Realtor tips for boosting your Kentucky home value

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Are you thinking about selling your Kentucky home? This is a great time to do it. For this reason, that home prices in the United States have reached a record high during the last year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have been leaving urban areas for suburban or rural environments. Many of them are looking for bigger individual houses with a lot of green space. Realtors say that this trend will last for another year. So now is a great time to sell your home as the home prices are soaring. But before you do that, it would be great to increase your home price even more. Here are some realtor tips for boosting your Kentucky home value.

Factors that increase your home value

There are different factors that affect the home value:

  • Location: Having a big commercial development in your area is great for boosting your Kentucky home value.
  • Accessibility: The number of highways and roads that lead to your home will increase your Kentucky home value.
  • Services: The quality and maintenance of services in the area such as paving, sewerage, lighting, water supply, electricity, public transport, etc. are taken into consideration.
  • Development: Future constructions in your neighborhood, such as shopping centers or highways, will raise your Kentucky home value.
  • Home maintenance: The current condition of your home largely determines its value. However, maintenance and improvements made before offering it to the public allow the final sale price to be raised.
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How can you boost your Kentucky home value?

So there are a few factors that affect the home value that you can’t change. But as a seller, you can make necessary home improvements for boosting your Kentucky home value. Focus on preparing your home for sale.  If you do so, you will increase your home value and the interest of potential buyers.

But have in mind that it is not all about decoration. Renovation should not be carried out according to personal and specific tastes. The point is to depersonalize your home. Try to make it as neutral as possible. So, when renovating your home, your main targets should be the following:

  • Make your home more attractive
  • Encourage home purchase decision making
  • Boost your home value in less time
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Long distance move

So once you find a better home to move to, you will need to organize your relocation and transport of your household items. And if you are moving long-distance, it doesn’t mean just packing and carrying boxes from one place to another. Long-distance moves can be successfully accomplished only through good planning. Your household items need to be well packed and protected during transport. In order to reach your new home undamaged, your possessions require safe and efficient transport.

Have in mind that you will need to disassemble and assemble your furniture properly in your new Kentucky home. Bulky items such as refrigerator, oven, washing machine, must be loaded and unloaded safely. That will require both physical endurance and expertise. So let professionals take care of it. If you hire reputable and reliable professional movers your long-distance move will be much less stressful.

Realtor tips on how to increase your Kentucky home value

  • Remove personal items. Create neutral look that will be appealing to all potential buyers.
  • Repair and renew. Find and fix all the details that require repair. Remember that everything that is in poor condition will have a negative influence on your home price.

If you don’t want to make a large investment, invest in small repairs that will increase your home value:

  • Paint. Check the walls, repair any cracks you find, and paint the house in neutral colors for more lighting.
  • Windows and doors. Check the condition of doors and windows. If they are damaged, replace them.
  • Water taps. Make sure that they are not broken, leaking, or rusty.
  • Waterproofing. If you notice moisture problems in walls or ceilings, call an expert.
  • Pay attention to cleanliness and order. Before showing your home, do a deep cleaning. Get rid of anything that may give an impression of untidiness. Rearrange the furniture and decorative objects in such a way that a larger space and more lighting are achieved.

More realtor tips for boosting a home value

Each property requires some specific improvements.  However, these are some adjustments that you should consider.


The bathroom and kitchen are the most important spaces in a home. They actually reveal the age and condition of a home.  If you can’t make larger investments, change the bathroom furniture. Install a larger mirror and add a cabinet where hygiene items can be stored.

calculate before boosting your Kentacky home value
The nice bathroom will boost your Kentucky home value


The kitchen increases the price of sale or rent of a home. If you only have the budget to invest in one room, focus on your kitchen. Homebuyers are always looking for a spacious, airy space with enough storage areas. The move is not an easy process. A strong and trustworthy team at will give you their helping hand with every step of your move.


Floors can influence the purchase decision. Make sure they are in a good condition and easy to clean.

Windows and doors

Solid doors and windows are a very important factor when selling a home. Apart from a nice appearance, they isolate from outside heat, cold, and noise.


Lighting influences the mood. The more light a room has, the happier people will be. If the home does not have a lot of natural light, add artificial lighting that resembles natural light.

Storage space

The storage spaces in a home are highly valued. Fix a closet that will allow future owners to organize their household items.


If you don’t have a large garden, try to provide a natural environment inside your home. Put some nice plants. Plant grass in the yard and place attractive accessories.

People sell homes for different reasons. Some of them want to buy a new home. Sometimes they want to invest that money in a business. However, a good profit from that transaction is always everybody’s goal.

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