How to prepare for an interstate move?

A plan.

When moving to another state, the process might seem frightening and impossible to a first-timer. Even for those who have done it a few times, an interstate move comes with a lot of difficulties. There are just so many things that you need to look into, plan and do. First, you need to make an inventory list and plan the packing of your things. Then, you need to look into various moving companies in your area and make your pick of the best one. Finally, you need to do the packing itself, get ready for the movers and transport your items. However, even then, the moving is not done. There is unpacking, settling in your new home, and a ton of paperwork to complete. But fear not – preparing for this process will help you a lot! In this article, find out how to prepare for an interstate move!

Steps to take to prepare for an interstate move

As you might imagine, preparing for a long-distance move will take some time. There are just a lot of things that you need to do, and never enough time to do them in. However, lucky for you, there are three steps that can generalize the whole process:

  1. Start to prepare for an interstate move by making a moving timeline.
  2. Think carefully about the packing.
  3. Choose the moving company with care.

Being thorough with these three steps will ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Prepare for an interstate move by making a moving timeline

First, you need to start thinking about the moving process. There are a lot of things you need to consider, and a lot of research you will need to do. You might want to find the answers to common moving questions as early as this phase. Do not proceed with any planning until you are absolutely sure about what you are supposed to do, and you know how you will go about doing it.

A calendar can be of great use when you want to prepare for an interstate move.
Having a timeline will help you with the move.

A great idea would be to create a moving timeline. Consider how much time you have left until the moving day. This will help you allocate enough time for everything – packing, looking for the moving companies, figuring out the paperwork and similar chores. This will also help you prepare for the next job while doing the current one. For example, when you are looking into the packing supplies, having a plan for what to buy will stop you from visiting hardware stores multiple times. When you need to move in a short time, saving any minute is beneficial!

Start thinking about packing

The next thing you will want to do when you want to prepare for an interstate move is to start thinking about packing. Go through each room in your home, and decide what you will be taking with you. If you find it hard to decide, there is a helpful tip you can use. If you have not used something for more than six months, then you will probably not be using it in your new home.

Think about everything that you will pack.

However, in order to prepare for an interstate move, you should be very methodical and thorough about going through your items. You cannot just take a glance at your room and figure out what goes and what stays – you should open every cupboard and look into every box. By doing this, you will save a lot of money down the road – the fewer items you take with you, the less you will need to pay your movers. When it comes the time to calculate your budget you will notice just how much this step has helped you.

After you are done deciding what you are taking with you, you should also think about what you will do with the things you are leaving behind. This, of course, depends a lot on what will happen to your home or apartment. Maybe you can keep your stuff in your attic? Do you want to place them in a safe storage unit? If you need money for the move, then maybe you want to organize a yard sale and get rid of the clutter items in this way. Finally, you can donate your stuff to those in need, or throw out those no one can use again.

Find a good moving company that will help you prepare for an interstate move

When you are trying to prepare for an interstate move, one of the biggest help you will get will be from a reliable moving specialist, like Master Moving Guide. The moving company you are working with can literally make-or-break your move! Good movers will help you throughout all the preparation phases. They will give you helpful tips and hints, they have packing services, and they will move your items.

Helping hands.
A good moving company can be a great help.

On the other hand, finding unreliable movers will only cause more stress than gain. And since moving can get quite busy, you want a stress-free move. Finding good movers will provide this. This is the reason why you need to be smart and careful when looking at the moving companies. Ask them for in-house estimates and references. Then, when the estimator comes, examine how professionally they behave. If they are thorough and careful with your items, the movers will probably be the same. However, if the estimator just looks quickly over your things, it should raise a red flag for you.

Same goes with the references they offer you. Make sure you call these people and ask about their moving experiences with the company. Ask them questions they need to answer with a lot of information – like what they would change about the company, what they enjoyed the most, etc. This way, you can figure out whether they are being honest or you are working with fraudulent movers. This is an important step when you want to prepare for an interstate move. Take it seriously and your move will be as stressful as can be!

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