How to make your new Gowanus apartment feel like home

A doormat with the word home you can use once you make your new Gowanus apartment feel like home.

There are many places in the world where we like to be. But, honestly speaking, what we all look for in the end, is our own home. A perfect getaway from everything and everyone. That one place we can always come back to. Now, when you are about to move to a new house or apartment, you strive to make it cozy and comfortable. You want to make it a home. Painting, furnishing, decorating. Finding the perfect combination of everything you like. And this is, for many, one of the most amusing things to do. You must be excited, but a bit nervous as well. That’s why we’re here. Take a look at some interesting suggestions on how to make your new Gowanus apartment feel like home.

First things first

When thinking about the first steps you’ll need to make, there is one which definitely should be your priority. Do a good and thorough cleaning first. Take some mops, brooms, and a vacuum cleaner. Do wipe every single part of your new home. Take your time, and do the cleaning well. You surely want to make everything perfect before U. Santini Moving and Storage bring your stuff in. Make one new and fresh step forward. And, if there is too much work to do, you can always call on some friends or family members to help you out.

Do the painting and make your new Gowanus apartment feel like home

You don’t like the color of your walls? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. Get the tools and do the painting. This is not an expensive investment, and it can be really fun. You must have an idea about how your perfect home should look like. The choice of color is crucial. If you choose the right one, it can be a good basis for getting some further ideas. In the meanwhile, you can always find some affordable storage units where you can put your belongings until you dress your new home into your favorite colors.

A person painting a wall in white.
Bring some colors in your life!

Take only what you really need

For the fresh start, and the process of creating your new sweet home, you need to get rid of every useless belonging. Stop piling up things. Take a close look at everything you’ve brought with you from the old place, and decide what you really want to keep. We all have some ancient vase, old pillows, or a meaningless souvenir that doesn’t fit into any interior. So, don’t waste your time. The sooner you remove what you don’t need, the sooner you would make more free space for some nice pieces of your new life. Remember, relocation to your new neighborhood and your new home is an excellent chance to do so.

The furnishing point

When you have already finished your walls and made a selection of things you want to bring into your new Gowanus home, it’s time to deal with the furnishing. And, if you do things the right way, even with the old furniture from your storage, you can really make much. Think about the best arrangement you can create. Leave enough free space, and do not exaggerate with the furnishing elements. And always try to add something new. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but just to liven things up a bit. What’s more, this can be a perfect chance to buy a new armchair or a nice stylish coffee table. You would be surprised how much difference only one new piece of furniture could make.

There is a content woman sitting in an armchair, holding a cup.
Buy yourself a comfortable armchair for the afternoon breaks.

Decoration and stuff to make your new Gowanus apartment feel like home

After you have settled down and dealt with the painting and furnishing, there comes yet another very important segment to go through and make your new Gowanus apartment feel like home. Say hello to the unpacking process. Putting your clothes into the closets, arranging the decoration, all in all, giving a final touch to everything.  And, this is again the point where you can do a lot, too. Every person has certain items that have that special sentimental value for him. It may be your mother’s jewelry box, your favorite blanket, or a present you’ve got from your best friend. Whatever it is, don’t forget to bring that item into your new living space after the move. This is because it is you who has the real power to give soul to a certain space. And, with those little sentimental tricks, every place can be a home.

A place for your family

If you want a home, bring in a family. Find some nice photos of both your family and your friends and place them on your walls, shelves, or night tables. This will contribute to the sense of coziness and a protective environment, but it will also keep you close to the people you really love.

There are some family members taking a photo hugging.
Bring your memories with you wherever you go.

The scent of a home

Have you ever heard the expression- It smells like home? It is said that scents are something that can evoke our deepest memories. So, if you want a place to feel like a home, make it smell like one. Buy some room spray and candles you used to buy when you were at your old home. Think about cooking dinner and gathering your friends. The smell of your favorite meal will make you feel comfortable and will cheer you up, for sure. Give your best, and be patient, because everyone needs some time to adjust to the new home and the new atmosphere.

Wherever you go, and whatever you do in your life, you’ll always need a sense of security. It’s good to know that you have a place where you can come back to and feel safe. It’s good to have a home. So, if you are dealing with the relocation process, and you need some tips on how to make your new Gowanus apartment feel like home, we hope this article could help you at least a bit. Therefore, let’s do the final recap of the things you need to do:

  • the initial cleaning
  • the refreshing painting
  • the crucial decluttering
  • furnishing and decorating
  • use familiar smells to evoke the home feeling


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