How to pack china and crystal when moving house


Moving house is a time-consuming process of planning, organizing, and packing your belongings. Perhaps the most delicate aspect of the move is packing. Your belongings require care and time to pack. This is mostly true about the fragile and sensitive items. Usually, these items are also expensive. So, this is why you should really learn how to pack china and crystal for a move. Careful preparation and packing of these items will help you decrease the stress of the move and keep your items safe.

Packing preparation

When packing delicate items like crystal and china you must start well in advance. This is important because you don’t want to rush when packing delicate items. So, take your time and start in advance. Also, be sure to prepare a workspace that is soft and flat so uses blankets and towels. Make sure to protect your items while packing as well as for the move.

China bowls that can easily get broken if you do not know how to pack china and crystal when moving.
Packing chin requires preparation, time, care and packing supplies

When packing fragile items the supplies and materials are crucial. Supplies you will need are:

  • Wrapping materials
  • Boxes
  • Tape and labels

Wrapping material

Wrapping materials are crucial for a successful move of your china and crystal. These materials should be adequate to protect your items during transport. You can consider using DIY materials such as newspapers or crumpled up paper. These materials are cheap and easy to find. They will do the job but they can also stain and dirty up the glass. However, there are specialty alternatives like packing paper that is readily available.

Also, consider buying plastic foam or sheet as well as bubble wrap. These materials are specially made to protect fine items. When used properly they can prevent scratches and fractures. They can even protect your belongings in case of hits and drops. These wrapping materials should always be used in combination with Styrofoam and foam fillings. These supplies can prevent your fragile china and crystal from moving around too much.

Label - fragile handle with care
Make sure everyone handles your china and crystal with care by properly labeling the boxes

Boxes and bins

You can use any type of box for packing. However, be sure to buy sturdy boxes that can carry the load. Also, make sure that they are not too big or too small. proper boxes must be able to protect your items.

Packing tape and labels

Make sure that all of the boxes are taped up securely. The tape will prevent the boxes from opening accidentally. Additional tape can also make boxes sturdier for proper protection. Also, make sure to have clear labels to mark the boxes. This will help both you and the movers identify and take extra care of the fragile items you are moving.

Packing process

When packing china and crystal it is crucial to follow certain steps to be sure everything is safe. Start by inspecting your items, Make sure that everything is in good condition and ready for packing. Broken china or crystal may damage other items in transport. Make sure to wrap every item individually. This will ensure that everything is as safe as can be. Use paper, bubble wrap, foam. Pack the items in boxes and make sure to fill and protect them adequately. Buy boxes with separator, line them with padding and make sure they are filled up so nothing moves excessively. Finish by labeling the boxes for additional care and security.

Crystal vase
Make sure your fragile crystal and china are well protected for the move

So, learning how to pack china and crystal when moving is one of the things that will help you sleep better. It will relieve your moving stress and help you through the process. Take your time to protect your fragile items.

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