How to deal with homesickness after moving to Lebanon?

Person sitting on the beach and making a plan how deal with homesickness after moving

Moving is stressful, and you did prepare for that process. But, what to do after moving is over? Especially when you are missing your home and you are far away. Making a decision to relocate to Lebanon was probably very hard and also living in Lebanon is even harder. Your friends are in the States, family, maybe your partner too. You can deal with homesickness after moving, even if you are with your family in Lebanon. 

If you were moving from the USA to Lebanon, everything is new for you. Different language, food, tradition, lifestyle, rules, people, etc. This can be an additional problem. You probably feel that you cannot fit in and to adjust to a new culture. Luckily, you can find “your people” in Lebanon and they can help you because they have been there and they survived.

When you planned your long-distance move, maybe you did not expect homesickness. It is a normal feeling, no matter where did you move, so do not panic. Remember all the reasons why you come to Lebanon in the first place. Every beginning is hard, but you can deal with it if you follow some steps.

A girl is feeling homesickness
The first step is to make sure you are feeling bad because of the homesickness, not for something else

What is homesickness – how to identify it?

First of all, you should know how to identify your homesickness. Maybe it is not what you thought it was. It is similar to depression and anxiety, that is why you must know that it is “just” about homesickness. Then, you can treat it right. If it is something bigger, then you need professional help. You can identify it by paying attention to:

  • Good feelings by a new experience in Lebanon can help you deal with homesickness after moving.
  • If you cannot meet new people in Lebanon and deal with new situations, try harder and do not give up immediately.
  • Missing your old life, but life in Lebanon is just fine. It is O.K. to miss your home, food, friends, parents, etc.

Before you move, pack items with emotional value

Most people are focused on expensive items and jewelry, so they forget about things that have emotional value. Such as old drawings, photos, things they inherited from parent and grandparents, etc. That is why you should pay attention when looking for professional packaging companies in Lebanon, you do not want your stuff to arrive damaged to Lebanon.

Learn how to deal with homesickness after moving to Lebanon

It is not the end of the world if you feel nostalgic, even if it seems that way. These simple tips may help you feel better and to adjust easier.

Remember why did you move to Lebanon

You must have a big reason for moving to Lebanon, or anywhere else. Remember why did you come here in the first place, and you will feel a little bit better. Getting a good job, experiencing something new, being with your family…Stick the list on our fridge and remember every day why did you relocate.

If you are alone, adopt a pet

If you moved alone to Lebanon, go to the animal shelter or buy a pet. A cat or dog will help you with your nostalgic. It is a good idea if you will stay in Lebanon a couple of years, at least. You can move with a pet, but it is more complicated overseas.

Make your favorite food

Make a dish that reminds you of home and childhood. If you do not know how to cook, luckily, you can with the recipe online. Search on youtube and just follow the steps on the video. Food in Lebanon is very different from food in the USA. Food can help you deal with homesickness after moving, do not underestimate it.

Be part of a new community

Find a thing to do after work. Join the book club, take language lessons, explore Lebanon, go to the gym, find your community and Americans who live in Lebanon too. Meet new people and try new things. Listen to local news and you will feel that you are part of the community.

Lebanon sunset
Lebanon is a beautiful country. Do not sit home, explore it

Keep your old items, don’t throw them

When decorating and organizing your new home, use old items too. Do not furnish it just with new furniture. You do not have to worry about space for all our items. If your apartment in Lebanon is small, there is a solution for how to handle it. Find the right size storage if looking for storage space in Beirut and put all your belongings there. So, whenever you feel nostalgic, you have something from your “old life”.

Go out and have fun

When your colleagues from work ask you to go out, just say yes. Even if you feel sad (especially when you feel sad). Going out and having out is very different in Lebanon than in the USA, but people have fun there too. Be open to new friendships. People will help you adjust faster.

Stay in touch with your loved ones

Moving abroad does not mean to forget your old friends and to lose contact with them. Call your parents, family, and friends. Today, it is free, so you do not have to worry about bills. Talk to them about how you feel, what is going on back home, etc.

A happy couple
After you adjust you will feel much better. Time to time, you may feel homesickness but you will know how to handle it

If you find a perfect home for you in Lebanon, it may help you a little bit. Your sadness will be bigger if you are not satisfied with a home you are living in. Pick your own way to deal with homesickness after moving to Lebanon, whatever suits you. Use the opportunity of living in a foreign country. Most people dream of living somewhere else.

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