How to use moving cost calculator properly

Learn how to use moving cost calculator

After you make the decision that you’re moving, you want to know how much money you need for that. You’re moving to another city, possibly without a job secured there. And with more or less lack of knowledge about the cost of life there. Hence, you’ll want to save as much money as you can. In order to do that, getting a picture of moving costs is essential. Some of moving companies make it possible that you calculate your moving estimate directly on their website. Through the moving cost calculator form. But you must know how to use moving cost calculator properly. In order to receive the exact or the approximate price for your relocation. It doesn’t take too much effort. Neither it’s too complicated. But, still, it is very important to do everything right. In this article, we’ll try to explain to you how to use moving cost calculator.

Tips on: How to use moving cost calculator forms

Know how to use moving cost calculator
Make sure you know how to use moving cost calculator

To decide what mover shall you hire, you want to compare moving companies prices for your relocation. For that, you must get the moving cost estimate from each of them. And you could get the estimated cost for your move using the moving cost calculator. Well, not always. But if the moving company has a moving cost calculator form, it’s great for you because you’ll receive the estimated cost in minutes. Only, you must prepare for calculation of your moving costs before you start filling out the form. Here’s what you should do to prepare properly for moving cost estimate calculation:

  • Prepare the pickup and delivery address- It is very important that you provide the exact distance for your relocation, to get the exact price estimate. 
  • Make the checklist for all the items you’re moving to your new home- The number of items matters the most, together with the distance.
  • Decide if you’re gonna pack by yourself, or you’re hiring a professional mover for that- If you need to get help with the packing, you want to know the estimated price for that part of moving process. 
  • Check out the possible difficulties moving company’s workers could have- This isn’t actually the part of tips on how to use moving cost calculator, but it’s very important for the price.
  • Check what packing items you have, and which of them you must acquire- The packing items could cost you if you don’t have them, so make sure you prepare this information too. 

Have the destinations addresses prepared

The distance of your relocation affects the calculation of your moving cost
The distance is very important for precise moving cost calculation

How to get an accurate moving estimate? First, prepare the correct addresses. That way, you’ll provide the moving company with the exact distance for your relocation. Having in mind that you could be moving locally or long distance, the distance may be the great part of your overall moving cost. Plus, you’re giving moving company an option to calculate the best route for your move. Entering the right addresses is the only right way of using the moving cost calculator. If you don’t do that, moving company can’t be responsible for providing you with an inaccurate moving estimate. 

Have all items list with yourself when using the moving cost calculator

There are different sorts of calculators for moving cost estimation. Some of them have a checklist of items. You simply check those items you’re moving, writing the number of such items you own in the box. Other moving costs calculator forms offer you an option of video estimate. You enter the addresses we mentioned, and you use your computer or mobile camera to film your belongings. Then, the company’s staff makes the checklist of your items and provide you with the moving estimate. So, now you get the picture how to use moving cost calculator in practice. And if there is a video estimate, you don’t even need to make the packing list. You just go around your home filming the items you’re moving. 

How to use moving cost calculator depending on who’s doing the packing

The matter of packing is very important. We usually suggest you pack yourself. That way you’re saving some money. But you must check if you’re capable of packing all of your belongings. If you have some doubts, or you assume you’re gonna have difficulties, you can do some part by yourself, and leave the complicated things to the moving professionals. Or you could let them do everything. How does this affect your use of moving cost calculator? Well, it affects the price directly. And when your using the calculation of moving price estimate, you’ll be asked who’s doing the packing. And depending on that, you’ll receive different calculations of prices for your relocation.

Make sure you inform the company about any difficulty they might experience on a moving day

Professional movers must know about any problem they might have with your relocation, so they could calculate your moving cost estimate more precisely
Inform your moving company of every problem with your moving, so they could provide you with more accurate moving cost calculation

This matter you don’t get to do using the moving cost calculator. But you should certainly contact the professional mover you’re considering to hire and tell about all the facts that might be of importance. Because some moving companies charge you more if there are stairs or tough approach to your home etc. So telling them about every problem in advance makes you able to find out if there are some additional payments. And you’ll make sure you receive the exact moving estimate, considering all the circumstances. So this, indirectly, definitely affects the calculation of your moving cost estimate. 

If you’re packing yourself- do you have all the packing supplies?

If you choose to take our advice and pack by yourself, you’ll save some money. But, you’ll need the packing supplies. Packing boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping material, scissors, tape, labels, markers and other. If you don’t have those items, you’ll need to get them. So, there’s an option to rent the packing supplies (at least those not meant for one-time use only) from your moving company. This is why we mention packing supplies in the article about how to use moving cost calculator. Find out the prices of packing supplies before you start online calculation for your relocation. That’s how you’ll be able to compare the options and see if it’s better to rent packing items from your moving company or to get them separately. 

As you can see, it’s not complicated to use the calculator forms for moving cost estimation. But it does take some preparations and concentration. Now that you know everything, you also know what options you have when you’re using the moving cost calculator:

  • You can use only the transport
  • Besides the transport, the moving company could help you with packing of some items
  • Additionally, you could rent the packing equipment
  • Or you could let the professional movers do everything

The last thing before you use the calculator for your moving cost, check out how to trim your moving costs:

That’s the knowledge you should have prior to using the moving cost calculator. And now you’re ready to properly use it and get the precise moving estimate! If you have any question regarding moving cost estimates, feel free to contact us.


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