How to pack when moving on a short notice?

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Behind your decision to move stands probably at least a couple of weeks of thinking and planning. However, sometimes things don’t go as you have planned and somehow you end up having to pack in just a couple of days. That is completely possible. It sounds impossible but it is not. A lot of people made it. Also, it is nothing to be stressed about because there is more than enough time to pack. On the question of how to pack on a short notice, there are a lot of answers. It all depends on your mood. You can throw everything in a hurry in boxes and not know what is where, or you can take your time, and plan a bit how will you pack without a problem. So, stay tuned.

How to pack with little time on your hands?

If you have other things to do in that week when you should be packing, then that might be a problem, because, in this way you don’t have few days, or a week or two to pack, you have even less time then that. So, it may seem irrelevant, but it most certainly is not, to stop for a second and make a plan. If you have for example seven days, then take two days for other obligations you may have and other five for packing.

On those days do only the things you said you will. Do not start packing and then go somewhere else. It will mess up the whole concept, and you will finish with a box marked as books filled with towels. So, pay attention and dedicate the two days to everything else you have to finish before your move. It’ s just one answer to how to pack in a timely manner, there’s more.

How to pack with little time on your hands? Stay tuned
             Good organization is everything

Boxes are important

Boxes are really important for a move, especially when you are in a hurry. Find boxes, find a lot of boxes. If you cannot find the boxes for free, buy them. They are not expensive and you have them all kinds.

  • Small,
  • Medium,
  • Large,
  • Extra-large.

Somewhat like the sizes of clothes. There are sizes of boxes for anything you need to put in them. From lamps to mirrors and sheets. By taking some time to choose the right boxes, you will actually save some time for your move. In this way, by selecting the right boxes for specific items, you have very low chances for breaking anything during your move. You will save up some money as well, during this move, by not breaking anything and having to replace it. So, make sure you find the perfect boxes in which you will pack everything you want to move with you. It is easy to pack when you have good boxes. Of course, do not forget to mark them, because, how to pack without knowing what will go where, and not to mention the mess with later unpacking unmarked boxes.

A man carrying boxes
Having a good supply of boxes is important for a quick move

A hectic few days are ahead of you

Try to make packing easy for you. Even though it is true what we said earlier, that packing in a short-term notice is not a big deal, the fact is that a very busy week is ahead of you. This means that while you are packing you won’t be having a lot of time for much else but that. So, when it comes to eating, your body will have to indulge in some fast food delivery. Just for this week, and then back to normal food. You may find this advice delicious, but we all know that it is not good to eat fast food throughout one whole week.

However, you will manage. You have to, because it is not the same to take a break to eat a slice of pizza in your apartment while packing, and going out for a lunch with a friend to a nearby restaurant. It will take you at least a couple of hours, and that is something that at this point you cannot afford.

How to pack fast without panicking!

What is extremely important when you are moving in a short-term notice is not to panic. Because if you start to panic, not even two weeks will be enough to pack. So, think about that, and come to your senses. What is important now is to continue packing. It is the fourth day for example out of seven and you haven’t packed even half of your belongings, again, do not panic. There is a simple solution to it. Just keep packing. That simple. In no time, your moving boxes will be filled with your items and your apartment will be empty if you keep positive thoughts.

Stress or relax? What would you choose?
It is all up to you will take this move as something stressful, or will you just relax and go with the flow

Ask for help

There is no shame to ask for help for anything, none the less for packing. Anyone who is a true friend of yours will be more than happy to help you pack. And, let us not forget the most important thing. By having a friend to help you pack you also have someone to talk to while packing. The time will fly by but not in vain. You will have fun with your friend and things will be done in no time. Pack in just a couple of days with a help from a friend. Sounds very possible. So, start dialing, call a friend, order a pizza and the day of bonding and packing can start.

Moving on a short notice may seem like a problem. However, it doesn’t have to be if you don’t think of it as a problem. Some people start to pack and move on time and still don’t finish everything in a timely manner. On the other hand, there are people who are doing better when they are under pressure. Either way, moving is stressful but it all comes from a point of view and the perspective. You can see that as a problem or you can see that as a challenge. It is all up to you. By choosing not to stress about it you bought yourself more time for packing and moving.

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