How to choose the right packing material

choose choose the right packing material

When you are in the process of moving, you can get somewhat confused about the things you may need for your move. An impulsive purchase is not quite what you need to be doing when you are about to be moving. Choose the right packing material without any mistake by checking out some tips and tricks on how to choose the right packing material and at the same time save some money. A win-win situation we would say. So, stay tuned and learn how to get what you need for the upcoming moving day.

Choose the right packing material for your move

When you choose the right packing material for your move, more than half of your work can be considered as done. This is one of the most important items there is when you are in the process of moving. If you have some bad packing material, that won’t serve you any good then your work can be doubled, and stress as well. That is something that you should try your best to avoid. Here we will try to give you some pointers on how to choose the right packing material. Of course, even if you find the right one, boxes won’t pack by themselves, there is still work to be done. For starters let’s find some good boxes and other handy material. No matter in what hurry to pack you are in, you need to have the necessary packing material.

Choose the right packing material by checking out some tips and tricks
Make sure to get everything you may need for the process of packing

Type of boxes

Believe it or not, there is a number of different types of boxes.

  • Small ones
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large
  • The ones with the compartments

And lot more. All you have to do is to pick the right ones. The one you need. You will know that based on the stuff you have. One of the ways to save money on the packing material is to find boxes for free. That is easily manageable by going to some large convenience store and just ask for a few of the boxes they no longer use. Once they unload the goods from those boxes, they have no use from them. That is when you are coming to the scene. Ask them politely and you will have some good free boxes for your move. Great way to get boxes that are strong and to save money on them as well.

A man carrying three boxes
Knowing what type of box to choose means that your items will be safer in the transport

Other packing material

But wait, there’s more! You are not done once you get the boxes. There is a lot of other material you will be needing. Let’s talk moving blankets. Moving blankets are not a must when you are moving, but having them can make your move much easier than not having them. Therefore, do not buy them, simply rent them. Any moving company that you hire will be able to rent to you one, two, three moving blankets. It doesn’t matter how many, what matters is to rent them and not buy them, because you won’t have any use from them in the future, and you will need a place to store them.

Label marker and tape

Once you got the main stuff you need for your move let’s talk about label markers and tape. This is a must. Label marker serves to mark the boxes. To know what is where. There is another way to save up money on this. Use old label markers if you have them from your student days. If they are not working, you can always dip them in some alcohol and they will work again. At least for this part of the job. Afterward, you will probably have to throw them away, they pretty much served their purpose.

When it comes to tape, you will need a wider type of the tape, because you will use it for the boxes. A box that is not sealed correctly can give you some trouble. In all of this let’s not forget scissors as an important part of the packing material. This is an item that you will definitely need at some point of your packing. Also, scissors can be useless for boxes, so for that, make sure to get box cutters.

Checklist, checklist, checklist

Moving is a whole process and there are so many things to do. Yes, you need to choose the right packing material but that is not where it all ends. From hiring the movers’ company to the moment, you start packing and labeling your boxes, there is not a thing that you can allow yourself to forget. That is why you should create a checklist for yourself. People usually think that they will remember everything and that there is no need to write anything down, and that is where they make their first mistake. In the process of moving, chances are pretty high that you will forget something important.

A paper and a pen
Create a checklist that suits your needs

There is nothing wrong, in getting a paper and pen and write down your obligations for this moving process. Or simply write them down in your phone. Papers get easily lost. Make a checklist and enjoy in removing the obligations one by one from it. This will reduce stress significantly.

Moving doesn’t have to be hard. Packing is not that hard either. You can even enjoy it. By having the right packing material, you can have so much fun packing your items. Therefore, listen to some good intentional advice, get the packing material and start making a party out of it. Never forget to pack an overnight bag for yourself for the first night in the new home. First night in the new home is not for unpacking, it is for resting and planning what will go where.


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