How to calculate the cost of your Brooklyn relocation in advance?

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Moving is a complicated process. As such, it involves a lot of different tasks. And all of these tasks take time and cost money. So in order to plan your budget in advance, you need to calculate all the expenses. Of course, to do this properly, it’s important to take into consideration where you are moving to. If you’re moving to Brooklyn, you need to calculate the cost of your Brooklyn relocation, as the costs are different.

How to calculate the cost of your Brooklyn relocation in advance?

New York City is not a very cheap city to live in. And Brooklyn, even though it’s cheaper than Manhattan includes moving that’s going to involve certain expenses. So, it’s reasonable to raise the question – is moving to Brooklyn and not stressing about money even possible? Read this article and decide for yourself. So, let’s see what kind of expenses you can expect and how to calculate them in advance.

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Is it possible to predict all of the costs?

Are you going to hire a moving company?

One of the most important choices your expenses will depend on is this one – DIY move or hiring a moving company? The first one is the cheaper one. However, it does involve packing and unpacking by yourself, lifting heavy boxes, organizing transportation, insurance, storage and a lot of other activities. But, the other option is to hire a reliable moving company, like Divine Moving and Storage NYC. This way, you don’t have to go through most of these activities at all.

The expenses you are able to know in advance

It’s reasonable that you can’t wait to move into your new Brooklyn home. But before that, you need to decide if you’re going to hire a moving company. By doing this, you would be able to know the price of the following services in advance:

  • Transportation of your belongings, which is probably the most important service. It also makes up a significant part of a moving budget, so it’s good to know it in advance.
  • To be provided with packing supplies.
  • Packing, which is very time consuming, and time is money, after all.
  • Loading and unloading of your belongings. However, if you’re moving to a higher floor, expect a bigger price of the service.
  • Renting a storage unit or a facility that is not for free, of course.
  • Other services.

Get a binding estimate from a moving company. This way, you’ll know the price of most if not all of these services.

Calculate the cost of your Brooklyn relocation by using online calculators

As the moving budget is an important part of moving preparations, you should know what services go into it. And one of the best ways to do this is with online calculators. You can use them to add all of the services you need and determine the total cost of your move. There are many good online calculators available, so why not use them?

Administration and unexpected fees

Don’t forget about real-estate agents, appraisers, and lawyers. They also have their own fees that you need to fit into your budget. Luckily, you’re able to do it in advance and there are usually no hidden expenses here.

Your new home has some expenses attached to it

It might be that you’re moving to a fixer-upper that requires significant repairs. But, even if you’re home is brand new, you still might need to do minor repairs. And that, of course, requires a bit of your budget, so plan to move some money on the side.

Furniture and decoration

You need to prepare your furniture when moving. But, other than your old furniture, you might need to buy a nice new piece of furniture too. And that new armchair wouldn’t look so good without a new lamp standing next to it. So who can blame you? You want your new home to look as good as possible. But, this also doesn’t come for free and you should take it into account.

A beautiful, modern living room.
Buying new furniture and decorating your new home is not very cheap

Utility setup fees

It doesn’t seem too likely that you won’t need electricity, gas, cable or internet in your new home. And of course, these companies charge for setting up their equipment, do take this into consideration.

Insurance or replacement cost

Movers have to provide you with insurance. While it takes up a certain part of your budget, it’s definitely worth it. It means that your belongings are insured in case something goes wrong. More importantly, counting in insurance is easy, because it’s a fixed cost. And that’s important when you need to calculate the cost of your Brooklyn relocation. The alternative is to deal with all the replacement costs.

Time is money

During the time of relocation, you’re probably not going to be able to go to work. And that might mean lower income for that month. So it is an expense to take into consideration. And the moving process is very time-consuming, after all.

The shorter you relocation lasts, the cheaper it might be

Hiring someone comes with a fee

If you need to move with pets or move with kids, you might need someone to take care of them. And that involves certain costs. While it’s useful to have someone take care of your kids while moving, you also need to make it a part of your moving budget. But, if you hire a moving company, this doesn’t have to be the case. With movers giving you hand, you will have more time available on your hands. So, in that case, you might not even need someone taking care of your loved ones.

Save up some more

Unfortunately, you should save up so more, just in case. You never know if you’re going to have slightly higher costs than anticipated. On the other side, when you need to calculate the cost of your Brooklyn relocation, you might find some of them are tax-deductible. So, don’t throw away the receipts. And while it’s not a cheap affair, you’re not going to have to be the first one to go through this experience.

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