How to make your Orlando home suitable for aging in place

make your Orlando home suitable for aging

Aging means that a lot of things change. Over time our bodies become weaker if we don’t take proper care of them. This makes some everyday tasks harder. This is why a lot of people have to make certain modifications to their homes when they start aging. This is a normal thing so do not let this bring you down. But before you start modifying your home, think about moving to a better location. If you haven’t thought about it already, moving to Orlando and aging there is a good idea. There are plenty of amazing things about moving to Orlando as a senior but that is not the topic of this article. We are here to tell you just how you can make your Orlando home suitable for aging in place.

House or an apartment?

A lot of people who are planning on aging in place are wondering whether it is better to live in a house or an apartment. And it is a tough question to answer. There are pros and cons to both options. Especially when you are moving to Orlando as a senior.

Let us tell you about living in a house in Orlando. The houses here are amazing. But having a house and being a senior is not the best combo. Most houses in Orlando have yards. And having one means having to maintain it. Having a house also means having to make sure that the exterior of your home is in good condition. And the exterior is the easiest to be damaged. When you are older, dealing with these repairments on your own is not possible. You would have to hire a professional. And that wouldn’t be a small expense to cover.

Beautiful house.
Houses are a lot of work. Living in an apartment is a much better idea.

This is why we believe that living in an apartment building is a much better idea for the elderly. But living on a higher floor is not what we would recommend. You never know when the elevator might stop working so you end up having to take the stairs. This can be a very challenging task for most elderly people. But living in an apartment building surrounded by people is a much safer option. As apartment buildings in Orlando are big, you will have plenty of people who might want to assist you with some tasks. And when moving into your new home no matter whether an apartment or a house, can help make moving stress-free.

How to make your Orlando home suitable for aging?

No matter whether living in a house or an apartment in Orlando, making your home suitable for aging is very important. There are plenty of things that you can do depending on your health condition and your living habits.

One thing is in common for both living in a house and an apartment, having an open floor plan is the best way to make your home safer. Thresholds are dangerous and tripping over them and falling is a very common reason why people get injured in their old days. This is why removing as many doors and walls as possible is a good idea. This will make moving through your home easier. Especially if you are using a wheelchair.

Two old people sitting outside.
No matter whether you use a wheelchair or not, making your home easy to walk through is a good idea.

Having wider doorways is also recommended. This is not only good for people in wheelchairs but for everyone. Having wide doorways means that carrying in groceries is easier and so is moving through your home. But certainly, before you do any of this, you have to make sure that all the pipes and electric cables are in good condition. You do not want to have any issues with installations at old age which is why it is best to have them checked and reinstalled properly if it is needed.

Smart home technology

We live in a day and age where a lot of things that haven’t previously been possible are now possible. One of those things is having a home that can do a lot of things on its own. You can have the lights switched on and off at a certain time every day. The temperature of your home can be regulated on its own. You can even have your home feed your pet. All this and much more is possible by installing smart home technology. This is a pricey gadget to have installed but certainly a helpful one when you are planning on aging in place. Plus, having smart home technology makes your home safer as most of them come with alarm systems. And this is just what you need.

Declutter your home

Before you start doing any renovations and modifications to your home, what you need to do is get rid of unnecessary items that you own. This is helpful for many reasons. The fewer things you have in your home, the easier it is to clean and move around. Living in a cluttered home at an old age is not a good idea as it can cause a lot of trouble.

Clean and tidy kitchen.
Remove anything you might not need inside of your home.

With the things that you don’t need and use you can do plenty of things. Some of it you can certainly donate, some you can sell, and some of it you should throw away if it is useless. But there will also be plenty of things that you do not want to get rid of but you also do not need in your home. These are the things you can place in a storage unit. You can easily rent one at an affordable price and free up space in your home.

Non-slippery floors

To make your Orlando home suitable for aging, you should definitely make sure that your floors are not slippery. You can have rugs throughout your entire home to make it safer. As far as kitchen and bathroom go, you can put non-slippery tiles. They are now easy to find and they come in many designs and colors. But sometimes moving as a senior into a home that has these tiles is much better and easier than renovating your current Orlando home. It is up to you to decide just what you want to do but having this in mind is very important.

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How to make your new Park Slope residence feel like home

Living room - Take your time to learn how to make your new Park Slope residence feel like home.

To make your new Park Slope residence feel like home, you need to handle the relocating part correctly. This is a pretty serious project, if it is not completed with care, everything else will be difficult to get through. So, as soon as you get an idea of relocating to Park Slope, make sure to do your best to prepare for the moving project!

