Best US states for Californian retirees

An elderly woman reading about hte best US states for Californian retirees

The pace of life slows down when you retire. This is a huge change in your life so choose wisely the best US states for Californian retirees that you prefer. But be ready to know which household items are the most difficult to pack and how can you do it. It will save you a lot of time if you know in advance.

Things to consider

No more dreading work deadlines, office politics, or battling to stay afloat in a place where the commute is unpleasant and the expense of living is high. Your career’s ending also brings new questions regarding where and how you’ll spend your days now that you’re no longer bound by a schedule. Is it better to live near the ocean or in the mountains? Do you prefer cross-country skiing or golf? Where do your children, grandchildren, friends, and health-care professionals live?

Old man reading newspaper to see best states for Californian retirees
You need to find the perfect place where you will be happy in your golden years.

Best states for Californian retirees

When your golden years come then you need to decide where will you spend them. There are many great options. We will talk about some of them here:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • Colorado
  • Wyoming

You can find even more good places for retirement. It all depends on what you need and love to do. You can visit professionals a so they can help you with the relocation when you find the perfect place. They will even give you an estimate on your move. To help you and let you know how much the relocation will cost.

Warm and cozy Arizona

Arizona might be a nice relief if you’ve spent your entire life facing very harsh winters. While some areas of the state, such as Flagstaff and Williams, receive a significant quantity of snow, the majority of the state receives only a few inches per year, if any at all. You’ll still want to invest in air conditioning, though. Summer temperatures are frequently between 90 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, deciding where you want to live in the state may be the most difficult decision. Sun City, the world’s first planned retirement town, lies just outside Phoenix. You can ensure a comfortable experience if you hire professionals for your move. This will prevent any hiccups to happen. They will do all the hard work and bring you all of your belongings in no time. You will settle in Arizona faster than you thought. You will fall in love with Arizona.

Arizona at night
Arizona will be a good change in your life. While similar in some aspects to California it is very different.

The sunshine state of Florida

For starters, the state has amazing beaches and year-round pleasant weather, ideal for sunbathing, sipping mojitos, and swimming. The second key aspect that makes Florida so appealing is that it has no income or estate taxes, making it an ideal destination for retirees over 65 on a fixed income. Furthermore, eight of the top ten cities in the United States with the highest percentages of people over 65 are in Florida, so you’ll be in good company. Your family can also be close to you with these affordable places in Florida. This way you can be together with your loved ones without spending all of your savings.

Nevada is a state for Californian retirees

Whether finding a tax-friendly retirement location is high on your priority list, Nevada could be the place for you. It’s ideal for people on a fixed income because there are no state income taxes or Social Security payments. Withdrawals from retirement funds and pension income are also tax-free, which means your retirement lifestyle might look a little more comfortable. Or you know ‘Las Vegas’ slots might look a little more attractive. Because when it comes to moving from CA to Nevada, experts can make it stress-free for you. They will move all of your belongings without breaking a sweat. Your items are in great hands so there will not be any reasons for stress. You can enjoy your new home while they do all the work for you.

Colorado is expensive but worth it

Colorado is a fantastic place to retire to if you want to live in a mountain wonderland. Colorado’s proximity to spectacular mountain ranges and national parks is unmatched for individuals who enjoy living close to nature. Because of its high-quality preventative care and good health environment, the state also has a high life expectancy. The only disadvantage? The cost of living in Colorado isn’t as exquisite as the natural beauty. While smaller communities are less expensive than larger cities such as Boulder, they are nevertheless not for the faint of heart.

Nevada sunrise in the middle of the road
You will have everything you need in Nevada. Not to mention, you are in close proximity to California

Colorado’s tax benefits are unusual in that, rather than taxing retirement income like earned income, it applies a “pension/annuity subtraction” approach, which means that qualifying pensions and annuities are exempt up to $20,000 for those 55 to 64. In addition, if you’ve resided in Colorado for 10 years or more, you can get a 50% homestead exemption.

Wyoming is one of the states for Californian retirees

Wyoming, like South Dakota, has a beautiful blend of mountains and grasslands, as well as a low cost of living. If an active retirement appeals to you, you’ll be able to go hiking in famous national parks and monuments like Yellowstone, which are close by. Of course, if you’re want to get away from the rest of the world, Wyoming can assist. After all, it is the country’s least populated state. While Wyoming’s weather can be harsh, the snowfall isn’t as awful as you might imagine.  However, if you can handle the ups and downs of hot summers and cold winters, living in Wyoming might save you a lot of money. Everything you need to know about moving to the Wyoming countryside. You will be happy in any place in Wyoming you choose. Just do your research first on the area you plan on moving to.

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