Living in Oakland Park, FL

One of the beaches you can visit regularly when living in Oakland, FL.

Florida is one of the most attractive destinations in the country, both for tourists and long-term residents. However, if you plan on moving to Oakland Park, you may wonder what it’s like to live there. Is it much different from your current home town? Well, you’re in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about living in Oakland Park, FL before moving there. You’re welcome!

Basic information about living in Oakland Park, FL

Here are some basic things to know about Oakland Park, Fl. It’s a city in Broward County, Fl that has a population of around 42,000 which is slowly growing each year.

Job opportunities

The unemployment rate in Oakland Park, Fl is only 3.2%, which is a great piece of information if you are moving here to find a job or start a business on your own. The median income is $48,390 – and that is a bit lower than the national average.


When it comes to housing prices, the median home price is around $232,200, whereas the median rental price is around $1611.

Crime rates

Crime rate report is not that positive – it’s higher than the US average, and it’s a bit higher than the Florida average, too. With the rate of 46 per 1000 residents, chances to be a victim is one in 22. However, if you pick a safe neighborhood there’s nothing to worry about.

Living in Oakland Park, FL – pros and cons

Like any place in the world, Oakland Park has its pros and cons. And if you plan on moving here, you should be aware of all of them. When we talk about pros, you will be happy to hear that:

  • There are many entertainment options – It’s so easy to have fun in Oakland Park, whoever you are.
  • Job opportunities are growing – The job situation in Oakland Park, Fl is getting stronger each year. So, if you are jobless and want to move here, you will be able to find some work real quick.
  • Outdoor activities will be your main past time – when you have a day off in Oakland Park, you will be able to choose among many outdoor recreational activities it offers. Beach, fishing,  doing some water sports, playing golf, going hiking, etc. 
  • No income state tax – Living in Oakland Park, FL will bring you more happy news – there is no income tax.
  • If you hate winter, you will love living in Oakland Park, FL – Since the climate here is warm all year round, you’ll find it amazing if you come from a colder place.

When talking about the disadvantages of living in Oakland Park, FL, we should mention that:

  • Summers can be difficult to handle – Summer season in Oakland Park, FL can be very hot and humid. Yes, there’s no winter, and that’s amazing, but the hottest months (August and July) can be difficult to handle. So, if you are coming from a place that has a different climate, be sure to prepare accordingly. You should know that the most pleasant months are February, December, and March.
  • So many tourists can bother you – As we mentioned, Florida is very popular among tourists. That’s why it can be pretty busy when living in Oakland Park, FL. However, you should know that as there are more tourists, there are more business opportunities, too.
  • High living costs – The living costs in Florida are higher than most of the places in the country.  Be sure to read our tips on living in Florida on a budget.
  • High risk of natural disasters – Living in Oakland Park, FL is generally great. However, the high risk of natural disasters like hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes make it hard for some people to decide to move here.
A tornado in Florida.
Natural disasters are one of the major disadvantages of living in Oakland Park, FL.

How to move to Oakland Park, Fl?

If you decided that Oakland Park, Fl should be your next home, it’s time to plan the relocation process. First of all, we advise that you start on time, and plan your relocation in detail. This way, you can be sure to have a foolproof relocation. Moving in a hurry maximizes the risk of losing and damaging the items, hurting yourself and paying more than it’s necessary.

Pick the right neighborhood

Living in Oakland Park, FL will be much more enjoyable if you pick the right place for you to live in. Choose a home and the neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and needs. First of all, think of your needs and deal-breakers. See if you need a neighborhood to be family-friendly, cheap, pet-friendly, etc. Picking the right place will definitely make your life here much easier and more pleasant.

Chose a professional moving company to help you move

As we mentioned, the crime rate is higher than average in this part of the country. That’s why you need to be sure you’ve picked a reliable, professional moving company to help you move. Companies like City Movers are experienced, safe and know the Oakland Park area very well. They will make sure your items are delivered quickly and without any problems.

A moving truck and a person loading moving boxes before living in Oakland Park, FL.
A professional moving company will help you relocate fast and safe.

Plan your moving budget

If you are moving to Oakland from far away (and even from a nearby city), planning your relocation finances will help you avoid paying more than it’s necessary. To make sure you’ve got the most affordable, yet high-quality moving services, be sure to compare the moving companies you are considering for the move. Then, ask for detailed estimates, so you can calculate your moving budget. Having a variety of options is great to compare the pricing and services, and choose the best options. Luckily, there are some relocation experts you can find in Oakland Park that offer high-quality moving services at affordable prices.

A small wooden model house on a black calculator.
Calculate your moving budget before moving and living in Oakland, Fl.

Pack wisely

When you need to pack for relocation, be sure to do it wisely. Remember you can buy most of the things in Oakland Park, FL, so you can declutter your old home and remove any items that will make the moving costs higher. Also, be sure to sell or recycle all the items that are broken or you don’t use them a lot. You’ll make more space in your new home, reduce the moving costs and even make some money to help your moving budget.


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