When the right time comes, you need to learn how to calculate the cost of your Brooklyn relocation in advance. Then, find a place where you can gather relocating and packing tips and tricks. And finally, take your time to meet the new environment in Park Slope. When you handle that homework, you will be able to feel at home in your new residence in no time! 

A woman with a laptop!
Be aware of the importance of preparing for the relocation because it can help you settle down!

So, how to make your new Park Slope residence feel like home?

Well, an adaptation period is a pretty important part of the relocating plan. This process will take a while, and it needs to be carefully arranged. Considering you are coming into a Park Slope, this is pretty important to handle with care. As for the relocation itself, everything you need to know about this project you can find on a website named Just check out this spot so you can collect tips and tricks that can help you organize and perform the move to Park Slope. 

Why is it important to focus on organizing the moving project?

You see, if you deal with arrangments accurately, you can expect a simple transition. Knowing everything is going smoothly will raise your confidence about the relocation and settling down. You won’t bump into obstacles because you will have enough time to prep for a new life in a new environment!

Now when you realize how significant is to prepare for performing the moving project in advance, you will be ready to settle down in your new home in Park Slope. The only thing you need will be to get the best support when handling relocation. In that case, it is recommendable to work with local movers who make sure you experience a stress-free move.

House interior - Prepare for redecorating it to make your new Park Slope residence feel like home!
There are many ways you can make your new Park Slope residence feel like home!

Things that can help you make the adjustment period easier

  • First, focus on unpacking and making your new home warm and welcoming!
  • Then, check out some fun things to do after you settle in.
  • And finally, whenever you can use that free time to explore the new environment.

Anyway, whatever you do to make your new Park Slope residence feel like home, you must dedicate some time to it. You see, the adaptation might take a while so you won’t have anywhere to rush. Normally, you will feel stress, nostalgia, and anxiety because of moving. But, you need to create a positive mindset and simply focus on the good things. That is the best way you can use to blend in and start a new lifestyle in Park Slope!

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How to deep clean your new home before moving in

Vacuum cleaner on the carpet

Great things in life don’t happen every day. When they do it is important to experience them fully.  At that moment do as much as you can to create the best conditions for the future and some new opportunities. This is especially important when you have fought for the new home from your dreams. When the time finally comes you will want to do it properly and in the right way. To have less stress and as much fun as possible, plan everything. Moving can be exhausting but also you have to pay extra attention to preparing your new place for your stuff. It is important to deep clean your new home before moving in.

Everything you need

Naturally, you want to move in into your new home as fast as you can but it is more important to do it duly. The best way is to deep clean your new home before you move in. Before you start to clean:

  • Declutter your new home
  • Make cleaning supplies
  • Work by the schedule
Start from the essential things

This will help you to organize your space latter.

Be reasonable

If you have bought a home with some furniture in it, do a detailed inspection and be sensible. Decluttering is a must. Decide about the condition of the stuff and choose what you really need. With all the furniture you should do one thing, deep clean. Whether the furniture is yours or you found it in the home, it is crucial that is clean. There are many ways to do this so consider the options. Sell, recycle, donate or throw away everything you don’t need.

Keeping your place clean

Explore the market and find the best product for cleaning your new home. Take care of the materials. Cleaning products are divided into the materials they clean and how invasive they are. The other option is making your own cleaning products to be eco-friendly and save the environment. On the internet, you can find many suggestions for easy-to-make and eco-cleaning products.

Claning products
Make your choice

According to the plan

Make a checklist or detailed plan and it would be easier to follow the progress. It is best to deep clean your new home before moving in according to some plan. This way, you will save a lot of time because you will know exactly what you did. Everything will go much faster if you have help and if the job is divided. You can assign a specific task to each person. It is important to be itemized in work. The fastest and the best solution is a cleaning service. They have resources for deep clean and they are efficient.

Wiping, brushing, dusting, rubbing may seem endless, and at some point, you will be exhausted by this job. Have in mind that this is for your own good, that you are doing this for yourself and your loved ones. It is crucial to deep clean your new home before moving in. It is safer, nicer and it will look like a fresh start, and it will smell like that also.

