What is the best season for moving?

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If you had such a luxury to choose the part of the year for your move, what would be your choice? Naturally, it comes down to your own preferences, but we are here to point out the pros and cons of moving in any of the four seasons. So, what is the best season for moving?

Moving in winter

Moving in winter might be a good idea for anyone who has to move on a budget. The demand is lowest, so it is easier for customers to find movers and schedule the move even on short notice. Consequently, moving rates are considerably lower. However, if you are moving with your family, winter might not be the perfect choice since the school is still in session. Also, many people avoid moving in winter due to harsh weather conditions:

  • ice significantly increases the possibility of injuries
  • snow makes it a bit more difficult for loading, transport, and unloading, which proves that winter may not be the best season for moving
  • rainy weather is nobody’s first choice when they are moving

Is spring the best season for moving?

Moving in spring can be a very pleasant experience. Temperatures are perfect and the cost of relocation can be quite moderate if you opt for early spring months. Bear in mind that the peak of the moving season starts in the second half of May. So, book your movers well in advance especially if you are looking for a company that can move you to another state. Spring is not an ideal choice for families with school-aged children since they have a lot of exams and school activities in that period.

Spring as the best season for moving
Everything is better in springtime

Moving in summer

The home-selling season reaches its peak in the summer, so a lot of people tend to move in summertime. The school-aged children are on their summer break, so many families decide to move before the new school year begins. Longer days make moving in summer more flexible when you chose the DIY method. But, if you want to hire professionals and you haven’t already done so, it will probably be too late since they are all booked during summer months. For those living in hot areas of the USA, hot and humid weather conditions are certainly not a pro on the list of reasons for moving in summer.

Fall might be the best season for moving since the weather conditions are ideal

You might be able to get the better deal on your home if you are selling in the fall. Plus, the temperatures during these months make fall the best season for moving for many people. Relocating in fall gives you enough time to settle down in your new home before the winter holidays arrive. However, for families with children, this is the worst time of year for moving. The school year has just started, so if the change of your address requires the change of school, maybe you should reconsider.

Two benches in a park covered by yellow, orange and red fall leaves
Is fall the best season for moving?

As you can see, each of the seasons has its downsides and its benefits for moving. So it is up to you to decide which one is the best season for moving for you according to your own wants and needs.

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