainer and go to the gym. This could be one of your hobbies, plus you will improve your health (physically and mentally). If you are a beginner, don’t worry. You can do yoga under expert supervision or pilates or aerobic and there are programs for beginners.

Yoga as one of the hobbies you can start after moving to Dubai.
Try doing yoga, but with a professional

You are a newcomer in Dubai, so you don’t where to get a professional personal trainer, so do research. Having a professional is very important, especially if you are new at this. You may hurt your back, or to do wrong exercises. Get the right trainer and visit to find one in Dubai. Both male or female.

Make friends in Dubai

Making friends is not a hobby, but this will help you with adjusting and feeling sad and nostalgic. Also, when having a group of friends, they can recommend you where to go, what to visit, etc. You can together visit some of the most beautiful places in the Middle East. Don’t be alone in a big city, most people make this mistake It is not good for your health. How to find and make friends in Dubai?

  • Go to meet up groups, they are common in UAE and you can choose different activities such as board games, cooking, photography, etc.
  • Join a sports team or go to the gym and this may be one of your hobbies you can start after moving to Dubai.
  • Go out with co-workers after work, they don’t have to be just co-workers. You will spend most of your time at work with those people, so it is normal to become friends.
  • Find groups on social media. It is not a traditional way to make friends, but it’s working.
  • By volunteering, you will help someone else and also help yourself to meet a lot of new people in Dubai, it is a win-win situation.

A girl sitting alone in the woods.
Some hobbies you can start after moving to Dubai will help you make friends and meet new people

Try different hobbies you can start after moving to Dubai with your new friends and have fun. Use this opportunity of living in Dubai to get new experiences you cannot get anywhere else. Dubai has a lot to offer, a lot of fun and interesting places. Explore it, and find something that relaxes you after a long day at work.

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