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Tips for renting a luxury apartment in Midwood

renting a luxury apartment in Midwood

Living in New York City is an amazing thing. Especially if you have enough money to afford a decent life such as a life in a luxury apartment with your family. Unfortunately, a lot of people who live in New York City don’t have their own bathrooms, some not even their own rooms. Plenty of young people share their apartments with roommates. But that is not the topic here. We wanted to give you a couple of tips for renting a luxury apartment in Midwood, NYC because finding one won’t be an easy thing to do. And once you do find the perfect luxury apartment for you, you will also need a couple of our tips.

Start searching for an apartment on time

The first tip is regarding the finding of the apartment. You need to start searching on time. This is because NYC’s real estate market is a very busy market to search for a home in. Especially if searching to rent an apartment. A lot of people who have been living in NYC for years are still renting apartments. This is because investing in real estate in NYC just isn’t possible for a lot of people as it crazy expensive to do so. You can both search online or have a professional real estate agent find you an apartment.

House hunting.
Start searching for your new home as soon as possible if planning on moving soon.

You don’t need to pay for a huge apartment

One of the things that people do wrong is searching for a huge apartment in order to have where to store things. This is a good way to keep everything you own still in your possession but not the best. You surely own things that you don’t need or use very often, some even never. Keeping these things in your home is a bad idea which is why it is much better to be paying for a smaller apartment and to keep unnecessary items safe, stored in a storage unit.

Sometimes, renting a luxury apartment in Midwood and a storage unit is much cheaper than having a huge apartment. Renting a storage unit doesn’t cost a lot of money. And you can find them in all sizes and in different locations in the city.

Don’t cause damage while moving in

A very common thing that happens to people is the damage to some parts of the apartment while moving in. This can happen when moving out as well. And this can be very frustrating.

In order to avoid this situation, have professional movers such as U. Santini Moving and Storage moving you into your apartment. No doors or walls or floors will get scratched this way. And your move will be easier to handle as you won’t have to do plenty of the work that moving requires.

patch ON THE WALL.
Make sure not to cause damage.

Get the apartment checked before moving in

Before you decide to rent a luxury apartment in Midwood that you like, you need to make sure that everything is the way it should be. Check for the mold, check the pipes, the cables, ask why the people moved away who lived there previously, is there anything you need to know about the neighbors or about the apartment. Make sure you gather as much information as possible before moving in to avoid any issues.

All you need to know about fire safety in your new home

Fire alarm sign.

The safety of your house is always in the first place, especially if you just moved into a new house with kids or pets. What to do after moving and how to make sure your house is ready for moving in? Check or install fire safety in your new home – but before that, you should know what it includes and how to protect yourself, your family, and your house. Better be safe than sorry and you should not play with your life.

Unfortunately, fires are not rare. In 2017, only in the USA, there were around 379,000 residential fires. But the goods news is that deaths are more than 50% lower than before 50 years. Of course, people are important, not statistic, but you should be aware of fires and always take care of your home. If you are moving into a newly built home, risks are smaller because older houses do not have safety systems in most cases.

To prevent your new home from fire, make some steps after moving and avoid the worst scenario

A kitchen is a place in the house where most fires start, especially on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Stay safe in the kitchen and don’t forget to turn off the stove or cooktop and never leave cooking food unattended. Also, choose clothes that are not loose and long, and avoid wearing dangling jewelry.

Setting fire safety in your new home.
Install appropriate equipment for preventing fire

How to add fire safety in your new home?

What can you do in your new home to protect yourself and your family from the fire? What steps to take? Immediately after moving, this should be your number one task to take care of.

  • Install smoke detectors – they provide an early warning so you will have time to escape in case of fire. Also, besides installing it, you must change batteries and check detectors every month. Consider installing smoke detectors that detect carbon monoxide too.
  • Install Fire Extinguishers & Fire Laddershave a fire extinguisher on every level of your home, just in case. Especially in the kitchen. If you have kids, make sure they can reach it too. If you live in a multiple-story home, buy fire ladders.
  • Create a fire escape plan – in case of fire, know how to escape the room and practice escaping. It is one of the fire safety in your new home to apply.
  • Be careful during holidays – winter holidays are riskier, so be extra careful. As we mentioned before, Thanksgiving is the day with the biggest number of fire in homes and a day before Thanksgiving. If moving with dogs, organize who will watch them while you are cooking and having guests.
  • Teach your children about fire safety – if you have kids, teach them what to di in case of fire and how to escape and to deal with the fire. Practice “stop, drop, and roll”, learn them not to hide and to call 911.

Get insurance for your new home and check your insurance coverage. Besides fire safety in your new home, home insurance is also a thing to check, and what is your coverage (financially) in case of fire.

How to make your new Gowanus apartment feel like home

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