How to cut your moving expenses

Moving is expensive, and everyone knows that. Sometimes, it’s just too much strain on our meager budgets. Alas, we cannot just give up. This means that we have to cut our moving costs. Something unpredictable happens and there you are on a tight budget. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some steps that you can take to cut your moving expenses:

1. Find a cheaper moving company in your area

A little bit of research can help you a lot in the long run. Many companies compete for the customer’s favor. This means that they will offer lower prices. For you, the customer, this means that you will find Company A offering the same services as Company B. But Company A will do it for less. Research about the companies near you and compare their prices. However, beware of scams. A company that sets it’s price too low is very likely fraudulent.

Man researching on how to cut your moving expenses.
Researching what different companies offer can help cut your moving expenses.

2. To cut your moving expenses, get rid of stuff you don’t need

Everyone has useless stuff around the house. Those old clothes aren’t necessary, and neither are those spare computer parts you haven’t used in years. You’re thinking of just throwing them away. In some cases, that is a good idea, however, there are other options. For example, you can:

  1. Donate your old clothes;
  2. Get rid of stuff that won’t survive the journey intact;
  3. Sell all the good, but unnecessary stuff over the Internet;
  4. Give it to your friends or someone in need;
  5. If all of the above fails, just throw it away.

3. Move during winter to cut your moving expenses a bit more

We know, it’s hard. It’s cold outside, and slippery as well. Well, it’s not just hard for you – the moving companies usually run out of business during winter. This means that most of them are willing to offer a lower price. And this applies to any and all services. However, a great way to cut your moving expenses is to move during winter. Many companies offer their services at a much lower price during winter. This is because most people chose to move during summer, and during that period prices skyrocket. If you’re willing to take a bit of cold for the sake of budget relief, you should definitely move during winter.

Great way to cut your moving expenses is to move during winter
Great way to cut your moving expenses is to move during winter

4. Hire a reliable moving company

This is a no-brainer, right? Well, yes, but not for the reasons you think. A reliable moving company will do everything in their power to protect your belongings. They will have better-equipped trucks, as well as more reliable drivers. This means that they will protect your valuables well. This is a way to cut your moving expensees because there is a slight chance of damage. By hiring a reliable moving company, you can prevent that from happening.

Cut your moving expenses by hiring a reliable company.
Hiring a reliable company can significantly help you cut your moving expenses.

5. Do a part of it yourself

Are there some things you just wouldn’t entrust to a moving company? Jewellery? Old family photo albums? And it so happened that you have an old Dodge van parked in your garage? Transporting some of the things yourself can cut your moving expenses quite a bit. This means that you’ll have a chock-full van, especially if you have a family, but gas is cheaper than transportation. Here’s a list of some of the things you may want to move by yourself:

  1. Your paintings;
  2. Your porcelain items;
  3. Family jewellery and other heirlooms;
  4. If you have a child, you may want to move his or her toys by yourself.

6. Cut your moving expenses through creativity

To best protect your valuables, you will want to wrap them up in plastic foil and stuff them inside boxes right? Well, yes, it is a good solution, but not the only one. You can absolutely get creative with what you have lying around the house, for example:

  1. Old newspaper makes for a great dampener om bumpy roads;
  2. You can use old socks – they are good at protecting some smaller stuff;
  3. Use old blankets, they’ll keep a lot of stuff together in a single place;
  4. Prepare your “first-to-use” items. These are items you’ll be using first after unpacking.

Below is a video containing some useful tips on practial and cost-effective moving:

7. See if you qualify for a tax deduction

If you live in the USA, your moving expenses can be tax-deductible, however, there are certain terms and conditions to that. This may not be a lot of money, but it is certainly worth, especially if you’re on a tight budget. For example, your move must happen within one year of your employment at the new location. You also have to work 39 weeks at your new job to receive a tax deduction, 78 if you’re self-employed. There are other regulations and restrictions you should definitely look into.

8. Be aware of your limitations

Companies are better at packing and moving stuff than you. That’s what keeps their business afloat. Sometimes, it is jut better to let them do all the packaging. For example, you may pack something fragile by yourself. If that is the case, you don’t have to pay a cent. But it might break, so in essence, it costs you more that what you bargained for. Your home also may not contain all the tools you need to do the packaging yourself. It seems counterintuitive, but it might be best to let the company do the thing they’re good at.

You should know that these steps do not guarantee that everything will go according to the plan or stress-free. Nothing we, the humans, ever do is completely perfect, and moving is no exception. However, if you do take these simple steps, you will save some of your hard-earned cash for some other expenses to come. There are some other perks and boons which can help you move (such as discounts for certain states), and you should do your best to research what your options are.

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