Moving to a small town in North Carolina – how to adjust

A woman carrying a suitcase and hitting the road after opting for moving to a small town in North Carolina.

When you have been living in a big urban city your entire life it can be quite difficult to adjust to living in a small town. It is not going to be as moving across the state, but you will still feel some kind of cultural shock. People are going to be different, cultures and customs as well. Moreover, you will see that people in small towns not only have different lifestyles but different priorities as well. Your life will be turned upside down. But that does not mean that it is going to be bad. Quite the opposite. You will start to appreciate small things and learn to live in the moment. There will be no hustle and bustle of big city living. So without further ado, here is how moving to a small town in North Carolina is done right. 

You Will Have Plenty of Space

One of the biggest advantages of living and moving to a small town in North Carolina is the abundance of space. So, do not be afraid to call some of the companies listed at and relocate everything you own. Coming from a big city, you will probably end up buying even more furniture and all sorts of knick-knacks just to fill in the empty space. Tempting as it sounds, big spaces require a lot of obligations. For example, you will have to pay more for heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Moreover, your utility bills will be higher as well. And, as previously mentioned you will need to buy more furniture than you need just to make your new house feel like home. So, it is much better to buy a smaller house with the big yard, than vice versa. After all, you will still have much more space for your belongings than you did in the city. And all you need to worry about is how to make your new home more beautiful.

A pile of cardboard boxes to pack your items prior to moving to a small town in North Carolina.
Moving to a small town in North Carolina means having plenty of space. No need for downsizing so you can bring everything you own.


You Will Have More Money 

In urban cities, prices can be crazy. And they are forever rising. Sometimes you have to decide between paying your bills and paying your rent. In small towns, you will not have to worry about that. There will be no more increasing taxes and mortgage rates. All prices are lower in small towns. You will be surprised how much money you can save just by not paying those huge bills. Moreover, the prices of groceries, as well as all the clothes, shoes, electronics and everyday stuff are lower as well. This is why many people are considering moving to a small town in North Carolina or pretty much any other small town. So, if you are lucky enough to be able to find a job in the new town, your life will be perfect. However, if not, consider commuting. Also, you will be spending a lot less time in bars and restaurants, which is another way to save money. And, you will also have to learn how to do exercises by yourself, as you will probably not find a lot of gyms in a small town. 

You Must Have a Car 

Coming from a big city you are probably used to always using public transportation. Well, of course, it is more convenient than driving your own car and spending hours in traffic jams. But, the situation is different in small towns. They are smaller, but that does not mean that you can go on foot. In small towns, houses are probably going to be scattered, so you will need your car to go to your neighbor. Also, there is going to just a small number of stores and restaurants and you will need a car to go to them as well. So, before moving to a small town in North Carolina, make sure that you know how to drive and that you own a car. Commuting and using public transport is not an option in a small town.  

A man driving a car.
You will probably need to go to the city quite often in the beginning. Take that into consideration when deciding whether to buy a car.

No More Hustle and Bustle 

And when we say no more hustle and bustle, that applies to everything. No more traffic, no more noise, but also, no more restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, pubs, and nightclubs. The reason why so many people are moving to North Carolina and its small towns is that they are tired of all of that. So, if you are a party animal and if you just love your Starbucks, then reconsider your decision to move to a small town. Here people enjoy peace and quiet. Tranquility is a way of life. But that also means one more thing – crime rates are considerably lower. Because of that, small towns are a perfect place to raise your children. You will all be much healthier, relaxed, and safer. So, instead of spending your weekends partying, here you will be having a barbecue with your family or neighbors, or you will be hiking somewhere with your dog. What so bad about that? So, pack your bags, and move on. If you need help relocating, you can find first grade relocation and packing assistance in this area.

A man walking a dog.
You will enjoy the green surfaces in the small town you have chosen.

Love Your Neighbor 

Last but definitely not the least, when moving to a small town in North Carolina, you must make an effort to meet all your neighbors. The lifestyle here is not the same as in big cities. Here it is considered rude not to say ‘hello’ to your neighbor on the street. So, the first thing you should do when you settle in is to organize some kind of ‘meet up’ party. Call everybody who lives nearby, buy some sodas or beer, and have a barbecue. It is important to meet everybody that is going to be living close to you. These people are going to help you a lot while you are trying to settle in and adjust to small-town living. Moreover, these are going to be the people with whom you will share some of the most beautiful memories. 

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