Safe and affordable neighborhoods in Miami Dade County

neighborhoods in Miami will give you a beautiful view on life

Are you considering relocating to neighborhoods in Miami? This Florida city is a popular tourist attraction, but it’s also a great spot to settle down.  If you’re looking for a family-friendly neighborhood with top-rated schools, inexpensive housing, natural areas, and exciting activities for kids, look no further. If you’ve chosen to make your home in one of the safe and affordable neighborhoods in Miami Dade county, perhaps for a year or two or for the rest of your life, here’s what you need to know.

Where should you look first

You will be more than happy when you find the perfect neighborhood for you.

  • Kendall
  • Coconut Grove
  • Coral Way
  • Pinecrest
  • Key Biscayne
  • Brickell

Once you choose, be sure to declutter before you move out. You can do it at the last minute but it is better to take your time with it. Your relocation will be easier when you declutter.

Kendall suburb area is perfect for families

With a population of 80.000 people at this moment. This area is more than perfect for families to settle in. This suburb is an excellent spot to raise a family. Because it has some of the lowest crime rates in the Miami area. Kendall is host to The Falls, one of the area’s very popular outdoor shopping malls. Despite being very calm and slow-paced in comparison to Miami itself.

Family eating in one of the safe and affordable neighborhoods in Miami Dade county
Kendall is a perfect place for a family that wants to settle down.

Residents can also easily travel to city centers. Thanks to the public transit system in Miami. Kendall is covered by Miami-Dade County Public Schools as well as various private schools. Allowing parents a variety of options for providing their children with the best education possible. If you need help moving to your new home in Kendall, specialists are the best choice for you. They will settle you in your new home in no time and damage to your belongings.

Coconut Grove is small but perfect for the right people

Coconut Grove has a population of only 20.000 people right now. But that does not mean that this place is not perfect in its own way. Coconut Grove is actually significantly cheaper than other similar luxury communities in the downtown region. Despite its higher housing prices than other areas that you may find. Even better. It features one of the lowest crime rates in the city making it one of the safe and affordable neighborhoods in Miami Dade county.

Coconut Grove is one of the greenest areas of the city. Greenery adds to the area’s natural beauty. With help of professionals, you can have a smooth settle in around this beautiful area. Coconut Grove, which was founded in 1825 and is commonly referred to as “Miami’s original neighborhood,” has kept much of its peaceful traditional beauty to this day. Numerous art galleries, as well as historic sites, may be found in Coconut Grove. That you can enjoy

Trees in Coconut Grove
Coconut Grove is one of the greenest places you can relocate to in Miami.

Coral Way is for younger people

With a population of 69.000 people at this moment. This is great for people who don’t want an overcrowded place to live. Coral Way gets its name from a street with the same name. And it’s known for its visual beauty. With a natural Banyan tree canopy covering much of the neighborhood’s major road. Coral Way is a blend of antique architectural types and new influences due to its proximity to Downtown Miami.

Younger families and businesses, as well as seniors searching for a fun location to live. Flock to the area. Coral Way is also known for its international flavor. With around 65 percent of the people being born outside of the United States. Inform yourself at and get a free estimate on how much your move will cost you. They can help you out with moving while looking out for your budget.

Pinecrest is another one of the great neighborhoods in Miami

With a population of 19.000. This area is not big in numbers but big in spirit. Pinecrest is one of Miami’s most prestigious neighborhoods for a variety of reasons. This suburban village is listed among the safe and affordable neighborhoods in Miami Dade county. Located just east of Kendall and southwest of Coral Gables it is suggestive of old-world neighborhoods. With wholesome social activities coming into play. And countless community programs help to build a close-knit community.

Young people talking in Coral Way
Coral Way is perfect for younger people because it has everything. But everyone is welcome in Coral Way

Be sure to know which household items are difficult so you can be ready and ask for help. This is one of the few neighborhoods in Miami where traditional family values. And community events like farmers’ marketplaces, park playgroups, and family picnics are still practiced. While there may be a few little crimes sometimes in the neighborhood. The annual percentage of crimes has been dropping by 17%.

Key Biscayne for some peace 

Key Biscayne is another region in Miami where you may consider relocating. If safety is a top priority in your house search. Located close southeast of Miami’s central business district. For individuals wishing to move, peace and quiet are perhaps one of the most valuable assets. And it is a pleasant contrast from the hustle of the city over the harbor. Key Biscayne can easily brag about its safety, as its rate of crime is approximately 38 percent lower than the national average.

When it comes to livability it is the most peaceful neighborhood in Florida. Thanks to features such as low criminal activity. A high standard of living, and a stable property market. If your perfect house turns out to be antique then you will need to know how to properly take care of it when you move in.

A man singing in one of the safe and affordable neighborhoods in Miami Dade county
You will feel like a part of a big family in Pinecrest because of the community

One of the great neighborhoods in Miami is Brickell

The Financial District of Miami is located in Brickell. Which is part of Downtown Miami. While there are many young professionals and business people in this neighborhood. It also has a large number of pensioners and families with children. Brickell, sometimes known as the “Manhattan of the South,” is a unique area that mixes the laid-back ambiance of Miami with the brisk pace of a commercial district.

You may believe that because Brickell is part of Downtown, it is a crime-ridden area. It is, on the contrary, one of several safe and affordable neighborhoods in Miami Dade County and the entire state. Before moving there, make sure to know how to fill out moving quote forms. The knowledge of knowing how they work will save you a lot of time later.

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