Hiring a professional mover with prudence

Most of you reading this article are moving for the first time. Actually, you are getting prepared to move for the first time. There are also some of you who have already moved, but you had a bad experience (e.g. it was conducted too slowly). For both of the aforementioned, it is good that you are reading this. Because, when moving, there are great chances that you are going to hire a professional mover. Therefore we are here to help you avoid problems that might be caused by hiring the wrong moving company. You are hiring a professional mover to help your relocating process go smoothly. You don’t want to be surprised by a nightmare experience. So, carefully read this article. Go step by step, and the most important thing when hiring a professional mover- don’t be careless.

Tips for hiring a professional mover to help you with the relocation

Waiting the last moment to hire a moving company

Start searching for moving professionals the same moment you decide to move

Start searching for a mover to hire as soon as possible

If you are getting closer to the date of your moving day, and you haven’t hired a professional mover yet- get started or be sure that by each day the price is raising a lot. Because when you hire a professional mover a short period before the moving day, they are going to require a larger price for their services claiming they got the little time to prepare for it. And that is the least expense that you might be forced to pay if you hire a mover that close to the moving day. Other ones are much more expensive and much more unsafe.

What do I mean by that? Well, if you are that close to the moving day, there are also great chances to hire a fraudulent mover or to hire an inexperienced professional mover. As a result of being that close to the day for relocation, you would not be able to do a proper research of the companies. Hence, the probability of hiring a wrong mover is great. Because there are a lot of scams, especially in the moving business. So, you need to give yourself enough time before the moving day. To do a proper research before you hire a professional mover.

Get several estimates when hiring a professional mover

Never hire the first mover that comes with the offer

If you want to be wise, to pay the least possible for the best service provided– you may conclude yourself that you should do a good research, contact many companies in order to get the estimates and the information about services and extras they provide, so you could choose among them, and decide which professional mover is the best to be hired. 4 or 5 offers is the least possible sample to have a proper competition among companies. When hiring a professional mover, and pay for their services, hire the right moving company, don’t make a mistake.

Pay attention to early signs of a fraud

Don’t fall for the bid that looks unreal, it probably is

The first sign that you could get into the trap of being a fraudulent company victim is when you get the offer that is so much cheaper than the others you received. In case it looks good, you do a proper research. Check on the company, contact previous clients, see if there is a record of their crimes etc. Never fall for that. Although it might be the company that just appeared on the market and want to buy clients, it is in most of the cases the fraudulent company. Looking for people not paying enough attention to robbing them. Don’t be one of them, and pay attention to everything!

If the company requests a large payment sum in advance, and you cannot get a proper information about them. Even when you ask for them they wouldn’t give the precise answers. You should better run away. Before you hire them as a professional mover, and it turns out that you gave them money for no service provided. Here is a video about fraudulent companies:

Do not be a victim of lack of the information

Provide a professional mover you are going to hire with all the information you think is important

When contacting a company and getting an estimate- it is just the first step. To figure out which of the movers could be good enough to be hired. But after that, insist that the company representative comes to your home. Together with the moving professionals. And have them look at what is going to be moved. That way, you will get a more precise evaluation of what is the size of the job to be done, and by that to receive the more precise estimate of what that will cost.

Get the estimate in writing, signed at the bottom. Only that way will you avoid the awkward situation of receiving a bill a lot larger than the estimate, with the explanation that the weight of the items is a lot bigger than you said over the phone, or there were some problems that they couldn’t predict just talking to you etc. Have this done properly, and you will have the best mover available hired for your moving day, which is what you wanted, isn’t it?

Make sure that your items are fully insured

Hire a professional mover that guarantees you payback in case something goes wrong

When you are hiring a professional mover, you want to sit and enjoy the moving day, as much as possible. You don’t want to find yourself screaming at the TV that doesn’t work when you try to turn it on in your new home. Make sure that the company pays for everything that might go wrong during the moving process. Regardless of the factor responsible for something being damaged or broken. You pay them to do the job, so you want it to be done properly.

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