Fun things to do after you settle in


Fun things to do after you settle in, boy get ready. First of all, congrats, this is a new phase in your life. You should be happy for this opportunity. Use it well. And for all of you thinking about moving, but you are not sure, contact If you have a gazillion of questions and you do not feel ready, they will advise you what, how and when. Moving to a new country/state/city/place means adventure. You should be grateful for this new opportunity and self-confident. Moving can be difficult since it does not only include the actual move but being away from friends and/or family. The goals are clear to you and this is your time to enjoy. You cleaned the new place, you unpacked and ate that pizza you bought. Now, it’s adventure time. 

Explore the environment-one of the fun things to do after you settle in

They’re many things to consider  before you move to a foreign country and even more fun things to do after you settle in. Whether you’re in a new country or just a new city, the principle is the same. Wander around. Go for a jog and check where the closest park is. Take a bike and see what the hidden gems in the new area are. On a weekend, pack the bag and go for a picnic.  People usually don’t know that there is a small lake nearby where locals are hanging out. If there’s a river, take your swimming suit and pack the camera also.  If you are a nature lover, go for a hike or rock climbing. Google the options that you have in your area. Canoeing or another kind of outdoor activity is there. Find the one that you haven’t tried so far and get surprised.

A map of transportation.
Explore the location of your new area.

If you speak more than one language, there are fun things to do after you settle in. Go to a language café. Most of the cities have these or similar events where one can meet new people..  We now that unpacking can be quite time-consuming, so put on your shoes. Taste new cuisines and feel other cultures. Maybe you even find someone from your country/city as well. So you can share experiences and end up finding out he/she is your friend’s cousin. Explore the options the new city is giving to you. Take a class of yoga or visit the museums and galleries. If you are an artist, this is essential. Work on your talent, that hobby doesn’t have to be only a hobby at all. You can end up making a living from it.

Explore the indoors-more fun things to do after you settle in

The outdoors is not the only place where you can find fun things to do after you settle in. Your new apartment is your own laboratory. Play with it. We understand that everyone needs additional  space very now and then. If you need more space, pack the boxes for storage. Make a list and go shopping. Decorate your walls, buy that cheesy door carpet. But do not buy paintings, create your own. Experiment with your talent and abilities. If you’re into knitting, create some clothes or decorative materials for the chairs. Maybe even some for the window or kitchen. Do not be ordinary, buy the regular lamp with different color light bulb. Maybe cover it with different material. Create your own disco lamp. Use some old stickers and glue. The list of fun things to do after you settle in is enormous.

Play with decoration-one of the fun things to do after you settle in.
Play with decoration-one of the fun things to do after you settle in.

You already know the cost of international relocation, so have some fun after you settle in. Everyone knows how exhausting the move can be, so economize. Do not just buy the new it thing, make one of your own. You will save the money, have fun and explore the other side of yourself. And of course, buy flowers. Always have flowers in your apartment. It will rest your eyes and make you feel more relaxed.  For a full experience, try to cook something new. If you’re a lousy cooker, it doesn’t mind. The point is in the journey, not the destination. Create something small and that perfection will come with time. Just enjoy the moment and listen to some new songs. Develop yourself in every possible way. Push your creativity to the maximum.

Theme night events-fun things to do after you settle in

There are more than fun things to do after you settle in beside the Language café. Of course, if you moved with your pet, the fun never stops. Yet, you need to prepare yourself for how dogs react after moving to a new home. See that the pet has everything it needs. Do not forget about the pet. Then, think about what else do you need? Language café is there but there is a variety of events that you can find in the new city. Use social networks and see if there is a live band gig that you can go to. Cinema in the open is another thing. If there’s a carnival theme night event, get the dazzling clothes. Go to karaoke with your new colleagues from work and embarrass yourself. Do not leave it for later, you only have the time that you have now.

 Bar live music.
Theme night event are some of the fun things to do after you settle in.

The most important thing is not to get stuck, there are fun things to do after you settle in. Do not  get stuck with the new life obligations that you need to do. Yes, you will have a lot of things to do, but don’t let that slow you down. In fact, you might just need cost-cutting tips for living on a tight budget after the move. There will always be opportunities and it is up to you how to use them. Make the best of them and don’t wait.

So, start thinking what are the fun things to do after you settle in. For you who did not move yet, one of the most important things you need to know is how to budget for living abroad. Go for it!

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