Best ways to find reliable interstate moving company in NJ

A map of NY and NJ.

Moving out of NJ or to NJ? There is a lot of things to do before and after moving too. Long-distance moves are not quick and simple, but they can be with a couple of tips and help. One of the safest ways to move is to find a reliable interstate moving company in NJ. But, the next question is how to find them? Nj has many movers, and the goal is to choose the best one. With some tips, hunt for moving companies will be a piece of cake. Preparations for moving out of state may begin!

If you are moving from NJ and looking for a mover in NJ it is a little bit easier because you can visit a company. But, it is not impossible to hire a company from NJ, even if you are not there currently.

A highway and moving trucks.
Moving from one state to another is hard work, and if you don’t have the experience, you should have a professional who does, but a reliable one

Why hire an interstate moving company in NJ?

What are the benefits of hiring a moving company for your interstate move? When people move out of New Jersey or vice versa, they usually want professionals to help them – here’s why.

  • Costs are one of the biggest factors when moving, and by hiring a mover you can actually save money. If you don’t hire a company you will need to rent a moving truck, to pay help for loading/unloading items from a vehicle, pay for gas, etc.
  • Transportation is much easier when professionals are driving. It is not easy to drive a moving vehicle from state to state. And if you don’t have the experience, it is dangerous. Transporting household goods will be much easier.
  • You will have peace fo mind because transportation won’t be your concern. It will be handled by professional movers and you can focus on our family. Move interstate without stress and hassle, but only if you have a reliable interstate moving company in NJ on your side.
3 moving boxes.
Transporting all your moving boxes and furniture is safer with a reliable interstate moving company in NJ

How to find a reliable interstate moving company in NJ?

To avoid scams and to have a stress-free and safe move, the key is to hire a reliable and reputable moving company. Luckily, in New Jersey, you have more options and you can compare different companies in order to get the best.  Prepare for an interstate move and start your new life.

Research all the options

NJ is a state with many different interstate moving companies. Be wise when choosing. As soon as you find out about moving to another state, start searching. No matter are you moving to NJ or from NJ. Get recommendations from people who moved recently. One of the companies you may consider as your option is Moving of America – NJ Movers. Moving by yourself long-distance (from state to state) is very hard and it takes longer than you think.

Check the company

Always check the company you want to hire for interstate moving. Check every detail. Make a list of companies you liked and start researching, one by one. The first information you will need is the company’s name, US DOT number, and MC number. After that, read online moving reviews, check social media, as well as website.

  • Interstate moving company in NJ have a license for working out of state
  • A mover must be properly licensed
  • The price should be affordable, not too cheap nor too expensive

Get an in-home moving estimate

Downsize your list to a couple of companies (about 3) and book in-person estimates. A reputable and reliable company will send you an estimator who will take a detailed inventory. To get accurate costs, it is not enough to get only an online estimate. A trained and experienced estimator will calculate and write down everything. So pay attention to this step.

Prepare questions

While an agent is in your home taking the inventory, ask moving-related questions that concern you. Also, this way you will make sure that the company is reliable and know how to work properly. If you have special items to move such as piano or a hot tub ask if they can move that too. A reliable interstate moving company in NJ should answer all the questions. 

Choose the best offer

To understand a moving better, you should know the difference between binding and nonbinding offer. A binding estimate means the company won’t charge more or less than they told you.  A nonbinding estimate is based on weight and it can vary for about 10%.

What not to do when hiring an interstate mover in NJ?

It is important to know what not to do, besides the things you should do. When moving across the country, you need to take a lot of things into consideration, no matter if you move to New Jersey or move out.

 A sign for what not to do when finding a reliable interstate moving company in NJ.
There are things you should not do when searching for interstate moving companies. Pay attention to that too
  • If the moving company takes only cash, you shouldn’t hire them. It is one of the signs that the company is legit.
  • Don’t sign the paperwork until moving boxes are unloaded. Maybe something is missing, so check that first and then sign.
  • Also, if you don’t understand the paperwork, don’t sign it. It could be a scam.
  • Valuables and important documents shouldn’t be moved by movers. Take them with you on a moving day, such as ID, passport, jewelry, etc.
  • If something is missing, don’t wait too long to make a claim, so make sure to check everything immediately after moving.
  • Don’t assume that movers provide good insurance and that the company is not a broker.

Now you can see yourself that hiring a reliable interstate moving company in NJ isn’t a big problem with these tips. Follow them and move with ease. Good luck with moving to another state!


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