What is the best season for moving?

Four trees in each of the seasons to make you ask yourself - what is the best season for moving?

You want to move but you are not completely sure about the best season for moving. No need to worry, we are here to tell you everything we know about moving during the four seasons. Using this, you can decide for yourself what is the best season for moving where you live.

Moving during winter

The one that sounds the scariest and it really is the scariest is moving during winter. And we are talking real winter, not California and Texas winter. Real winters are cold and snowy or rainy. Cold weather can be very harsh, especially when there is wind. If you live somewhere where winters are cold and snowy, we suggest avoiding moving during winter. The roads usually have a lot of ice and snow and this could mean that you could get injured accidentally. You could reduce this risk by hiring a moving company. But there is always a chance of your moving truck getting stuck in a storm.

Another way you could get hurt while moving during winter is while loading the moving truck. You could easily slip and fall on the icy road. Moving during winter is only an option if you are moving on a budget. This is because moving during winter is usually a bit cheaper than moving during the summer. Luckily, there are companies like the one at verifiedmovers.com which are cheap and reliable no matter what time of the year it is.

Icy road.
Moving during winter can be dangerous.

 Is summer the best season for moving?

If you are moving during the summer you also have to be very careful. Sun can be more dangerous than snow. It can cause headaches and dehydration. People often faint during summertime in the middle of the street because of the heat and lack of water intake. And moving is a form of physical activity. You will be taking boxes in and out of the truck and sweating both because you are active and in the heat. This is why summer isn’t the best season for moving. Yes, the weather is nice and stable but you could have health issues if you don’t drink enough water and take brakes often. If you are moving from the US to Australia, you might face this issue because Australia is very hot.

Packing for a move during summertime is also something you want to avoid. While you are packing, you will be moving things and there will be a lot of dust in the air. Breathing in dust particles can be very bad for your lungs. And the warm weather makes it hard to get some fresh air and breath normally.

A road in the desert.
Moving during summer can cause health issues.

Moving during autumn and spring

Early spring and late autumn are the best times for moving. This is when the weather isn’t very stable but there is no snow and no high temperatures. The worst thing that can happen is rain. And nobody is afraid of rain. No matter where you live, this is the best season for moving. The only disadvantage is that you will have trouble finding available movers. But if you schedule your move on time, you will avoid having this issue.

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